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Mirrors Finished For James Webb Space Telescope

ArcSecond I would be happy if I wasn't so bitter. (115 comments)

You know what would have REALLY been able to "see back to the beginning of time"? A proper gravitational observatory like the LISA/Pathfinder project, which would have used three satellites to measure fluxuations in space-time less than the width of an atomic nucleus. It was planned to be operational by 2015 and would have been able to "see" better and farther than light-based telescopes.

But I probably will never see anything as cool as that, because it lost funding when the Webb sucked up all the oxygen in the room.

more than 2 years ago

Man Physically Assaulted At McDonald's For Wearing Digital Eye Glasses

ArcSecond Re:Recording devices are banned in McDonalds (1198 comments)

First, the guy is a Canadian, not an American.

Second, as he CLEARLY STATES IN THE ARTICLE, his device does *not* record images by default. The only reason it recorded images is that when he was assaulted and his system was damaged, it stopped over-writing images in the buffer, which were then recovered later.

Bloke was being who he is: a geeky techno pioneer with a focus on developing augmented sight for the seeing impaired.

You, sir, are the dick.

more than 2 years ago

Charles Carreon Drops Case Against the Oatmeal

ArcSecond What are the odds?... (107 comments)

...that a guy who's last name is suspiciously close to the descriptor for animals who feed on decomposing flesh decided to become a lawyer?

more than 2 years ago

Survey Finds No Hint of Dark Matter Near Solar System

ArcSecond An alternative to DM: MOND (125 comments)

I like to think I have an open mind when it comes to cosmology, but I've never liked the Dark Matter "theory". If they ever find direct evidence, fine, but I will remain unconvinced until then.

My personal favourite alternative hypothesis is called Modified Newtonian Dynamics, which is based on the idea that gravity exerts a stronger pull between objects that are more or less in the same inertial frame (ie at very low relative accelerations, that "acceleration is not linearly proportional to force at small values").


Obviously, a lot of people find this blasphemy, but I don't see what is so bad with modifying the law of gravity as compared to invoking "ghost matter".

more than 2 years ago

All Hands Active in Ann Arbor is a Makerspace for All Ages (Video)

ArcSecond truer words (35 comments)

"any excuse to use a laser cutter is a good excuse"

That should be added to the Slashdot quotes.

more than 2 years ago

Prof. J. Alex Halderman Tells Us Why Internet-Based Voting Is a Bad Idea (Video)

ArcSecond Re:Two words: PAPER BALLOTS (264 comments)

heh heh. "Mark 1 eyeballs".


more than 2 years ago

Prof. J. Alex Halderman Tells Us Why Internet-Based Voting Is a Bad Idea (Video)

ArcSecond Two words: PAPER BALLOTS (264 comments)

I like them. I trust them. They are their own record. And, if you like, you can spoil them.

In Canada, we have our ballots counted within hours of the polls closing. And you can go back and re-count them if necessary.

Keep it simple!

more than 2 years ago

IBM Scientists Measure the Heat Emitted From Erasing a Single Bit

ArcSecond Finally! Some evidence that Dark Energy = entropy (111 comments)

So in an expanding universe there is a loss of information -- and by Landauer's principle this loss of information should release dissipated energy -- and Gough claims that this dissipated energy accounts for the dark energy component of the current standard model of universe.

There are rational objections to this proposal. Landauer's principle is really an expression of entropy in information systems -- which can be mathematically modeled as though they were thermodynamic systems. It's a bold claim to say this has a physical reality and a loss of information actually does release energy -- and since Landauer's principle expresses this as heat energy, wouldn't it then be detectable (i.e. not dark)?

Well, so much for *that* objection. :)


more than 2 years ago

World's Largest Virtual Optical Telescope Created

ArcSecond minor edit (57 comments)

"Besides creating a gigantic virtual mirror, interferometry also greatly improves the telescope's spatial resolution and zooming capabilities."

Should read:

"Interferometry greatly improves the telescopes' spatial resolution."

more than 2 years ago

AMD Hates Laptop Stickers As Much As You Do

ArcSecond I miss... (597 comments)

...the fun of carefully placing the wrap-around stickers on floppy disks. As for removing sticker crud from a new laptop? I would use a Dremel.

more than 4 years ago

Pirate Bay Founder Begs For Hacker Ceasefire

ArcSecond don't be a dumbass (243 comments)

I find it amusing that the same mind that could be outraged at the prosection of "four innocent men... accused of copyright infringement" would then go on to say "we urge the public to boycott and lynch those responsible".

Boycott, sure. Protest, fine. Even a little creative vandalism is good. But lynching?

I would say someone has their priorities out of whack. Either they haven't thought this through or they are just *that* dumb that they would offer "support" to someone on trial by calling for violence against the plaintiffs.

I thought hackers were supposed to be ingenious and creative thinkers. Not the equivalent dumbass jocks on a rampage.

more than 5 years ago

Photog Rob Galbraith Rates MacBook Pro Display "Not Acceptable"

ArcSecond You must be joking (504 comments)

"Photog is just someone being too lazy to type Photographer..."

So sayeth the non-photographer.

As a photographer and writer, I see no problem with the term. Your suggested "smarter" PhotR and SnpR are ludicrous and would seem to indicate that you were born on another planet.

And that "someone", whoever they were, started using the term many, many, many years ago. The fact that you have only discovered the word now proves how out of touch you are with the field and profession of photography.

Thanks for coming out. Your opinion has been filed apropriately. *cue shredder*

more than 5 years ago

Mad Scientist Brings Back Dead With "Deanimation"

ArcSecond Re:hey totally lost me... (501 comments)

sure it is!... if you say it right. :)

more than 6 years ago

Mad Scientist Brings Back Dead With "Deanimation"

ArcSecond hey totally lost me... (501 comments)

...when he wrote "It's a weird thing about scientists--you would think that they would love science fiction. But they don't."
If you'll excuse my French: bullshit!

more than 6 years ago

Urine Passes NASA Taste Test

ArcSecond Re:Recycling too far? Heck no (404 comments)

Your rational response is too much for the morons in the mainstream media and (unsurprisingly) Slashdot submitters/editors to parse.
Try to keep your analysis to something a little more apropriate for a grade 3 class, please. I mean in a story that is about conserving resources, ensuring safety, and pushing humans-in-space technology forward, how are you going to draw attention to your story if you don't pander to bathroom humour and sexual innuendo?
We don't need your kind around here, elitist.

more than 6 years ago


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