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Bing Search Tainted By Pro-Microsoft Results

AutopsyReport (Not News!) (582 comments)

Try it yourself on Bing -- it is not the top result. About five down.

Now try on Google -- the "Why Are Macs So Expensive?" result is there on the first page.

Two different search engines, both returning the same result on the first page about Mac's being expensive. Slightly different order, hardly indicative of tampering, but definitive proof that Mac's are costly!

more than 4 years ago

My toy collection is ...

AutopsyReport Re:Real Airplane (396 comments)

What about maintenance, storage, etc? Do you do the work yourself? I would imagine maintenance would be costly. I'd be interested to know... hope you reply.

about 5 years ago

Go For a Masters, Or Not?

AutopsyReport Re:Lots of bad advice (834 comments)

Money is not the most important thing in life.

True. Sleeping on top of a pile of money surrounded by beautiful ladies is.

more than 5 years ago

Styling Web Pages With CSS

AutopsyReport Re:Dont' bash CSS... (104 comments)

It's just really sad to see people bash CSS

This also applies to the idea of using tables.

more than 5 years ago

Louisiana Rep. Preps State Bill Banning Human-Animal Hybrids

AutopsyReport Goatse (422 comments)

So you're telling me there's a chance we will never see another goatse again? For the love of Mike, thank you!

more than 5 years ago

Konami Announces a Game Based On a 2004 Battle In Fallujah

AutopsyReport Re:Oh man... (644 comments)

Burning corpses hanging in chunks from buildings. People having their flesh burned to the bone while they are alive. I'm normally ok with this sort of thing

Whatever floats your boat, man...

more than 5 years ago

Circuit Board Design For a Small Startup?

AutopsyReport Re:Try Express PCB (262 comments)

You are a little off-base here, bud. What you are talking about are patent trolls which spec out an idea, typically already in use, patent it but do not intend to produce.

This guy has spec'd out an idea but doesn't have the expertise to build it. He still intends to build it, but needs to outsource that part. Care to elaborate how he is comparable to a patent troll?

more than 5 years ago

Circuit Board Design For a Small Startup?

AutopsyReport Wired Article (262 comments)

There is a Wired article that you might find informative. It chronicles a hardware startup. It won't help you with the specifics, but it will provide a heads-up for what you can expect dealing with a manufacturer from China, selling, etc.

more than 5 years ago

Circuit Board Design For a Small Startup?

AutopsyReport Re:Try Express PCB (262 comments)

Even better, how about we stop encouraging/helping wild-eyed "entrepreneurs" who have these great ideas that are "probably patentable" but who are wholly incapable of actually inventing said devices.

He did invent it, but he doesn't know how to build it. There's absolutely no shame in having the brains to invent a better product but not having the skills to build it.

So, you can lose the attitude. We do need encouragement for enterpreneurs, whether or not they understand something so inconsequential like how to design hardware. Very, very few of us can.

more than 5 years ago

Quake Live Public Beta Launches To High Demand

AutopsyReport Re:plugin required (93 comments)

What you say makes sense -- if you own Q3A.

But you seem to be forgetting that Quake Live is free and accessible worldwide, while Q3A was not. Plus, if Quake Live is as successful as hoped, you'll have a lot more people to play against in Quake Live than in the old Q3A.

more than 5 years ago

Spiraling Skyscraper Farms For a Future Manhattan

AutopsyReport Re:subsidize (403 comments)

Correction.. I misplaced the parentheses: we pay 25% of property taxes. For sales taxes in many cases we are exempt or reduced.

more than 5 years ago

Spiraling Skyscraper Farms For a Future Manhattan

AutopsyReport Re:subsidize (403 comments)

I'm not sure where you get your information, but in Canada farming is subsidized in many different ways. We pay significantly less property taxes, sales tax (25% of normal), and are eligible for grants, government-guaranteed loans, cash advances for impending crops, and other sources of money. This is in effort to make farming easier for us, and to encourage us to keep producing livestock, food, etc.

The number of farms is shrinking dramatically every year. I'm sure it's much the same in the States. The government definitely does not pay us to produce less.

more than 5 years ago


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