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Munich Reverses Course, May Ditch Linux For Microsoft

Anne Thwacks Re:Surprise? (579 comments)

Not the original poster here, but I have dual boot with FreeBSD, and its only Linux 14.04 that has these issues. It might be "drivers" or other hardware specific stuff, but it might be that some people use features others dont.

I have Psensor installed, and that is absolutely a cause of multiple disasters.

However, I suspect that if Munich goes back to Windows after more than 10 years of Linux, there will be a lot of angry users - even if they retain Libre, Word is not great in German anyway.

about two weeks ago

Munich Reverses Course, May Ditch Linux For Microsoft

Anne Thwacks Re: Surprise? (579 comments)

Word is not only miles ahead of Libre on this

I am not sure if your are a troll or just stupid or ignorant. Libre and Open are WAY ahead of MS Word on this feature. It is far more stable and easier to use.

If people have trouble readng the docs with Word, tell them to download Libre - its free. It is Word that is an inconsistent, unstable (from version to version) POS, and it is DOCX that is poorly defined. If you want to share, you should be using internationally standard format for your documents, which works even with Word, not some unstable proprietry format. If you use a proprietry format as a government, you probably ought to be investigated for corruption (yes I know stupidity is the most likely explanantion).

I give you "calc" is wierd and lacking in the graphing area, but Writer is WAY better than Word and has been since version 4 got stable.

about two weeks ago

Research Unveils Improved Method To Let Computers Know You Are Human

Anne Thwacks Re:Reminds me of ASIRRA from Microsoft (91 comments)

I think you will find that was Dell and Amstrad. Microsoft are the ones that made the appallingly inconsistent software that routinely leaks your data to criminals, and crashes with a BSOD.

about two weeks ago

Ebola Quarantine Center In Liberia Looted

Anne Thwacks Re:You have to understand (359 comments)

a sensible terrorist

I like your planet - can I live on it too?

about two weeks ago

Ebola Quarantine Center In Liberia Looted

Anne Thwacks Re:Truly sad (359 comments)

Africa is a good example. At least 40% of the people who get Ebola are likely to survive it

However, in Europe, who knows?

There is a reasonable chance a significant portion of the West African population has some degree of immunity. There is NO chance the same is true of Europeans - It may well turn out like when the Spanish invaded South America. - or plague in Europe in 14th century.

Sure we might be better prepared, but with incubation of 20 days or so, who did you shake hands with three weeks ago? Come on, make a list - we need to interrogate them NOW!

about two weeks ago

Ebola Quarantine Center In Liberia Looted

Anne Thwacks Re:Quarantine vs. being stubborn (359 comments)

I always knew rap was bad, but I never knew it could transmit Ebola.

I have no intention of listening to it just to find out! However, I suspect that most of the population of West Africa do not actually understand the words of rap music anyway. Perhaps Afrobeat or Highlife would work better?

about two weeks ago

Posting Soccer Goals On Vine Is Illegal, Say England's Premier League

Anne Thwacks Re:Is there a barrister in the house? (226 comments)

Professional diving appears to be an important part of Wold Cup football these days. .

about two weeks ago

City of London Police Take Down Proxy Service Over Piracy Concerns

Anne Thwacks Re:Fascist justice (133 comments)

While it is true there are not many real people living in the city, there certainly are some, and they even have at least one Labour (left wing) MP. They also have to send anyone they arrest to the normal authorities for prosecution by normal judges.

I make no applogies for corruption or incompetence in CoLP (if any).

about three weeks ago

Microsoft's Olivier Bloch Explains Microsoft Open Source (Video)

Anne Thwacks Re:Kinda like explaining Ebola (101 comments)

/. submmissions have always had a bit of an issue with spelling. In this case, the original story was probably about Open Sores.

about three weeks ago

Robotic Suit Gives Shipyard Workers Super Strength

Anne Thwacks Re:Only geeks... (125 comments)

You have obviously never done multi-drop deliveries.

about three weeks ago

Nintendo Posts Yet Another Loss, Despite Mario Kart 8

Anne Thwacks Re:The market is getting tighter and tighter (203 comments)

except PhDs may stop by at any time to painstakingly pick-apart the logical and factual errors in the rant of the crazy homeless guy that's yelling at the pigeons.

