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Animal Drug Investigation Reveals Pet Medication Often Doesn't Work

AssholeMcGee Re:Just bought a puppy (279 comments)

Prescription drug companies!!

What more needs to be said?

They've bitched and moaned over losing profits but have more then enough to buy off the FDA, or federal regulations/laws/rules, and politicians..

By no means I'm I making fun of you, I have pets myself, and I care for them because they each have there own personality, but I will not be taking them to a vet when they get sick. I question the drugs that they claim are same for humans, [that's bullshit} let alone animals. You go online or even ask a vet which foods you can and cannot give a pet, the list gets lengthy, but its okay for the animal to down pills!!!!

about 8 months ago

When Cars Go Driverless, What Happens To the Honking?

AssholeMcGee 159 retarded comments (267 comments)

Oh I dont know [even tho this was repeated several times] the computers would communicate with each other asking 'what the problem is'?

about 8 months ago

DOJ Announces New Methods For Reporting National Security Requests

AssholeMcGee Re:Obfuscation (117 comments)

As the NSA metadata collection scandal has developed, a number of technology and communications companies have fought to increase the transparency of the data collection process by publishing reports on how much data government agencies are asking them for.

Right lets ignore the fact that companies are trying to save face after being exposed for intentional back doors and exploits in there hardware/software, and all the other "warning systems" that were ignored from the agencies hacking into systems.

This shouldn't be about people protecting or feeling sorry for million/billion monopolies, but we should continue to include the possible fact they're in on it of there own freewill.

These request letters, are more or less a disguise/decoy to what people should really be talking about. The government has had tremendous success in going after the little guys and getting them shut down, for refusing to co-operate, and the little guys have gone public over it. Large Companies kept quite over it, because they're part of it, not because they were being threatened, I'm getting a little annoyed with people using that argument when it comes to million/billion dollar companies that are contracted with government to provide infrastructure, and other services, that there victims.

This should be a full on attack at everyone involved, the government surveillance of US citizens is decades old, but companies willfully participating to make it easy for them should be closely investigated, and publicized as much if not more then the stories over the NSA and other agencies doing something they have done for years.

Transparency, for the NSA is going to do nothing when there are at least another 10 agencies that will continue where the NSA has been exposed, and companies will continue to aide those agencies until [or if] someone exposes there operations, then we will be right back at this very discussion yet again.

about 8 months ago

USB Sticks Used In Robbery of ATMs

AssholeMcGee Re:That's what you get (252 comments)

This is the stupid part of the story... ""This indicates that the crew is highly familiar with the ATMs in question. Once the ATM is infected, the thieves use a 12 digit code to bring up the alternate interface"" Give me a few days to report back after an INTERNET SERACH....

about 9 months ago

NASA Releases Orbital Photos of Beijing's Air Pollution

AssholeMcGee Re:Sand storms (143 comments)

How much of this is from the sand storms? I do remember reading how sand storms were a problem but I am not sure if they affect Beijing! I believe this is some pathetic attempt by the U.S to smear China, if indeed --part--of what your seeing is sand dust. You think this is bad here is what they are dealing with in Italy------

about a year and a half ago

Gut Bacteria Cocktail May End Need for Fecal Transplants

AssholeMcGee Re:Yogurt does the same thing (183 comments)

I thought the same way, but the flavored yogurts are pretty good.

about 2 years ago

States Face Huge Task In Tracking Meningitis-Tainted Drugs

AssholeMcGee More Drugs tainted!!! (99 comments)

This was probably already talked about or slashdot readers, read the original linked article, but this is not a "outbreak" situation. Only the people who received the steroids are affected. Not only that but it is believed that other drug companies steroids are also tainted. It was thought only one company was to blame. The FDA is to also blame for this, and why people continue to stand up for this group is mind boggling. They do not oversea a damn thing they require reports, they do not have agents standing in every lab to make sure things are being ran within the FDA guidelines. There are just as many FDA approved drugs that get pulled off the market or end up in class action lawsuits as the unapproved ones. There should be a body to oversea the drug industry, but the FDA is not it.

about 2 years ago

Making a Slashdot Omelet

AssholeMcGee Spin offs?? (101 comments)

THis site has lost it ways, that is obvious from older or previous users comments, from stories before and current.. You should create a spin off, Slash Underground, were stories of government funded projects, privacy concerns, ect. can be reported..It should not be a Conspiracy based stories either it should be based on things that can be proven, including posting stories similar to the Sci Channels Dark Matters, Twisted but True, a history of how governments or scientists are willing to push the limits of moral laws.. And restore Slahdot back to what is once was. I have been on for awhile and with all the hard working people at Slashdot I find it hard to believe that the numbers of tech stories is fewer and further apart. I like the site and the other channels, and the hard working people at Slashdot, so I do not want to rattle any chains, or seem like I am attacking anyone, 15 years and still going does not happen to many small new sites, so Congrats on this.

about 2 years ago

TSA Moving X-ray Body Scanners To Smaller Airports

AssholeMcGee Re:And... (168 comments)

would have agree with your comment, have not heard a damn thing from either candidate over this, only showing how stupid these debates are. Lets not ask "real questions, lets have set-up donkeys to ask the obvious..

