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Korean 'Armadillo' Electric Car Folds Up, Parks, Controlled By Your Smartphone

ArtuRock Autobots! Roll Out! (124 comments)

I will name him Armadilus Prime - proof that Michael Bay makes documentaries. ... wait, it's actually pretty lame, makes a transformation in pretty much a single actuation... he's more of a GoBot.

about a year and a half ago

Dutch Police Takedown C&Cs Used By Grum Botnet

ArtuRock A&A (Acronyms&Abbreviations) (45 comments)

I had to look up "C&C" (for those who don't know, it stands for "Command and Control"). It's easy for me to blame the editors, submitter, etc, for necessitating this, but then again, it took just seconds to look it up. Still, it's a nuisance, and honestly in the end I think it's an art on the part of the editors/submitter to know whether or not explaining them is necessary. So, for what it's worth, as far as I'm concerned: FAILURE!

more than 2 years ago

Game of Thrones: Bush's Head Gets a Makeover

ArtuRock T-shirts? (266 comments)

Bush's head (was) shot (as in filmed) first!

more than 2 years ago

Hundred-Ton Dome To Collect Oil Spill

ArtuRock Dome? Why not call it a "box"? (565 comments)


...having a circular plan and usually in the form of a portion of a sphere...
...a domical roof or ceiling.
...any covering thought to resemble the hemispherical vault of a building...
...anything shaped like a hemisphere or inverted bowl.

Maybe 1.c.?

a polygonal vault, ceiling, or roof.

Still, "box" would get the point across better, IMO.

more than 4 years ago

GM Working On Interactive Windshields

ArtuRock Re:Great, more distractions for drivers... (307 comments)

I'm no expert, but when I think about the consequences of a pilot getting momentarily distracted, and he, say, doesn't make a turn when he otherwise would have, most of the time the result will be his aircraft will run into.... air. This is in contrast to a driver where, most of the time, the same situation results in the vehicle running into something.

more than 4 years ago

Designing DNA Circuits To Brew Tastier Beer

ArtuRock Re:Could be great news for those of us who homebre (135 comments)

If I could ask for a set of perfect yeasts, some would result in making the beer fit a lager profile without the need for cold-fermenting (as a matter of fact, none of them would produce tastes that don't fit their profile despite the temperature they fermented at), they would all have a lag-time of 0, some would result in a high attenuation (to make something like barley wine) without requiring a starter, and none of them would require refrigeration when stored in liquid suspension... or how about they just always work great when they're packaged as "dry yeast"? Also, I would like two hours in the holodeck with 7 of 9.

more than 5 years ago

North Korea Missile Launch Fails

ArtuRock Re:... lol. (609 comments)

Okay, a simple "wrong" would've done just fine.

more than 5 years ago

For Lunch I

ArtuRock Flanders? (566 comments)

Is that you?

more than 6 years ago


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