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Free Software Foundation Condemns Mozilla's Move To Support DRM In Firefox

Atl Rob Ignorant! (403 comments)

If it can be consumed, it'll be hacked. The DRM movement is misguided.... Give people the stuff they want the way they want to get it... Profits will result if the price is reasonable, simple... Make it difficult for the consumer so that piracy is the "easier" option and see what people go for!

about 4 months ago

Malvertising Up By Over 200%

Atl Rob Digital justice invocation (174 comments)

When the culprits are found, remove their digits via guillotine. If that doesn't persuade, remove thy arm... Problem solved the digital way! ; )

about 4 months ago

Static Electricity Defies Simple Explanation

Atl Rob Electron-hole recombination! What's new? (86 comments)

Who paid for this study! Electric charges are extremely well understood, have been for nearly a hundred years! Charge builds, electrons jump energy bands and recombine with the holes in the electron cloud thus emitting photons. Simple. The researchers didn't measure the feild strength properly, nothing to see here keep moving.

about 4 months ago

Gen. Keith Alexander On Metadata, Snowden, and the NSA: "We're At Greater Risk"

Atl Rob Bullshit! (238 comments)

Their cavemen! Most "terrorists" are just mentally unstable children, but we need a multi-trillion dollar defense structure to deal with it? We've given up how many rights? How about just sending in some freakin social workers and stop pissing them off? Then the problem could go away and our taxes could be cut! Please find another political topic and way for defense contractors to collect profits, this is boring already... Thanks.

about 4 months ago

US Navy Wants Smart Robots With Morals, Ethics

Atl Rob 3 laws OS (165 comments)

Sorry, had to say it. ; )

about 4 months ago

The Big Biz of Spying On Little Kids

Atl Rob Unplug; or be controlled as a human algorithm... (111 comments)

The only choice you have to avoid it is unplug or counterintelligence, feed the wire-tappers false info! I'm sure that will be illegal at some point too... I guess it's open season for spying on congress and CEOs. Say goodbye to the world as you know it! Hello super-corruption. It's the culmination of all things we shed blood over in the twentieth century, think about it. Like having J. Edgar Hover amplified 6 orders of magnitude mixed with the hell of east-Berlin and corrupted African dictatorships all rolled into one... Yippee!

about 4 months ago

Wyoming Is First State To Reject Science Standards Over Climate Change

Atl Rob Flat-earther, nope! Greedy. (661 comments)

The greedy have been leading the flat-earthers by the nose for centuries, but the good news is that the gullible populous is dwindling each year. Education, knowledge and commonsense is winning the war on Ignorance. But hey, pillaging the publics natural resources for a quick easy buck, especially when those valuable resources are guarded by flat-earthers; all too easy.

about 4 months ago

Shunting the FCC To the Slow Lane

Atl Rob It's America, be a good consumer! (194 comments)

Don't hate the fact that we are capitalists! The point of which is to take every last dollar you have while giving as little in return as possible! Now that government is also more involved in playing the for profit game than ever, just makes us more capitalist. It's a good thing to have laws and people with guns force you to do business with them; or else! Vehicle and health insurance government rent ( property TAX ) are only the beginning. Big-Data (spy corp), Big-Oil, Big-Agra, Big-MegaCorp, Too-Big-To-Fail-Bank, Big-GOVT and so on... All great things! We are blessed to have such an insanely doomed future in store! Figting it only slows the eventual end game; global revolution via 7 thousand million really pissed-off people will be the outcome though... That will be a fairly bad day to be an elite member of the planet, but like I said there's no explaining it to the powers that be, their much too smart and prepared for that, history is an MFer...

about 4 months ago

Physicists Turn 8MP Smartphone Camera Into a Quantum Random Number Generator

Atl Rob Been there done that! (104 comments)

I've had a CMOS imager noise gen for 5+ years! This is not new, I'll bet I wasn't the first to relize random image noise either? I made this discovery in an attempt to remove the noise with an algorithm. Also photon emission is not the best source! Random, sure, but will pile up in patterns so... Cosmic rays and background radiation are far better, impossible -or- at best highly impractical to remove from images, hence impossible to predict. Random number gens have been perfected for some time now? No? Crypto doesn't work if someone sees the data before or after its encoded! Obviously.

about 4 months ago

New Apache Allura Project For Project Development Hosting

Atl Rob Self hosted, cool... (43 comments)

"The Allura project is self-hosted on an instance of Allura" What a deal!

about 6 months ago

UN Report: Climate Changes Overwhelming

Atl Rob This is the basic position a pseudo-skeptic like y (987 comments)

Haha, you can't teach a fool! There will always be people that just don't get it. Most have been mind poisoned by the Koch bros, and of that lot, some believe the earth is flat and only 6k years old. Why bother debating with them. The concerning thing is that the brainwashed do not realize their condition. The evidence, even for laymen is beyond reproach at this point.

about 6 months ago

Charter Challenges Comcast/Time Warner Merger

Atl Rob Re: You are an idiot. (90 comments)

Tell that to google, they are trying to lay fiber wherever thay can. The problem isn't economics, it's willpower, why would you want to dissolve your monopoly position into a competitive one? The monopoly companies are behind the crazy regulations and terriffs, it creates a substantial impedance to competition, plain and simple. Not to mention government wanting to keep communication channels in their control for obvious reasons. One hand washes the other and the consumer gets screwed as a result.

about 6 months ago

Yahoo May Build Its Own YouTube

Atl Rob Re: Good luck with that home page (162 comments)

You've actually been their, so your the one, interesting! I was imagining it was only used by the elderly who adopted it in the 90s... Go figure.

about 6 months ago

UK To Finally Legalize Ripping CDs and DVDs

Atl Rob Re: Finally (92 comments)

It's not like it wasn't happening already for personal use. It was un-enforceable on a personal level anyway. Nice to see some common sense in laws for a change. The industry has been continually shooting themselves in the foot by not embracing new tech in a consumer friendly way.

about 6 months ago


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