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Slot Machine with Bad Software Sends Players To Jail

AstroDrabb Re:Good grief (647 comments)

Do you work for a casino or something? Your "argument" is crap. Any casino has no problem taking money from someone that is losing money. However, if someone wins "too much", the casino will kick you out.

How the fark is that fair? "Oh, if we can take your money, you can stay as long as you want.... if you take our money we can kick you out".

Screw the casinos. They are nothing more than legalized mafia because they have bribed our so called "representatives" with millions.

How the hell can you even try to defend a casino? They are scum and they should be brought down. Of course they will do well since they bribe all of our "representatives" with millions.

Taking money from "consumers" is a "good thing". Letting "consumers" take money from a big corp..... holly shiat bat-man, we have to stop that. Put people in jail, destroy their lives, anything... just don't let them take OUR money. Though it is "OK" if we take their money.

more than 7 years ago


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