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Darwinism Must Die So Evolution Can Live

Artichoke Re:Bull. Did Newton have to die for Einstein? (951 comments)

Given the current crop of hagiographies splurging everywhere for the he-who-must-not-be-named's 200 birthday, this call is too little, too late :P

more than 5 years ago

Ultra-Sensitive Camera To Measure Exoplanet Sizes

Artichoke Re:Objects may be closer than they appear (62 comments)

Hmmn, it's Yer-ranus for this UKian.

Given the Greek etymology, we're all wrong anyhow :)

Ouranos == the sky

more than 5 years ago

No Linux IdeaPad For Lenovo's US Customers

Artichoke Re:It *is* Linux (188 comments)

For all I know it could be an excellent distro with a pedigree as long as your arm but it still has a terrible, terrible name.

Pus: sticky creamy bodily fluid that oozes from sores and spots.

more than 6 years ago


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