about 2 years ago

Dutch Ministry Proposes Powers For Police To Hack Computers, Install Spyware

AssholeMcGee Two Systems (130 comments)

Have two computers one for using the internet and keeping basic software, also for downloading (laptop) And another that stays offline.. It is pretty laughable the Dutch are doing this, of course the question is if the "Big Media" have pushed for something this extreme?

about 2 years ago

Dutch Ministry Proposes Powers For Police To Hack Computers, Install Spyware

AssholeMcGee Re:As an American let me say... (130 comments)

What makes you think the US is not already doing this?

about 2 years ago

California's Unspoken Health Problem: Brain Parasites

AssholeMcGee Re:inadequate systems (313 comments)

Inadequate doctors, parasites should be something else they automatically test for, with all the blood tests they run you would figure that parasites would be one of the things to look for, just to rule out that possibility, parasites are more common then people want to admit too or know about. This parasite just one of several, that have no symptoms or minor symptoms that get blown off as nothing more then some aches or pains by Doctors. Doctors, I believe are trained either by schools, or other veteran/experienced Doctors on parasites. And you are probably aware that hospitals in the US charge out the azz for simple drugs that cost very little at a drug store. Not is not just Medicaid it is the whole system that is out of control, and no one seems to want to fix the behind the scene problems and work there way up. Using school system should be a way of making parents and students aware of parasite, even sending a student home with informative documentation and then having a test, more or less for fun or maybe even grade them, of course the students should believe it is a graded test, not something to goof off on. The CDC could send out Emails, or standard mail documents to households, not the CDC but anyone within government.

about 2 years ago

Texas Opens Fastest US Highway With 85 MPH Limit

AssholeMcGee Re: German Autobahn (992 comments)

More importantly the way the autobahn was built, with there being a divide to separate any chance of a head on collision. If the US was so interested in your safety they would have done the same, regardless of speed limits. All thanks to the idiots who built the US highways for not building highways with the same safety that Germany did!! The US use moronic ideas like "jersey barriers" which actually will launch a car into the air, up over the barriers, these barriers would make sense if they were used upside down, and then there's the cheap crappy metal barriers that actually, really nothing considering they only put the posts a couple feet into the ground and too far apart, and the barrier is not high enough, and this happen at 25-35 mph speeds, let alone higher speeds. And of course the idiot insurance companies that want to stay rich without having to pay out.

about 2 years ago

The Case Against DNA

AssholeMcGee Re:Frontline SPECIAL (166 comments) The episode call "The Real CSI", wanted to post it among the top rated comments hopefully people will pass it around, and get a look at how a set of new standards that SHOULD be in place for all DNA/physical evidence. I also view these episodes with an open mind realizing that some of the statements and or reporting is a little over zealous.

about 2 years ago

Wave Glider Robot Helps Forecast Hurricane Isaac's Path

AssholeMcGee Katrina (35 comments)

They said Katrina was suppose to ride the west coast of Florida, then they changed it to the Florida Panhandle, and Alabama. Then it changed to hitting the southeast /northeast part of Texas, it is only within about 16-24 hours before the storm finally hit, and of course you all know where that was!! This was all in 4 days, what really bothered me about this was how the weather stations got off without any blame, but the idiot press managed to blame everyone else. You cannot really blame anyone, given how unpredictable these storms are, and people that live in Hurricane prone areas almost always blow off any predictions until the storm is on the coastline. And buy the way was is not scientist who said global warming was suppose to cause more Hurricanes, and ones with higher strength? Since Katrina is has been pretty calm! And the weather has indeed been warmer..

about 2 years ago

Don't Build a Database of Ruin

AssholeMcGee Re:Orwell was wrong. (209 comments)

I was thinking the same with movies like 1984. I like how Ohm's mentions "Congressional inquiries" and there probably getting lobby money so this is allowed to continue, the things congress should be making the public aware of, or preventing, they say/do nothing until a company gets caught, and there's public outcry over it. Is it possible one man or a group of men/women to take and use this data in an attempt to take over a country in a cult like fashion, knowing peoples weaknesses, and how to "correct" minds they know will not conform? Look at the state of political split in the US and nobody seem to think for themselves, they almost never take a step back and see that they are all evil, not matter which party you believe has the best intentions, it is the same with religion, there is a religious cult like following behind all of it.

about 2 years ago

Confessions of a Left-Handed Technology User

AssholeMcGee Re:First World Problem Here (267 comments)

I have been using computers, and other technology since I was very young and adapted to using all of it right handed, I am left handed. I do use the stuff left handed as well, while leaving it configured for right hand use. Hockey I can shoot either way, and have the same power. Golf can only hit long drives right handed, and short drives left handed? Cannot figure out why that is exactly! Have trouble using a manual transmission? I did get to try driving a right side driver configuration, and had no problem shifting!

about 2 years ago

Study Shows Marijuana Use In Teens Correlates To Decreasing IQ

AssholeMcGee Re:News Flash (626 comments)

