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US Gov't Seeks To Keep Megaupload Assets Because Kim Dotcom Is a Fugitive

Anon-Admin Re:Business as usual for US justice (163 comments)

Schlumberger made, tested, and certified the part that failed. Releasing all the oil into the Gulf. Yet everyone blames the company that was using the part as it was designed to be used.

Yet no one even seems to know who they are.

2 days ago

US Marshals Auctioning $20M Worth of Silk Road's Bitcoins

Anon-Admin Re:But the case hasn't even started! (119 comments)

Then explain why every apartment complex will refuse cash and tell you to go get a money order to pay your rent?

Note: I have not lived in a rented apartment in years, this may have changed. When I did live in apartments they would NEVER accept cash.

3 days ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Unblock Email From My Comcast-Hosted Server?

Anon-Admin Re:Same issue... just relayed all outgoing mail (405 comments)

Ditto! I had the same issue and solved it the same way. Comcast has an SMTP relay that will blanket allow all internal ip's. I simply pointed mine to there smtp relay and it was allowed.

about a week ago

Worrying Aspects of Linux Gaming

Anon-Admin Re:What is the point, really? (265 comments)

I converted to Linux when Windows 3.1 went to windows 95 and have not managed, trouble shot, or worked on a windows system other than the work laptop/desktop, and help desk handles the problems with these systems.

I have no idea how to diagnose an issue with a windows system. I can however do anything and everything with Linux. I did watch the help desk guy grab files off the system that he said he had to analyze. If it was just me, I would assume bad hardware. But with everyone complaining about there system crashing it does not appear to be hardware related. Maybe a bad batch of Dell laptops, who knows, I really don't care as my job is to manage the Linux and Unix infrastructure.

I am a Unix/Linux engineer, and like a maid service "I dont do windows"

about two weeks ago

Worrying Aspects of Linux Gaming

Anon-Admin Re:What is the point, really? (265 comments)

My Windows 7 laptop for work crashes 2 to 3 times a week with a reboot and a popup that says there was a "BSOD Error" After months of diagnostics by the help desk people and days of down time the best they can say is it looks like a "Video Driver issue" but there are no updated drivers. Thus I have to live with it rebooting and crashing tell microsoft/intel/someone releases a new driver.

Compared to my Linux Desktop at the house

07:42:39 up 316 days, 19:56, 7 users, load average: 0.97, 1.07, 1.20

Windows is still crap in my book and still "Blue Screens" on a regular basses they just call it a BSOD error and use a pop up to tell you instead of a blue screen. Hoping no one will ever realize that BSOD == Blue Screen Of Death

My Daughter has a Windows 8 laptop that I had to get her for school, in the last year we have had to re-install it three times. It gets an update that causes it to continually reboot with an error about the update failing and it rebooting. After the third time she brought it to me and asked me to wipe the crap and put linux on it. Why? Because in 10 year of her running a linux laptop it never crashed on her, yet the first windows laptop she had crashed every couple of weeks and the new one crashes to the point of re-install several times a year.

Don't give me the crap that windows is stable or good. Would you put up with a car that broke down twice a week? or even 3 times a year? Then why put up with windows doing it?

about two weeks ago

PC Cooling Specialist Zalman Goes Bankrupt Due To Fraud

Anon-Admin Re: Just (208 comments)

So by your definition if I break into a house and steal everything, then sell it at my store... Thats Capitalism.

Sorry, you are wrong. What they have done is not capitalism, it is fraud and IMO Theft.

about two weeks ago

Tech Recruiters Defend 'Blacklists,' Lack of Feedback, Screening Techniques

Anon-Admin Re:Keyword search (253 comments)

LOL, the next big block of "Tech" workers to be outsourced??? Are you kidding me, 90% of the recruiters that call me right now are Indian and in India, I think they have all ready outsourced them.

about two weeks ago

First Detailed Data Analysis Shows Exactly How Comcast Jammed Netflix

Anon-Admin Common Carrier (243 comments)

Once again, a call for net neutrality will ensue. All we really need is for the FCC to call them Common Carriers and apply the age old law.

