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Anyone Besides Zune Owners With New Year's Crashes?

ArcticFlood Re:nope (480 comments)

Fedora 8's end of life doesn't occur until January 7th, so it would still get timezone updates.

about 6 years ago

Firefox 3.1 Alpha "Shiretoko" Released

ArcticFlood Re:Awesome bar disable? (385 comments)

The most useful part of Awesomebar is being able to type "Firefox 3.1" or "3.1 alpha" or "shire" and have this Slashdot story in the top few items. Without the Awesomebar, you'd have to look through the titles and somehow remember that this story was on 'tech.slashdot.org'. This is more useful on forums that insist on long page titles so you can't see the thread's title in the old bar's summary, or even forums that don't include the title at all.

Admittedly, Awesomebar is a horrid name.

more than 6 years ago


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