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I Protest!!

AnonymousCowheard Information the news didn't provide me (1432 comments)

I did not receive the information that he confessed. Much of that information is "classified" from the people that fund most of the United States' activity and may or may not disagree with such activity. Was he tortured by the United States's military, into a confession? I know that question is beyond the premise of our knowledge, but I know for a fact the United States has in the past tortured people with Sodium Pentothal and denial of sleep in order to receive confession they *desire*, regardless of evidence to construct truth and to soley convict by parallelism in circumstances.

"Signal Intelligence"
I recognize the United States allows itself to establish surveilance on others, but not for others on themselves; much in the same way what China's dictatorship met with the United States Air-Force's spy jet in te Sea of Japan.

"Holy Tuesday"
The man has broken several laws in the Islamic Bible, but that is in the bounds of separation of a church that appears to not be of Islamic faith. I know this for a fact as I have some neighbors that pointed it out, despite other versus that are *questionable* as to how they are *commanded* to apply their laws to others. I will not speculate further upon what I do not yet understand completly.

Oh well, thanks for the information, bogkentucky. Speackinf of Kentucky, they have one great flea market!

more than 11 years ago


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