It has already been applied to Telecoms and Utilities, just apply it to the ISP's and be done with this crap.

about three weeks ago

Labor Department To Destroy H-1B Records

Anon-Admin Re:US Citizenship (190 comments)

I wish I had mod points!

BIG PLUS! Thank you for this post!

about three weeks ago

We Are All Confident Idiots

Anon-Admin Well that explains it (306 comments)

Now I fully understand the CIO's decisions

about three weeks ago

Dwarf Galaxies Dim Hopes of Dark Matter

Anon-Admin Re:Aether (137 comments)

Funny as it sounds, it was a theory that was put forward by an astrophysicist. I read about it just over a year ago.

I found it interesting namely because he used the gravitational differences and negative mass to account for the lensing effect by taking the fact that time moves differently based on mass.

about three weeks ago

Dwarf Galaxies Dim Hopes of Dark Matter

Anon-Admin Re:Aether (137 comments)

Ok, Ill suggest a better theory.

In the void between galaxies particles and anti-particles are created as they cross the planck barrier as wave forms. In most cases they annihilate each other. However there are slightly more anti-particles created. These anti-particles have a negative mass and repel most normal particles. Thus the space between galaxies is filled with anti-particles that force the galaxies into areas and account for the missing mass, the unexplained reason that the galaxies remain together, and the reason that the galaxies are moving apart at accelerated speeds. :P

about a month ago

Technology Heats Up the Adultery Arms Race

Anon-Admin Simple solution (304 comments)

Simple solution, Always be honest in your relationship!

My wife and my girlfriend get along great, even take them out shopping together. The only issue I have is when we all go out, I can not get a word in edge wise.

Keep it honest and there is no need for all those tools.

about a month ago

Confidence Shaken In Open Source Security Idealism

Anon-Admin Re: Really? (265 comments)

And a competent windows admin still deals with viruses on their servers.

I was unaware that all the android phones, tablets, and devices as well as all the home routers, set top boxes, etc. were only managed by "IT professionals"

about a month ago

Confidence Shaken In Open Source Security Idealism

Anon-Admin Re:Really? (265 comments)

Ill disagree, I still believe it is because Windows is far less secure.

Linux == 98% of all super computers (Top 500 List)
Linux/Android == 74% of all Mobile devices (Gartner)
Linux/Android == 61.9% of all Tablets (Gartner)
Linux == 78% of all internet Servers (Security Tech)
Linux == 28% of mainframes (Gartner)
Linux Desktops == 1.65% (From Gartner as the total number of systems shipped with Linux pre-installed) up to 20% depending on the source.

That is not even getting into all the routers and smart switches, embedded devices, etc.

Open source and Linux make a very large target with lots of high profile targets. I am surprised that there are not more exploits and the simple lack of viruses should be proof enough that linux is far more secure.

about a month ago

Complain About Comcast, Get Fired From Your Job

Anon-Admin Re: Time To Occupy Comcast HQ? (742 comments)

I hate to point this out but Utility Services are not Natural monopolies. They are government sponsored monopolies. The right of way where the lines and poles go is strictly regulated and restricted. In many cases it is codified that only one service my use the right of way.

In recent years it has lessened with Electricity where I am in that there is one company that has the line and right of way but they are prohibited from providing electricity to the customer, instead they are required to sell access to other electric companies.

about a month and a half ago

Living On a Carbon Budget: The End of Recreation As We Know It?

Anon-Admin Re:Lots of cheap carbon stuff (652 comments)

I disagree, I used to have a rack of 12 systems, a robotic tape changer, and a 12 drive scsi array. Electricity ran $600 a month

Now, I have 5 systems that sit on my desk, two cloud servers, one desk top, one VOIP system and a NAS. All the same functionality and my electric has dropped to $290 a month.

Ill admit that my setup is not average but with the advent of new technologies my energy usage has dropped while maintaining the same functionality at the house.

about a month and a half ago

Living On a Carbon Budget: The End of Recreation As We Know It?

Anon-Admin Re:Conservation and smart practices (652 comments)

Last year the addition of solar PV and a solar water heater have further reduced my electric demand by 2/3. These upgrades will pay themselves back in about 12 years.

