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Microsoft Reveals Windows 10 Will Be a Free Upgrade

Arcady13 What about Windows 9? (570 comments)

I don't understand why Microsoft decided to skip Windows 9. They are skipping the version that would have been good!

Windows XP: Good
Windows Vista: Bad
Windows 7: Good
Windows 8: Bad
Windows 9: (Good?)
Windows 10: (Bad?)

about a week ago

Intuit Charges More For Previously Offered TurboTax Features, Users Livid

Arcady13 Re:Schedule D?! (450 comments)

Hopefully they know that the dollar sign goes before the number.

about two weeks ago

An Automated Cat Litter Box With DRM

Arcady13 Re:Principles? (190 comments)

It's a good thing you're reading slashdot and not dotslash then.

about a month ago

FBI Concerned About Criminals Using Driverless Cars

Arcady13 Stupid (435 comments)

The FBI is dumb. Hasn't everyone figured this out yet?

about 6 months ago

Jesse Jackson To Take On Silicon Valley's Lack of Diversity

Arcady13 Re:Why are there so few black engineers? (397 comments)

Maybe some of them know the difference between "where" and "were." You clearly don't.

about 10 months ago

Intel To Launch Paid Web TV Service With Set-Top Box

Arcady13 "Set Top Box" Makes No Sense (70 comments)

Look. We all have flat panel televisions now. Exactly how are we supposed to put these boxes on top of them?

You need to call these something else.

Under set box?
Accessory box?
Smart TV box?

Or start building a shelf on top of the TV.

about 2 years ago

Accessorize Your Phone With Another Phone

Arcady13 Getting ridiculous (171 comments)

If your phone is so big and cumbersome that you need a second phone that is easier to hold and easier to handle, then why wouldn't you just get a primary phone that fits those requirements in the first place?

I see these people with their ridiculous 5 inch Android phones. They have them set to dim and turn off the screen almost immediately, because the battery life is so shitty. When they aren't swiping around on them like a crazy person, they are looking for power outlets to keep the stupidly big things charged up.

Screw that. Get a phone with a normal size screen, a phone that fits in your pocket, a phone that has a battery that lasts for a whole day, a phone that doesn't need another phone as an accessory.

about 2 years ago

New KScreen Supplies Some Magic For Multi-Monitor Linux Set-Ups

Arcady13 Re:Really? This is new? (183 comments)

Mac II wasn't released until 1987.

Some people were using them before they were released...

about 2 years ago

New KScreen Supplies Some Magic For Multi-Monitor Linux Set-Ups

Arcady13 Really? This is new? (183 comments)

I was doing this on a Mac II in 1986.

more than 2 years ago

Yahoo CEO Wrongly Claimed To Have Degree In Computer Science

Arcady13 Re:And he still has a job? (363 comments)

A GED is legally equivalent to a high school diploma. He should sue for wrongful termination. Or just get a new job someplace that isn't run by dicks.

more than 2 years ago

Best Buy Scans Drivers License For Returns — No More Allowed For 90 Days

Arcady13 Re:When people abuse prices go up (503 comments)

Did you get a refund from your English teacher? Because you really should.

more than 2 years ago

Google, Motorola Ordered To Provide Android Info To Apple

Arcady13 Re:Fuck Apple (240 comments)

Okay. In the stem or in the bite hole?

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Tech For Small Library Automation?

Arcady13 Fiction (188 comments)

Since it is a church, I assume all of the books will be placed in the fiction section, right? If not, you're doing it wrong.

about 3 years ago

Many Early Adopters of the Amazon Fire Are Unhappy

Arcady13 Re:You get what you pay for.... (463 comments)

Where did you rent a Kia that it was snowing several months ago? Alaska?

more than 3 years ago

Does your cellphone have Carrier IQ's spyware?

Arcady13 Re:Dumbphone (249 comments)

Does the third party supplier add the extra L to Motorola? I would be suspicious... :-P

more than 3 years ago

Phelps Clan Tweets Intent To Picket Jobs Funeral Via iPhone

Arcady13 Re:newsflash? (699 comments)

You only use two spaces if you're using a typewriter. On a computer, you should never put two spaces between sentences, unless you are using a mono-spaced font.


more than 3 years ago

Amazon Drops California Associates to Avoid Sales Tax

Arcady13 Re:Why are Libs so enamored with taxes? (623 comments)

How many of those 25k affiliates "forgot" to include their affiliate income?

When you make over a certain amount from Amazon sales, they file a 1099 form with the IRS. It is not easy to get around paying the taxes on that income. If you are making a small enough amount to avoid the 1099 form, then you're likely not a threat anyway.

more than 3 years ago

Aaron Computer Rental Firm Spies On Users

Arcady13 Re:Whoops (510 comments)

The average savings account is $20,000? I don't know anyone with more than $5000 in savings, and the average people in the US save per year is less than $500.

That said, these rental places should be avoided like the plague. At least use a low-interest credit card if you must buy on credit.

more than 3 years ago

Father of the CD, Norio Ohga, Dead At 81

Arcady13 Re:nope, he wasn't part of Philips (180 comments)

You're listing the specs for LaserDisc as if they were always the same. The 70's discs all had analog stereo audio (although many movies of the time were mono.) In the early 80's they added the digital audio tracks, but the analog FM tracks were also still present for backwards compatibility with older players that couldn't decode the digital PCM tracks. Most players capable of decoding the digital audio could output Dolby 2.0 Stereo and also had CD playback. In the 90's they added a 5.1 AC-3 track using one of the analog tracks, leaving a mono analog track for backwards compatibility. (By that point very few original analog players were still around.) You needed a player with the AC-3 RF output and a compatible receiver or decoder box to actually make use of the AC-3 track.

All LaserDiscs have a composite analog video signal encoded on them, however some were recorded frame by frame (CAV) and others in a stream (CLV). You could fit more content on the CLV discs, so it was more common, but it could not do trick-play like freeze and slo-mo, at least in the early players.

I still own all of my original LaserDisc equipment, covering all of these advances. Of course, the only thing I use it for is to watch old copies of un-ruined Star Wars movies and a couple of other titles that have never made it to DVD.

more than 3 years ago


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