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Intel's New Slogan Clarified

Animaniac AMD Fanboy Reality Distortion (279 comments)

Disclaimer: I don't particularly care if AMD or Intel has the best technology. I know Slashdot is all about going with the groupthink, but what is with all these AMD fanboys and their awful wordplay on "Leap Ahead"? Have any of you even read one word about what this new marketing campaign is designed to announce and promote? Read up on the technology behind Intel's 2006 chips, namely Yonah, Merom and Conroe. The facts don't lie. By perofrmance per watt and even by absolute performance, despite sticking with 32-bit technology, Intel is going to trounce AMD in 2006 in both mobile, desktop, and server markets. Intel is announcing completely redesigned processors, and essentally all AMD is going to do is push the clockrate of their current designs. Here are some links to back up these claims. i=2627 i=2648

more than 8 years ago


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