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I expect to retire ...

Atmchicago Re:Too poor (91 comments)

That's exactly why we have Social Security - it forces people to put aside money so that, no matter what, they have something by retirement.

4 hours ago

Snowden A Hero? Gates Says No, Woz Says Yes

Atmchicago Re:Neutrality (335 comments)

Point taken. However, if he was less self-centered and money-grubbing then yes he could. Bill Gates just took a big hit to his reputation (in my book), and if it weren't for his support of anti-malarial and other research he wouldn't have much to show for.

about a month ago

VA Tech Experiment: Polar Vortex May Decimate D.C. Stinkbugs In 2014

Atmchicago mate=kill (112 comments)

As in, check-mate.

about 2 months ago

Counterpoint: Why Edward Snowden May Not Deserve Clemency

Atmchicago Not stealing (573 comments)

He copied the documents but did not deprive the NSA of them. He only copied them and did not steal them. This is the same distinction that must be made when discussing copyright violations. It seems like a small point, but the thievery elicits much stronger emotional responses than copying does, and some are making deliberate efforts to paint Snowden in as bad a light as possible. Please, let's use the correct term.

about 3 months ago

Oregon Signs Up Just 44 People For Obamacare Despite Spending $300 Million

Atmchicago Freeloading (586 comments)

Which then leaves us with 2 options: either he gets no treatment for his leukemia, or everyone else foots the bill. At least by signing up for insurance he's got some skin in the game.

about 4 months ago

Nobel Winner Schekman Boycotts Journals For 'Branding Tyranny'

Atmchicago Publish or perish must go (106 comments)

The way it should be is that the metrics for performance are the aggregate quality and impact of the work, not the number of publications or the impact factors of the journals they go into. Why doesn't this work? Because administrators generally don't understand the science that they are "administering." A possible solution would be to make sure that the people running the show behind the scenes are knowledgeable and competent, but we all know that's never going to happen...

about 4 months ago

The Brains of Men and Women Are 'Wired Differently'

Atmchicago Design (509 comments)

"whereas female brains are designed..." Hold it right there, cowboy! Brains weren't designed, they evolved.

about 4 months ago

Why Competing For Tenure Is Like Trying To Become a Drug Lord

Atmchicago Re:The economics of academia (168 comments)

One solution to the issue of the faculty who have "retired in place" is to implement a system where faculty older than 65 are subject to 5-year performance reviews and effectively lose tenure, but not necessarily their jobs. This gives the benefit of academic freedom to younger faculty with no strings attached without the pointlessly harsh mandatory retirements that are common in Europe and Asia, but implements a system to get rid of unproductive old timers who are taking up jobs that newer people could have.

about 5 months ago

Where Does America's Fear Come From?

Atmchicago Re: Control... (926 comments)

"In the USA our education system is so bad most can not speak the native English very well."
You probably mean "cannot," not "can not." The latter implies the ability to be unable to do something, while the former implies the inability to do something.

about 5 months ago

87-Year-Old World War II Veteran Takes On the TSA

Atmchicago mentality (218 comments)

This is the mentality which is being perpetrated by these idiotic checkpoints:

  • Compromise
  • Conformity
  • Assimilation
  • Submission

Now all we need is to promote ignorance, hypocrisy, brutality, and the elite. Oh wait, we're already there...

about 6 months ago

David Cameron Wants the Guardian Investigated Over Snowden Files

Atmchicago Circular reasoning (279 comments)

"when asked politely by my national security adviser and cabinet secretary to destroy the files they had, they went ahead and destroyed those files. So they know that what they're dealing with is dangerous for national security"

They had no choice - if they didn't destroy the hard drives, then the govt. goons sent to their office would have. What kind of reasoning is this??

about 6 months ago

Open Well-Tempered Clavier: a Kickstarter Campaign For Open Source Bach

Atmchicago Re:Aack! Not on a piano again! (70 comments)

Point taken, though Glenn Gould did an excellent job on the piano nevertheless. His technique allowed him to articulate single notes and still allow for changes in softness.

about 7 months ago

The Reporter's Fifth Amendment Paradox

Atmchicago Logic (452 comments)

If it is a crime for a witness to not testify, then the witness is now open to the possibility of incriminating his or herself depending on what he or she says or doesn't say. Since this person is now liable to being charged with a crime, this person can't be required to speak one way or another. Thus, even a witness should be protected from saying anything.

If it is not a crime for a witness to not testify, then there is no issue at all.

How is this not logical?

about 7 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What If We Don't Run Out of Oil?

Atmchicago Free market = no shortage (663 comments)

If we operate in a free market, we will never run out of oil. Instead, the price will just keep on increasing.

about a year ago

Where does your electricity come from?

Atmchicago BGE (498 comments)

This is what my power company has to say.

more than 2 years ago

Scientists Create World's Tiniest "Ear"

Atmchicago Coming next... (64 comments)

the bananophone!

more than 2 years ago

Edison Would Have Loved New Light Bulb Law, Says His Great-Grandson

Atmchicago Re:More feel good legislation. (473 comments)

1. People use bulbs more than you let on. 2. 1.2 kwH = 4.32x10^6 Joules (see here) 3. The efficiences will scale to billions of fixtures, over many years. 4. The industry is actually fine with the legislation and already prepared. 5. LED lightbulbs, public transit, diesel cars and tap water are not mutually exclusive. (And I thought SF's transit was pretty decent, anyhow) 6. We have bigger fish to fry than fighting over lightbulbs. Why do people care so much?

more than 2 years ago

Arise SIR Jonathan Ive

Atmchicago We got rid of the aristocracy (183 comments)

In the US, we threw out the whole notion of titles a few hundred years ago. Of course, that doesn't stop people from reverting to their instinctual need to kow-tow to authority. Why do Americans care about the British royal wedding (but no other)? Were I ever to meet Jonathan Ive, or any of the other "knights," I would call him Mr., lest he have a higher degree (MD, PhD, etc.).

more than 2 years ago

Prospects Darken For Solar Energy Companies

Atmchicago Stop subsidizing oil (435 comments)

Stop giving money to the oil companies, and then maybe solar can compete. I'm not surpised at the turmoil at all.

more than 2 years ago


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