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FBI Confirms Open Investigation Into Gamergate

Ashe Tyrael Re:Sounds good. (556 comments)

Being personally acquainted with at least one of the #NotYourShield folks, they definitely aren't all sockpuppets. There's people in back of there that really believe in what they're saying, There's also at least one developer in there who isn't either.

Now as to whether the people giving them grief are the anti-GG types, or the GG-types running a false-flag, that's another debate entirely.

about a month ago

Japanese Firm Proposes Microwave-Linked Solar Plant On the Moon

Ashe Tyrael Re:Shades of Gundam X... (330 comments)

I rather doubt they'll be able to implant a newtype in it, however.

about a year ago

Blowing Up a Pointless Job Interview

Ashe Tyrael Re:Ghostbusters FTW (692 comments)

"If there's a steady paycheck in it, I'll believe anything you say."

Depressingly true in the current climate too.

1 year,5 days

I'd rather pay for my space latte with ...

Ashe Tyrael Re:No Triganic Pu? (265 comments)

It's not the Pu thats the problem, it's the Ningis

1 year,25 days

I'd rather pay for my space latte with ...

Ashe Tyrael The Triganic Pu (265 comments)

Ok, so getting enough Ningis to make up one Pu is kind of a challenge, which means your average mutl-pu space-latte is liable to take quite some time to afford.

1 year,25 days

Research Suggests One To Three Men Fathered Most Western Europeans

Ashe Tyrael They were... (253 comments)

...milkmen. Housewives choice, and all that.

about a year ago

Square Is Discontinuing Monthly Pricing On February 1, 2014

Ashe Tyrael Re:Swipe? (114 comments)

Depends where you are I suspect. In the UK, all new cards over the last few years have been chip and pin.

about a year ago

WRT trans fats, the FDA should ...

Ashe Tyrael Re:Ban 'em (376 comments)

Unless you have a dairy allergy.

You'd be amazed how much whey powder, cream powder, and milk proteins get in everything.

about a year ago

The last time I used a dial-up modem was...

Ashe Tyrael Yesterday (410 comments)

At work we still have a few customers who don't have internet connections, so we have to remote onto their servers through a modem (which they only tend to have so they can use it as a fax.)

Nostalgia and frustration rolled into one.

about a year ago

The Olympic Live Stream: Observations, Recommendations, Predictions

Ashe Tyrael The license fee thing... (82 comments)

Being a license fee payer, this years olympic coverage from the BBC was actually good enough for me to consider the license fee to be 100% justified. The lack of ads alone was awesome.

The debate about the license fee tends to rage back and forth on a regular basis over here. We genuinely do get a metric ton of generally good quality tv, ad-free and with free streaming. And a lot of tat too. Although it's interesting to note that the UK really came late to the Pay-per-view party. Convincing people that paid a license fee/monthly fee for their cable or sat package that they have to pay again? The main selling points they used over here were the "when you want" nature of the beast, for movies and such, and for sporting events, likening it to buying a ticket. They worked very hard not to remind people that you'd already paid them for the priviledge.

Guess I'll always sneakily love the BBC as being one of the last holdouts against the paywalling of culture, or the slow posioning of it by 1000 ads for things I never knew I could be irritated by.

more than 2 years ago

Ubuntu 11.10 ('Oneiric Ocelot') Released

Ashe Tyrael Re:Longstanding multiple monitor issues not fixed (455 comments)

You know, I'm fairly sure thats not what those bugs say.

Mark says they won't fix the issue that you can't move the panel to the other side or bottom of the screen. Honestly it's down to you whether you feel this is a good or a bad thing.

The multiple monitor bug is something entirely different whereby X is putting the panel on a specific (possibly wrong) monitor due to underlying code issues. Mark has NOT said they won't fix this, in fact he's not weighed in on it. Again, YMMV on whether you believe they're doing enough about it.

But really, he hasn't said they won't fix the second bug, which is the one you're referring to, and conflating with the first bug.

more than 3 years ago

On the topic of computer power consumption ...

Ashe Tyrael Missing Answers (219 comments)

"I have to use a treadmill to power my pc, you insensitive clod"

more than 3 years ago

New Sony PSN ToS: Class Action Waiver Included

Ashe Tyrael Re:so let me get this right... (378 comments)

Not so sure about that, I think they're more untested. What is interesting is there's a part in UK consumer law, that would take an act of parliment to change, that basically says "You cannot sign away your statutory consumer rights. Not now, not ever. No rule or contract, however phrased, trumps your basic rights as a consumer."

it's even an essential part of most T&C's in the UK "Your statutory rights are not affected."

more than 3 years ago

Marking 10 Years Since 9/11/2001

Ashe Tyrael Re:Keep Calm and Carry On (804 comments)

What was also interesting about the IRA thing was just how much funding from various irish interest groups in the US basically dried up after 9/11, as people in said interest groups suddenly had it brought home to them just what the money that was "supporting the cause" was going towards. To be blunt about it, the message that "Terrorism is not big and clever, it's unpleasant and nastyt" was beaten into the US in the worst possible fashion. The fact that all those new laws about funding terror and so forth also covered the relevant groups only helped hasten that drying up. All of a sudden, passing the hat round in the bar to "help our boys win the struggle" was not only in exceedingly poor taste, it was also on the list of things they'd stick you in Guantanamo for.

