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No Bomb Powerful Enough To Destroy an On-Rushing Asteroid, Sorry Bruce Willis

Ardias Re:Don't forget who directed the movie (352 comments)

Good plots are not Michael Bay's strong points. Neither is understanding reality.

Who else is bad enough to turn a dramatic historic event like the Attack on Pearl Harbor into a less than mediocre movie?

more than 2 years ago

Wikipedia Edits Forecast Romney's Vice Presidential Pick

Ardias Re:There's only one clear choice. (300 comments)

Here are some ways to make millions and not pay taxes.

Many companies pay their CEO's a $1 nominal salary. The company then takes out a $10M life insurance policy on the CEO. The CEO "borrows" money from the life insurance with a promise to pay it back later. The company forgives any money borrowed against the policy.

A company gives may perks to the CEO in lieu of a salary. (e.g. - free vacation with use of company jet, free use of mansion owned by company, free use of car owned by company, etc...) CEO effectively lives a lavish lifestyle without having to pay for it himself. The company pays the CEO in stocks and options that vest later so CEO can delay taxes on those while living quite comfortably.

The company is incorporated in a foreign nation, and pays the CEO a big salary in that nation's currency. CEO keeps salary in offshore bank account.

more than 2 years ago


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