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How Facebook Sold You Krill Oil

AuralityKev Re:Dress sweat pants (114 comments)

Now I know it because of you. They look glorious. Maybe not $100 each glorious, but goddammit I think I might be finding out soon.

about a month and a half ago

Why TiVo's Founders Crashed and Burned With Qplay

AuralityKev Re: Nothing went "wrong" (50 comments)

Mediacom has a partnership with TiVo - I got it 6 months ago and it blew my old "generic" DVR away. Never looking back.

about a month and a half ago

Senator Al Franken Accuses AT&T of "Skirting" Net Neutrality Rules

AuralityKev Re: No Funding for you then. (81 comments)

I wish he would. Sincerely, A dood born, raised, and still living in podunk Mr. Rogers Minnesota.

about 2 months ago

Ode To Sound Blaster: Are Discrete Audio Cards Still Worth the Investment?

AuralityKev Re:No. (502 comments)

I have an M Audio Delta 1010LT PCI card, cost me $299 back in the day. Back in the day was 2002. 12 years later it's still crunching up 24 bit signals like popcorn. I just keep transferring it from one build to the next. It's bulletproof. They keep up on the drivers as well. Best piece of studio tech I own.

about 2 months ago

Venture-Backed Bitcoin Miner Startup Can't Deliver On Time, Gets Sued

AuralityKev Re:Best Lawsuit Ever. (120 comments)

I'm not saying his case is without actual merit. I just think it's hilarious. I do doubt, however, that beyond being made whole for the purchase price that the plaintiff will be able to demonstrate any actual damages. Mining is speculation, whether it be gold or Bitcoins. You can't attach a price tag to "if only."

about 3 months ago

Venture-Backed Bitcoin Miner Startup Can't Deliver On Time, Gets Sued

AuralityKev Best Lawsuit Ever. (120 comments)

"Your honor, the free money generation machine the plaintiff promised me did not generate NEARLY enough free money! Now since I have you here, I'd like to sue Money Tree, Inc. whose shrubbery is also performing woefully."

about 3 months ago

How Open Government Data Saved New Yorkers Thousands On Parking Tickets

AuralityKev Re:Classic NYPD objections too (286 comments)

No kidding - "Shut up before people realize we're SOAKING THEM!"

about 3 months ago

Yahoo To Produce Sci-Fi Streaming Sitcom

AuralityKev Re:It's cold outside (121 comments)

I'm all alone. More or less.

about 5 months ago

Tech People Making $100k a Year On the Rise, Again

AuralityKev Re:$100k today the equivalent of $80k in 2004 (193 comments)

I think the operative word is *should.* I jumped into consulting when I was 24. I'm now 34 and SHOULD be halfway to retirement. Unfortunately they handed lots of cash to 24 year old me. 34 year old me would like to introduce that guy to financial discipline.

about 5 months ago

How Cochlear Implants Are Being Blamed For Killing Deaf Culture

AuralityKev Re:Good? (510 comments)

Tommy Hilfiger? Granted I was surprised when I found out he wasn't gay, but there you go.

about 5 months ago

John Carmack Joins Oculus VR As CTO

AuralityKev Re:This will help the Occulus Rift A LOT!!! (125 comments)

I'm guessing that whatever Rift drive code Carmack writes will find itself embedded into iDTechn+1, meaning that any game that leverages that version of iDTech will automatically work like a champ with the Rift. VR at no added cost. Game developers might actually be drawn to this, especially with Carmack's track record. Now if the doodz behind the Unreal Engine throw their .02 in too, that would seal it.

about a year ago

MIT Releases Swartz Report: Instead of Leading, School Was 'Hands-Off'

AuralityKev Re:Gee, I expected different results....! (127 comments)

It's turtles, I mean investigations, all the way down. Unless it was an external non-related investigating body doing the work, I sincerely doubt the veracity of their conclusions. You'd think the most scientifically advanced (okay, arguably) place of higher learning in the world would have tried to remove any perception of bias on the part of the investigating body. Hire an outside firm at the very least.

about a year ago

Verizon Accused of Intentionally Slowing Netflix Video Streaming

AuralityKev Backfire? (202 comments)

I know when my Netflix stuff starts throttling (not saying it's intentional by my cable co) I just sit and watch slightly more pixelated versions of whatever I was watching at the time. My last reaction is "Dammit, gotta get my ass off the couch, pants on, get in car, drive to Redbox, get disc, watch disc, remember to go back to Redbox and return disc because that's a lot less hassle."

about a year ago

Best Buy To Carve Out Space For Microsoft Stores

AuralityKev Windows 9? (214 comments)

Now they just need a decent product to sell in that store-within-a-store.

about a year ago


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