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Linked In Or Out?

Argyle How it's seen in corporate America (474 comments)

The truth is, what can be googled about you will play a role if you want a new job.

My job is basically being a CIO/CTO type for a segment of a F100 company. In my experience, every person that comes to meet with with me, salesperson, interviewee, or consultant has googled me and done some research on who I am. There's plenty out there.

LinkedIn shows that you do actually work the field and have not faked your resume. LinkedIn is also helpful since many people circulate open jobs and resumes through the networks.

Recruiters and HR people will google you.

I don't tend to google people for work, excepting for interviews. What I'm looking for it to get a sense of the personality. Because without a good personality, even the most skill person can become a liability to a team.

IMHO, a technology professional that is invisible to a dedicated search is actively trying to hide.

My advice is to have a limited public presence on the net. Enough that if someone is looking for you, they see you appear on the net and that see that Mr. Whoopass is a real person and different than Mr. Wayne Whoopass, serial killer. LinkedIn is good for this, since serial killers don't visit LinkedIn.

All it would take is a simple vanity domain with a couple pages to establish an identity.

more than 5 years ago

Hacker Publishes Notorious Apple Wi-Fi Attack

Argyle Did you hurt yourself? (114 comments)

Did you hurt yourself with the elaborate contortions and twists you'd made to somehow justify the flaying Maynor took at the hands of the Mac Fanbois?

It's very simple. Maynor said there was a direct wifi hack on Macs, he was right, the Apple cultists were wrong.

All the FUD then or now doesn't change that fact.

more than 7 years ago


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