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CD Duplicator Refuses Linux Job, Citing MS Contract

Arsewiper Re:Let them know how you feel ... (491 comments)

I just sent him this - hope it helps:

Dear Mr Hill
You are probably receiving a lot of grief generated by a discussion on Slashdot (www.slashdot.org). As you will see if you view the discussion some of the community have taken issue with the news report that you are refusing to support alternative software to Microsoft. That's a pity and it's probably going to bring you a lot of hassle.

I've had an idea that might resolve this for all parties. If you were to offer copy the disks for free you would not be breaking your MS agreement while supporting the communities of programmers out there and thus creating a more positive image than your company is currently getting.
Let the group know on Slashdot and hopefully it will bring you peace.
Just trying to help.
Good luck with your business.

Kind regards,


more than 11 years ago


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