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"St Lawrence of Google"

Angus Prune Re:T1,2,3 (392 comments)

You believe that the only reason people don't injure themselves is cost? generally i find its the injury that puts people off.

But even under your preffered system of healthcare doesn't it add a greater unfairness of me and you both contracting cancer. You're rich and can afford treatment and recover. I am poor, can't afford tratment and die.

I'm paying for your greed.

Capitalism is only fair if people have equal access to basic neccesities of life. This isn't simply people needing to work harder as it is generally the poorest people who work hardest trying to hold down 2 jobs and desperatly trying to make ends meet.

Surely, you'd agree, even with your view of capitalism that it is grossly unfair untill inheritance tax is rated at near 100%. You seem to be scared of an in theory elected government whereas i'm scared of a few people holding all the money and thus being able to buy the government. (just look at what it costs to run for candidacy in the US)

about 9 years ago



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