But what makes it worth while is that the pigeons often win the argument!

about a month ago

Nintendo Posts Yet Another Loss, Despite Mario Kart 8

Anne Thwacks Re:Here's an idea! (203 comments)

Not all people are alike. We have a Wii and a WiiFit board. I play Tiger Woods Golf 2010 and WiiFit+ exercises pretty regularly.

The young kids play WiiFit SKi Jump and some Mario stuff at weekends, and rest of the family play Quantum of Solace at Christmas.

We bought a bunch of other stuff and its mostly not playable. Anyway Android games keep kids occupied, and everyone else watches Youtube.

WTF is with yet another Mario title?

Some needs tog et some originality. Where is "World Ndombolo Challenge"? that is what I want to know! I am still waiting!

about a month ago

Chinese Government Probes Microsoft For Breaches of Monopoly Law

Anne Thwacks Re:Monopoly Claims Are Only A Cover Story (110 comments)

They should sue MS for Metro.

Only after a prolonged (or possibly multi-pronged) anal probing.

about a month ago

Vint Cerf on Why Programmers Don't Join the ACM

Anne Thwacks Re: where's the money?! (213 comments)

Thank God money evolved before humans or else we would never exist.

True Dat.

Before money, the world population was less than a million. Now it is growing by millions a day.

about a month ago

Google's Mapping Contest Draws Ire From Indian Government

Anne Thwacks Re:How much more? (96 comments)

Actually, hardly anyone believed it. They knew the politicians were lying, but could do nothing about it.

about a month ago

Ebola Outbreak Continues To Expand

Anne Thwacks Re:Does it have Cold resistance level 2 (170 comments)

Unfortunately the schools ahd hospitals were destroyed by the rebels in the recent civil way. The rebels were a bunch of drug-crazed gangsters using child soldiers to.steal the gold and diamond mines.(The entire mines, not just the produce).

It was American money that funded the rebels, and the Europeans that insisted the government "negotiate" with the rebels as if they were a legitimate democratic opposition. This is the equivalent of asking the Italian government to negotiate with the Mafia. Only worse: The rebels knew they would go to hell for crimes against humanity if caught, so they were prepared to go to any extreme to avoid being caught - chopping random limbs off men women and children without mercy in drug-fueled rampages was only a part of it.

Yes its a f*ckup - but they were forced into this mess by outsiders. It take a lot to recover from that.

about a month ago

Ebola Outbreak Continues To Expand

Anne Thwacks Re:Effective communication (170 comments)

Probably someone who lives near the river Ebola who was tired of the stigma of being associated with a hideous disease. Not that I support the said TLA, but just guessing.

about a month ago

The Department of Homeland Security Needs Its Own Edward Snowden

Anne Thwacks Re:They already do (190 comments)

If you establish another government office to do the overseeing, it will immediately be infected by the corruption of that which it oversees.

Thats what we have Fox News for.

about a month ago

UK Cabinet Office Adopts ODF As Exclusive Standard For Sharable Documents

Anne Thwacks Re: Why ODF? (164 comments)

Human readable means "write it to 7 track 1/2" tape at 556 bits per inch, sprinkle iron filings on the tape and look at the bits with a magnifying glass. Or maybe its not 1972 any more and you can use you phone. Choose one.

about a month ago

Buying New Commercial IT Hardware Isn't Always Worthwhile (Video)

Anne Thwacks Re:Nail in the coffin... (92 comments)

We have to keep that old 1983 PDP-11 going.

Ebay the PDP11 and buy a dozen Pentium4s with the money.Assuming your PDP11 services 12 users, the performance will be similar, and the electric bill less than half. You may need an extra P4 to act as a tape server, a couple more to act as disk servers, and some others as terminal servers..

