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European Court of Justice Strikes Down Data Retention Law

Anonyme Connard Re:Europe, here I come! (77 comments)

No, that's just the Parisian waiters.

about two weeks ago

New Information May Narrow Down Malaysian Jet's Path

Anonyme Connard Re:Not new information (227 comments)

Regarding AF447, what was spotted 24 hours later was not from the plane but pieces of wood. Actual remains were found 5 days later.

about a month ago

What day of the week is your most productive?

Anonyme Connard Re:Interesting (91 comments)


about a month ago

ICANN's Cozy Relationship With the US Must End, Says EU

Anonyme Connard Re:UK invented HTTP. (193 comments)

The EU, on the other hand, really only differs from the US in hate speech

They also differ in many things considered as "outrageous" or "inappropriate" in the US and not in the EU.

about 2 months ago

China: The Next Space Superpower

Anonyme Connard Re:China will rule the Pacific (250 comments)


about 4 months ago

Scientists Says Jellyfish Are Taking Over the Oceans

Anonyme Connard Re:visible from space (274 comments)

Do you know that Google Maps is not made of satellite images only?
Your house is visible on aerial photographies. This is not what is usually refered to as "visible from space".

about 5 months ago

210 Degrees of Heads-Up Display: Hands-On With the InfinitEye

Anonyme Connard Re:Why not just one ultra wide display (80 comments)

As the screen is very close to your face, you need an eyepiece. One for each eye.

about 6 months ago

Space Junk 'Cleaning' Missions Urgently Needed

Anonyme Connard Re:Europe again (165 comments)

And US saved half of Europe from being Soviet.

about a year ago

French Intelligence Agency Forces Removal of Wikipedia Entry

Anonyme Connard Re:Le effect Streissand. (179 comments)

"L'effet DCRI", of course.
This new translation was even proposed by a journalist during the 13:00 news flash this Sunday on France Inter, the main state-owned radio.

1 year,12 days

Big Advance In Hydrogen Production Could Change Alternative Energy Landscape

Anonyme Connard Dupe (340 comments)


1 year,14 days

Fusion Rocket Could Take Us To Mars

Anonyme Connard Re:Yuh huh (171 comments)

In space no one can hear you boom.

1 year,14 days

Students Calculate What Hyperspace Travel Would Actually Look Like

Anonyme Connard Do not tell it to G. Lucas! (234 comments)

"Han and Chewie at the controls of the Millennium Falcon [...] wouldn't see star lines stretching out past the ship during the jump to hyperspace, but would actually see a central disc of bright light."

George Lucas will need to re-edit again his movies with up-to-date CGI.

about a year ago

I sit in front of a screen for ___ of my waking time.

Anonyme Connard Counting TV? (196 comments)

Counting PC screen at work plus TV screen at home, that represents easily 80% during the working week. Thanks to the week-end and holidays, that percentage drops.

about a year ago

Mysterious Planet May Be Cruising For a Bruising

Anonyme Connard Re:that other Earth "like" planet... (104 comments)

Volume, hence mass if density is similar, hence gravity, is proportional with the cube of the radius. But gravity is also proportional with the inverse square of the distance from the center. Therefore gravity on a planet surface is proportional with its radius: R^3/R^2 = R.

about a year ago

Mysterious Planet May Be Cruising For a Bruising

Anonyme Connard Re:It's not a planet (104 comments)

By definition, a planet has cleared its orbit of other bodies of similar or larger size other than its own satellites.

With your definition Earth would not be a planet, because there are more than 8000 near-Earth asteroids.

about a year ago

Solar Panel Breaks "Third of a Sun" Efficiency Barrier

Anonyme Connard 33.5% of nothing (237 comments)

What is the use in increasing the percentage of a free energy source converted into electricity?

The factor that matters is the panel production price, in watts per dollar. Along with life duration, total pollution during production, etc. But not watts per candela!

about a year and a half ago

Astronomers Search For Dyson Spheres of Alien Civilizations

Anonyme Connard Re:First space-faring race = a bunch of nutjobs (686 comments)

How do we justify the cost of putting a person on the moon?

If I remember well it was justified by a political competition, which is not very far from religion.

about a year and a half ago

Japan Aims To Abandon Nuclear Power By 2030s

Anonyme Connard Re:They shouldn't abandon it (214 comments)

Do you take into account deaths caused by uranium extraction in Africa, where little caution is taken regarding nearby population? Do you take into account deaths that may be caused by nuclear waste during the next 100,000 years?

about a year and a half ago


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