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Query Planners and Baseball

ArbiterOne Query planners baseball (1 comments)

Like most of us here, I expect I know more about query planners than I do about baseball - especially after reading that article.

more than 4 years ago

Genetic Engineers Working to Reverse Cancer

ArbiterOne Great! (121 comments)

Still no cure for... wait, never mind.

more than 8 years ago



Today is System Administrator Appreciation Day

ArbiterOne ArbiterOne writes  |  more than 4 years ago

ArbiterOne (715233) writes "The 11th Annual System Administrator Appreciation Day is today. Celebrated worldwide on the last Friday of July, this holiday honors those who fight in the digital trenches to keep the 'Net alive.

OpenDNS offers a way to remind your boss about the holiday, while another blogger shares war stories. The startup Ksplice created an homage to these heroes... in the style of Choose Your Own Adventure.

How are you celebrating Sysadmin Day?"

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