That said, in terms of the anniversary, I have only one thing to say, as spoken by those two wise prophets, Bill S. Preston, Esquire, and Ted "Theodore" Logan. Words, that if you strip out the comic hyperbole, make a huge amount of sense.

"Be excellent to each other."

more than 3 years ago

Atari Targets Retro Community With Cease & Desist

Ashe Tyrael Re:But... (219 comments)

To be fair, back in the day, Infogrames were a popular (in europe) software house who did some very good 8-bit games. I saw the takeover as more of a rebranding exercise than anything else.

more than 3 years ago

Current Social Games Aren't Fun, Says MUD Co-Creator

Ashe Tyrael Re:Simplicity of a MUD and a 2496 Baud Modem (111 comments)

"The alternative was arguably even worse -- stories that were more interactive and interesting, yet full of people who wanted to RP every breath they took, with no actual game involved. You want to actually kill a monster? You want to gain a level?! Powergamer! Ban him!"

Sounds suspiciously like the roleplaying servers that people set up for NWN. The ones that think that in order to have proper rp and immersion, you need glacially slow levelling and miniscual amounts of magic.

more than 3 years ago

Terry Pratchett Considers Assisted Suicide

Ashe Tyrael Re:Terry should look at these treatments (838 comments)

PTerry already does a huge amount for Alzheimers projects. He doesn't expect the fix to come in before it's too late for him, and so he's making his plans and raising a stink about the issues while he still can.

As for "he should look at these examples," he's already keeping abreast of everything that's going on in this field. In fact, right at the beginning of all this, he asked all the n-thousand people who would write to him going "have you tried X, Y or Z" option to please not do so, unless they were a neurosurgeon or brain expert, to keep the clutter down and the signal-to-noise ratio up.

Amusingly, a disproportionate number of top-flight experts in these areas are fans. He effectively has a whole bunch of experts who keep him aware of the state of play.

Put simply, he's doing everything he can in his position, including laying the ground work in the event it's not quick enough.

more than 3 years ago



Blizzard Backs Down On Forum Real Names

Ashe Tyrael Ashe Tyrael writes  |  more than 4 years ago

Ashe Tyrael (697937) writes "Earlier this week, Blizzard announced that they were going to be implementing changes inthe World of Warcraft (and the Starcraft 2 forums when they were opened) that would require users to post under their real names, as part of the realID system. 14000 european and nearlky 50000 use forum posts later, the majority of which decried this move in various levels of vehemence, it looks like Blizzard gave in to pressure. From the official statement:

"We've been constantly monitoring the feedback you've given us, as well as internally discussing your concerns about the use of real names on our forums. As a result of those discussions, we've decided at this time that real names will not be required for posting on official Blizzard forums.

Not that this doesn't leave room to re-implement this at a later date, but that's a pretty definite no. it's clear that they were going to take a pasting, but the size of the response was impressive. It seems likely that Blizzard simply weren't expecting that level of antipathy towards their new baby.

From TFA:

Hello everyone,
I'd like to take some time to speak with all of you regarding our desire to make the Blizzard forums a better place for players to discuss our games. We've been constantly monitoring the feedback you've given us, as well as internally discussing your concerns about the use of real names on our forums. As a result of those discussions, we've decided at this time that real names will not be required for posting on official Blizzard forums.

It's important to note that we still remain committed to improving our forums. Our efforts are driven 100% by the desire to find ways to make our community areas more welcoming for players and encourage more constructive conversations about our games. We will still move forward with new forum features such as conversation threading, the ability to rate posts up or down, improved search functionality, and more. However, when we launch the new StarCraft II forums that include these new features, you will be posting by your StarCraft II Battle.net character name + character code, not your real name. The upgraded World of Warcraft forums with these new features will launch close to the release of Cataclysm, and also will not require your real name.

I want to make sure it's clear that our plans for the forums are completely separate from our plans for the optional in-game Real ID system now live with World of Warcraft and launching soon with StarCraft II. We believe that the powerful communications functionality enabled by Real ID, such as cross-game and cross-realm chat, make Battle.net a great place for players to stay connected to real-life friends and family while playing Blizzard games. And of course, you'll still be able to keep your relationships at the anonymous, character level if you so choose when you communicate with other players in game. Over time, we will continue to evolve Real ID on Battle.net to add new and exciting functionality within our games for players who decide to use the feature.

In closing, I want to point out that our connection with our community has always been and will always be extremely important to us. We strongly believe that Every Voice Matters (http://eu.blizzard.com/en-gb/company/about/mission.html), and we feel fortunate to have a community that cares so passionately about our games. We will always appreciate the feedback and support of our players, which has been a key to Blizzard's success from the beginning.

Mike Morhaime
CEO & Cofounder
Blizzard Entertainment

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