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How Do Geeks Exercise?

Anonumous Coward Start smoking (1806 comments)

Smoking accelerates your metabolism, stimulates your brain and can be done without leaving the monitor. What else can a geek wish for?

more than 6 years ago



Where does one find a DDoS-resistent ISP?

Anonumous Coward Anonumous Coward writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Anonumous Coward (126753) writes "Back in April, a friend's webserver was the target of a DDoS attack. The then ISP just null-routed everything and told my friend to go fetch his server. My friend shopped around frantically for an ISP who would protect him against the attack if it continued. It's not an online casino he runs, it's some non-profit anti-cult websites, so cost is a serious concern. He ended up with a "secure managed server" on Fedora 4 (!) with Plesk and no root access at a well-known Arizona domain registrar and ISP who shall remain unnamed. This ISP did in fact defeat the attack. The problem: he also defeated most of the scripts behind the websites, thus the websites themselves, and finally the admin too, who threw in the towel. The server and the local network are a maze of unbelievable misconfigurations, support is responsive and friendly but utterly useless, and most simple things like "please unblock port 25 so that the machine can reach the advertised MX host of its own domain" are "against company policy". I am now administrating that machine and I am at the end of my wits.

Before I throw in the towel, I thought I should ask slashdot for help. Do you know of any decent ISPs who can and will defend against attacks and won't charge you a fortune for it? How hard can it be to find one?"


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