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Sneaking Stories Past Miyamoto

ArchAngelQ Re:MG Levels Reminds Me of SMB3 (83 comments)

I've got to agree with this, and another of the posts above: the linear levels are a real treat in mario games. New Super Mario was the last one that I played, and like Super Mario World, it's got exploration of the overworld map, and very linear pace once you are in a level proper. That's the great mario formula, and one of the reasons I'm not as big a fan of Mario 64. The reason being, if I am going to run around that much, I want to have some big cool thing to unlock to come back and do nifty stuff with the old environment. If I want non-linear, give me Zelda or Metroid. Mario should be all about platform jumping and twitch fingers :)

more than 7 years ago


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