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Why the NTSB Is Wrong About Cellphones

Audent Because it's easy (1003 comments)

It's easier to say "ZOUNDS, we must BAN this THING" than it is to say "Our driver training is not up to scratch, we don't review our training at regular intervals and we don't have mandatory retests for the people we entrust our children to" because that would sound like they've not done their job.

Sadly this isn't restricted to driving buses either.

more than 3 years ago

Theorists Make Quantum Communications Breakthrough

Audent I don't get it... (155 comments)

what does it mean for my porn collection?

(this is a joke. Of course I don't have a porn collection, dear).

more than 6 years ago



New Zealand copyright law gets blacked out

Audent Audent writes  |  about 6 years ago

Audent writes "New Zealanders protesting against the introduction of a new copyright law have blacked out Twitter... the likes of @stephenfry have joined in. Basically they're calling for a suspension of section 92 of the act which makes ISPs responsible for policing any copyright breaches that may be drawn to their attention in the form of take down notices. Worse, there's no safe harbour provision for ISPs. Worse still, the definition of ISP has been tweaked to include anyone who offers internet access to another person so businesses, schools, libraries, you name it — you're all ISPs. The law also applies to anyone who hosts content — so that means if you have a blog or run a forum, you're an ISP. The Twitter blackout is designed to draw attention to it and as Slashdot's covered this in the past, it would be great if /. could support the cause."

Audent Audent writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Audent writes "Slashdot poll: What's your disability? 1: Glasses/contacts/surgery 2: Arrrr yer kiddin' me? 3: missing digit 4: what did you say? 5: the glasses! Zey do nussink! 6: Cowboy Neal is all the disability I need"

Audent Audent writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Audent writes "Poll topic: How many blades are there on your razor? 1: one 2: two 3: three 4: four 5: five 6: whirling circles of DEATH! 7: I bought the company 8: Cowgirl Neil doesn't shave, you insensitive clod"


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