My only issue with PV is that I could never get my money back on them. Considering we get golf ball sized hail once every 3 to 5 year. I have had to replace my roof three times in the 15 years I have lived in my house.

about a month and a half ago

Living On a Carbon Budget: The End of Recreation As We Know It?

Anon-Admin Re:Navel gazing (652 comments)

Speaking as a Libertarian who has run for office, Ill say he has no idea what a libertarian is!

about a month and a half ago

Facebook Apologizes To Drag Queens Over "Real Name" Rule

Anon-Admin Re: its their own fault (280 comments)

use your real name like us normal folks

Wow, I have now met the real person called "Anonymous Coward"

Is it me or is it just funny that someone posted anonymously that you should used your real name like "Normal Folks"

about 1 month ago



The ISP--The Uncommon Carrier

Anon-Admin Anon-Admin writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Anon-Admin (443764) writes "Every time there is a question of an ISP monitoring, censoring, or blocking content some one comments about Common Carrier requirements. It is true that most do not make attempts to claim Common Carrier Status. There are many pros and Cons to being a common carrier and it is best summed up in Geoff Huston's article The ISP — The Uncommon Carrier

"Today the short-term expedient measures abound. There is enormous pressure on ISPs from both the Internet's user base and numerous legislatures to take an active position of being responsible — and liable, for the content on the networks and the actions of their clients. If left unchecked, this will have severe longer-term consequences for free speech, basic personal privacy, and uncensored, nondiscriminatory, universal access to the Internet. And when the user base comes to recognize the debased value of such a compromised communications system, they will inevitably look to other means of communication that have retained their essential integrity as a common carriage service."

Maybe we should push for ISP's to be covered as Common Carriers. What do you think?"

Anon-Admin Anon-Admin writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Anon-Admin (443764) writes "It would seem that the US Homeland Security is worried about the Internet! Here is the story over at

From the article:

Disaffected people living in the United States may develop radical ideologies and potentially violent skills over the Internet and that could present the next major U.S. security threat, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said on Monday.

"We now have a capability of someone to radicalize themselves over the Internet," Chertoff said on the sidelines of a meeting of International Association of the Chiefs of Police.

Anon-Admin Anon-Admin writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Anon-Admin writes "SEATTLE Microsoft said Wednesday that its forthcoming Windows Vista would take much harsher steps to curtail piracy than previous versions of its operating system, including crippling the software's functionality in computers found to be running unlicensed copies.

It looks like Microsoft is making a futile move to stop piracy, once vista comes out I wonder how long it will be before a crack is released."

Anon-Admin Anon-Admin writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Anon-Admin (443764) writes " has a story of the software glitch on the spacestation. Looks like it just needed a reboot :)

Astronauts working on the International Space Station faced a delay Thursday after a computer software problem temporarily held up plans to unfurl two large solar panels."



Where to find a good Content Management System?

Anon-Admin Anon-Admin writes  |  more than 7 years ago

I have been asked to find a Content Management System that would let us import and manage our existing library. After searching high and low for one, I have not found a single product that fits our needs. It would seem that some one would have done this before me.

So I put it to slashdot, what should I use? It would need to be web interfaced, and have a management system to restrict access to some areas of data. It needs to be able to catalog our existing library and make it available. Even if the availability was just as a document revision control system with search, read, and check out (edit) abilities.

This library consists of 15Gigs of images (Using image name, existing directory structure, etc. would be fine), 30Gigs of MP3's (Prefer it to scan the ID3 tags), 50Gigs of TXT files (Full Text search), 50Gigs of .gz and .zip compressed TXT files (It would be nice if it scanned inside the gz/zips and knew how to open them and display them, not all those text files end it .TXT so it needs to know how to test file types), 45Gigs of DOC files (Full Text Search), 20Gigs of HTML files (Full Text Search), 30Gigs of ODT files (Full Text Search), 45Gigs of PDF Files (Full Text Search), and 500Gigs of Video (Using Video File name would be fine). Plus miscellaneous files, For example Word Perfect files, Open Office spreadsheets, Power points, etc, etc. All in all we are talking about a library that is sitting at just over 1.8Tb

It should be noted that the Image library grows at an average of 500megs a week so adding large numbers of images should be something that a photographer can do!