Just to remind you, drug industries, and other industries have been going after pot for years to keep it illegal. To think that these kinds of studies are not intentionally targeted for these industries, as well as the idiot law enforcement agencies that for some reason or another think pot is the worst possible drug ever known to man kind, is arrogant. I did read you said about more studies that should be conducted, however I would like to see them done by outside U.S. researchers , depending if they are independent or linked to helping the US in there propaganda. This study has been done time and time again, in the US among the Medical industry, and there has always been some ill will intention behind it, however there are still independent research groups within the US that have always found these claims to be false. Science should be takin in moderation not just worshiped, science has itself always had its own intentions in mind. I do accept science theories, and read into any study with moderation, not believing it entirely, because there is another study that comes out months later, or other factors that scientists were unaware of or did not take into account. These being teenagers there brains are still obviously developing, but there are several teenagers that have become influential adults through out history, who smoked during there teenage years. Im not attacking you, or science, but there is always something behind these studies to continue the anti-legalize machine, they should study the effects on teenagers that are abusing there parents, or grandparents prescription drugs you will probably get the same results, probably already did the same with tobacco and saw the same results. It would be much better if they did a pot, prescription drug (the ones popularly abused by teens), other popular street drugs (among teens) study at the same time, to see the overall results, that is the problem I have with this study!

about 2 years ago

Apple v. Samsung Jurors Speak, Skipped Prior Art For "Bogging Us Down"

AssholeMcGee Goes without saying! (506 comments)

"Groklaw make this verdict and verdict process sound hasty, ambiguous and probably the result of one man's (the foreman's) personal opinion of patents." Just by slashdotters alone that know about the patent system, they each make there own arguments or have different interpretations. Probably the same with people who claim to be, or have a degree on being experts when it comes to Patents!

about 2 years ago

Why WikiLeaks Is Worth Defending

AssholeMcGee The Site may be worth it!!! (257 comments)

Wikileaks maybe? The site has been known to report false things or to sensationalize other "reports" or postings, which is fine because it brings quicker awareness to an impending problem. But has far as Julian Assange, NO, the guy ripped off or stole others hard work and claimed he, himself, or his team did the work. I question a lot of the strange things he has been caught doing or has been rumored to do, but then again maybe with fame, like so many before him he obtained an over inflated ego. Maybe he does it to continue to draw attention to himself and Wkikleaks kind off a self promotion PR, hoping more people will stand up for him and his battles. But since the US was involved in Wikileaks Reports and knowing the US's history of going after people that have spoke up against it practices, gaining support from those who feel the same, the US has to shut him up. If he stayed low key, or disappeared from the public he may have been okay. It would not surprise anyone if the US seizes the site and shuts it down as well.

about 2 years ago



RIM will not have to pay 147mill, according to judge..

AssholeMcGee AssholeMcGee writes  |  more than 2 years ago

AssholeMcGee (2521806) writes "Looks like Judge James Ware has agreed with RIM!! RIM did not infringe upon Mformation Patent. The judges conclusion "concluding that the evidence did not support the jury's finding of patent infringement". RIM chief legal officer Steve Zipperstein said after the decision RIM was happy with the outcome but went on to say. "Many policy makers have already recognised the need to address this problem and we call on others to join them as this case clearly highlights the significant need for continuing policy reform to help reduce the amount of resources wasted on unwarranted patent litigation." However I think this is far from actually happening, and even if it does, you know politicians will put in loop holes to allow the top companies to keep on with lawsuits!"
Link to Original Source

Viacom VS. Losing Battle

AssholeMcGee AssholeMcGee writes  |  more than 2 years ago

AssholeMcGee (2521806) writes "Viacom's thought that by using hostage tactics, it would get people that enjoy there channels to join there side over DirectTV. This has failed, not only are people overwhelmingly telling Viacom to shove it. But other Cable competitors have also come out to support DirectTV, usually competitors take the opportunity to get unsatisfied customers to switch to there brand. Viacom has seen falling ratings across all there channels, even more interesting is Viacom offers there show FREE OF CHARGE via the internet.. However since Viacom has forced DirectTV to black out there channels they have removed or blocked the Daily Show, and The Colbert Report, from there website. Viacom has even gone further by using Jon Daily and Steve Colbert via propaganda videos with the two hosts saying how DirectTV was solely responsible for the Black outs of Viacom;s Channels.
Viacom of course used the threat of "court action" if DirectTV did not black out there channels.
Viacom has a history with Dish and other cable providers when it comes to over charging for there channels, (again this despite failing ratings?) this latest attempt by Viacom seems to be an overkill approach, other providers fear that if DirectTV caves in and gives Viacom what the are demanding it will lead to Viacom and other Cable Networks using these tactics towards any and all TV providers forcing cable bill to become to expensive.

On a side note Direct offered Viacom the option of a "Viacom Package" costumers that wanted there channels would have to buy this package, of course Viacom said NO. They want to force DirectTV to leave there channels as part of DirecTV package channels making customers pay, whether they watch there channels or not..."

Link to Original Source


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