OK, maybe the PDP11 IS more power efficient!

about a month ago



Captchas - data on human failures?

Anne Thwacks Anne Thwacks writes  |  about 3 months ago

Anne Thwacks (531696) writes "Today, once again, I failed to pass a captcha. I promise I am really human. However, my eyesight is not what it was 20 years ago.
I normally give up after two attempts. And no, MP3's are not the answer. As far as I am concerned, speakers on PCs are NSFW.
Does anyone have any data on what percentage of Captcha failures are actually humans? Does anyone ever check how much traffic they lose through humans failing captchas? How would you check anyway?"

Eye strain and ADHD

Anne Thwacks Anne Thwacks writes  |  about a year ago

Anne Thwacks (531696) writes "Once you are over 40, the lenses in your eyes become hard. The means your eyes lose the ability to “accommodate” — that is, the ability to adjust their focus from far to near If you are naturally long sighted, you will need to use reading glasses. If you are naturally short sighted, you probably needed glasses anyway – but will now need to wear them more often, and may need varifocals or several pairs of glasses for different distances.

If your glasses are not perfect, and possibly even if they are, the lack of accommodation means your eyes have to strain to focus as the eye muscles pull on the inflexible lenses. I find this straining does often enable me to see things for a while without wearing my glasses, but eventually becomes quite painful. As a consequence of this, I have an increasing tendency not to actually even try to focus, but instead to try and guess, possibly relying on occasional glances.

I am now finding that the pain of focussing to achieve fovic vision is not just leading to me “not looking” but is being associated with paying attention, and I am finding it hard to pay attention, not just for long periods, but at all, because some part of me fears the pain.

Is it possible that one cause of ADHD is poor eyesight?"

Norton Insecurity

Anne Thwacks Anne Thwacks writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Anne Thwacks (531696) writes "A colleague of mine has developed a web shop for his client. The shop is working, but people visiting it with Norton Security on their computer are advised that the site is risky, which is clearly damaging its business prospects.

A visit to Norton's web site suggests that they will remove this notice if he signs up to their program. While this might be free (or might not), it is not something he wishes to do.

How is this not an illegal extortion racket, and illegal restraint of commerce?"

Someone else's rights offline!

Anne Thwacks Anne Thwacks writes  |  more than 4 years ago

Anne Thwacks (531696) writes "Nigerian Musicians are having a one- day strike as a protest against piracy!BBC Story

Some people might actually welcome a RIAN!

Of course, those of us living in Europe can only get pirate copies of Nigerian music, so we are not affected by this strike. However, you are welcome to check some Nigerian music on youtube"

How should I "sell" a game concept?

Anne Thwacks Anne Thwacks writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Anne Thwacks (531696) writes "I have invented a completely new type of game, which might have very wide appeal. There is no chance of me coding it myself, as my skills are not in the right area. (Ever tried coding a game entirely in SQL?) It needs the kind of skills used to produce team sports games (NBA, FIFA, etc) but is not sport. It is potentially both single and multi-player, with team playing and global networked versions possible. It would appeal to both sexes, with good appeal to older players (limited appeal to aliens* and superheros predicted). It would benefit from a Wiimote type interface.

This is really something that could only be done using computers (ie no board-game or ASCII* version possible), as it requires interaction, visual presentation and live motion.

I dont want to reveal too much in case someone else takes the idea and runs with it.

Who should I approach, and how?

(*Actually, an ASCII version might appeal to aliens, but not to many humans!)"

Car computer wanted

Anne Thwacks Anne Thwacks writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Anne Thwacks (531696) writes "I want to play DVDs in my car, and use SatNav, visit Slashdot, Google, Wikipedia, update my timesheet, invoice clients, read spam?

Can you get a computer that would fit in the DIN slot where a car stereo goes, and runs Windows/FreeeBSD/BeOS/why. Something like those screens you pull out and flip up?

Are there any that /.ers recommend, or recommend avoiding? Where can I get one (in the UK)"


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