How would you do data acquisition on the cheap?

Anon-Admin Anon-Admin writes  |  more than 7 years ago

I have been working on a science project studying the effects of micronutrient deficiencies in plants. I will be building a new environment chamber soon and was looking at automating the data acquisition portion. I am a little tired of manually taking the data and know that a computer could do a better job than me. I looked into data acquisition systems and was shocked at the price. Cheap ones are $500 - $1000 for the main unit with probes costing $50 - $300. I know that a printer port is a digital I/O and can be used to do data acquisition. After spending some time looking it up, I am not finding anything on it. So how do you do data acquisition on the cheap?

I am not a programmer (other than perl) so I would need a program or a perl module to pull the data. I can build circuits provided I have a diagram of the design. I have a system and can install any OS to get the job done.

What I need to monitor is Chamber Temperature, Chamber Humidity, Chamber Light State, Room Temperature, Room Humidity, and Room Light state.
Temp = +/- .5c

I would like to monitor Chamber CO2 level, Room CO2 level, Chamber O2 level, Room O2 level, Nutrient Levels, Nutrient Ph Level, Nutrient Temperature level, Nutrient PPM (EC) level, and Moisture in soil (Does it need to be watered?)

There will be 6 plants and 6 1gal nutrient reservoirs.

With this in mind, I have a limit of $500 for the data acquisition portion of the project. So what is the best way to get the most bang for the buck?


How to Protect a Windows laptop?

Anon-Admin Anon-Admin writes  |  more than 8 years ago

After more than 10 years with out a Windows system I broke down and bought a Windows XP laptop. I write articles for a few magazines and, for years, I have used IBM ViaVoice on Linux to dictate the articles directly. On the last upgrade of my Linux system, I lost ViaVoice and can no longer find it or buy it for Linux.

So to solve the problem, I bought a simple Compaq Laptop and Dragon Natural Speaking. I was amazed at the crap they installed. 2 hours after turning it on I had successfully removed over 20 gigs of junk/trial/nagware software.

I installed Spybot S&D and found that the laptop came preinstalled with 12 different spyware programs. I followed this by installing CLAMAV and found that it also came preinstalled with a Trojan, although there is a possibility that this was picked up when I put it on the network to grab the software.

So now that the laptop is clean, my question is simple. What should a new Windows system have on it to stop all the junk? What software do you suggest I install to protect this laptop or to extend usability of the unit?


My daughters science fair project

Anon-Admin Anon-Admin writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Well it is science fair time and my daughter has decided that she wants to enter. There is a short time frame on this. They have only given us 2 months to come up with and do the experiment. This eliminated most of the plant experiments as well as the hydroponic experiments that she wanted to do. So I thought to my self "Time for some great science fun!" Only to have every idea we have come up with shot down by the teachers.

Ideas so far.

#1) The extraction of naturally occurring MAOI's from local plants.
              a) Can we extract natural MAOIS?
              b) Can the natural MAOI's help mom with here moods?

        Shot down for the following reasons
              1) Extraction of MAOIs may violate the controlled substances act
              2) Human and animal testing is not allowed.

#2) The generation of hydrogen in sufficient quantity to run a vehicle.
              a) Can we separate H2O at a sufficient speed to produce the hydrogen needed to run a car?
              b) At what rate can we produce hydrogen by the separation of H2O into hydrogen and Oxygen?
#3) Can we make a philosophers torch?
          a) How does it work?
          b) Why does it work?
#4) Can we do tests with thermite?

                  All Shot down for the following reasons
                          1) It could be dangerous to work with hydrogen.
                          2) We can not do anything that burns or explodes.

#5) A microscopic taxonomy of the commercially available Ps. Cubensis mushroom spores.
                a) Are all the spores of this species the same or are there sub-species within the commercial strains?
                b) Are the commercial strains different that local wild strains?

                Shot down for the following reasons
                  1) Although the spores are legal, this is considered to be drug related and no entry can involve drugs or drug related items.
                  2) Picking the wild strains my be in violation of the controlled substances act. Possession of a schedule 1 narcotic.

