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UK Government Wants to Spring Ahead Two Hours

Antony.S Re:Wow, who wrote this summary? (554 comments)

I doubt it, since they would find themselves fired within 6 months.

more than 3 years ago

Pro Video Game Leagues — Another Economic Casualty

Antony.S Re:I don't understand Pro Gaming (207 comments)

I think you are confusing leagues with teams

Leagues are sponsored and run the tournaments, which the players/teams come to compete in and win prize money

Teams are sponsored and provide their players with salaries/travel to events/hardware, whether they take a cut from players is up to them /I work for an international eSports league

more than 5 years ago

Pro Gaming Network Television Coverage Begins Sunday

Antony.S Re:Games on TV (92 comments)

Curious, was the CoD2 and Q4 you're referring to the ClanBase EuroCup 13 finals on GZTV? /I helped run that!

more than 7 years ago


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