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Patrick Volkerding Battles Mystery Illness

Argy Re:Strange story (675 comments)

> Volkerding should be able to find his way to proper medical care.

He is finding his way to proper medical care, but it takes a lot of time. You can't just walk in to a specialist's office and say "diagnose me." You need to make an appointment with your regular physician, who might order some tests, and when those get back, he might refer you to another facility for more tests, and if they're negative, you need still more tests from somewhere/someone else. Each round can take a couple days or a couple weeks, and has the potential for problems like the missed delivery he related in his narrative. When you've got what you perceive as a potentially life-threatening illness, waiting for days and weeks between tests and appointments is beyond frustrating, and using whatever resources you can seems like a no-brainer. He's using family, friends, self research, and a general call for help on the Internet. It's not like he's avoiding medical help to use the internet instead, he's in limbo waiting for his next appointment, and is using the internet to try and get any added information or help that might be useful.

You really seem to lack an understanding of the patient/consumer side of having a serious illness. Even supposing it is a psychologicial issue (which sounds unlikely to me but not impossible), it doesn't make the patient's desperation any less real. It makes sense (to me, as a layperson) to address the issue as a physical problem until it's more sufficiently ruled out. If it does turn out to be a psychological problem, it probably won't kill him in the meantime, so that can be addressed later down the road.

While you've given your opinion on the story being odd or suspect, do you have any constructive suggestions on what you think he should do differently at this point? (Putting aside suggestions of what he might have done differently in the past).

more than 10 years ago


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