#6)An examination of the radioactive decay of U238 in comparison to Am243.
              a) Do both substances provide the same amount of radioactive decay when placed in proximity to a CCD imaging chip?
              b) What are the differenced in the radiation between the two substances?

              Shot down for the following reasons
                1) NO RADIOACTIVE SUBSTANCES!!!
                            No other reasons stated.

So we are 1 week in and still no ideas that they will accept.


Time for fun

Anon-Admin Anon-Admin writes  |  more than 8 years ago I get lots of contracting firms calling and e-mailing me to see if I am available to take a new contract. Many will send a list of requirement like the one listed. I have included my translations of what they are really looking for. This has been done many times by many people, I just thought it would be fun.

I should add that I normally respond to these and let them know that I would be happy to take the contract at an hourly wage of $350. I figure if they are willing to pay me that much, Ill be willing to do that job. :)

Production Support experience on UNIX and Windows Intel servers with an excellent working knowledge of operating system concepts (Client-UX 11.xx preferred) to provide performance tuning and timely troubleshooting resolution of complex issues including high-pressure system down events.

Meaning, Our outdated computer systems go down and we want it fixed yesterday!

Broad B2B application background with some experience desired on TIBCO products, Oracle, SQL, MQ, Cyclone AS2, Apache, GXS, PGP, FTP, Peregrine, Client Openview

We do not want to hire a DBA so you should be able to run the servers, databases, and monitoring system with out any help.

Experience in System and Network Security including SSL, SSH, TLS, VPN, TCP/IP, Firewall, Proxy, encryption and certificate management.

You will be handling all the servers and the networks. We intend to hold you responsible for all breaches of security from servers being hacked to the virus that Marry Lou opened and now infects the whole network.

Good understanding of basic Internet concepts (e.g., routers, firewalls, Web Server, Web browser, load balancing, DNS, portal, HTTP, HTML, XML)

You will be managing our online presence including developing our web page in your spare time.

Familiarity with Java - JavaScript J2EE (JDBC, RMI, EJB, JNDI, JMS).

We are looking at expanding our web site with these nice new java features and want you to develop them.

Sets priorities; quickly zeros in on the critical few and puts the trivial many aside; can juggle numerous tasks and priorities while maintaining productive flow of work; is flexible and adaptable

We are constantly in a state of chaos because of our old equipment. We want some one who can fix everything that breaks and still do the other jobs we line up for him.

Communicates clearly and succinctly in a variety of communication settings and styles; can get messages across that have the desired effect, including ongoing issues and infrastructure; Strong interpersonal skills and team orientation, including interaction with outside vendors and customers.

We want some one who will take the blame and not complain about being treated like crap. We should not be able to tell that he is unhappy no matter how we communicate.

Practices attentive and active listening; flexible and adaptable; drives for results and knowledgeable about how projects and tasks should be accomplished; demonstrates good follow through on information and project status.

Understands that upper management knows what is best for the company. Even if the product dose not fill the need he should be able to make it work.

Strong time management skills. Ability to juggle priorities and adapt to very rapidly changing and growing environment,

Should be willing to work 80 hours a week on 40 hours of pay. Understands that we change our mind in mid-project and can completely rework the project in just a few minuets.

Ability to think creatively and "out of the box" in order to troubleshoot and resolve challenging system and infrastructure issues

Should be able to provide a solution to any problem that will cost the company 0$ and provide all the features that are requested.

Ability to troubleshoot problems quickly, as well as able to work the resolution to completion.

Has the ability to implement Band-Aids on problems just to get it fixed.

Must have ability to be responsive and effectively work through difficult situations rather than avoiding them.

We have people who complain about everything. Even when there is not a problem the person should be willing to work with the people and find a solution that fixes what ever it is that the user thinks is the problem.

Experience working in a 24/7 enterprise environment, and must be willing to participate in 24/7 on call rotation to support Production environment

Willing to work 20 hours a day on our problems and carry a pager/cell phone the remaining 4 hours so that we can will him back if we think there is a problem.

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