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Interview: Ask Eric Raymond What You Will

AutumnLeaf Microsoft & Open Source (126 comments)

Do you think they need to embrace Open Source to survive? Will they?

about 6 months ago

Interview: Ask Eric Raymond What You Will

AutumnLeaf Python Zealot? (126 comments)

You raved about Python in the past. Is it still your preferred language/platform for slinging code?

about 6 months ago

What Developers Can Learn From Anonymous

AutumnLeaf Anonymous doesn't do product development (120 comments)

Sorry, but numerous, disjointed visions of what passes for good user-interface design, along with different standards for reliability doesn't sound like something I'm interested in at all. Especially if every user-interface panel requires me to push the "I'M A CHARGIN' MA LAZER" button before pressing "OK".

I'm getting sick of people generating web-hits by relating anything and everything to Anonymous.

about 2 years ago

Santorum Calls Democrats 'Anti-Science'

AutumnLeaf Re:s#hit (1237 comments)

You need some Santorum-flavored coffee creamer.

more than 2 years ago

Aleph One 1.0 Released

AutumnLeaf Colony Ship For Sale (105 comments)

I need to pick this game up again. I was stuck on the Colony Ship For Sale level...

As fun and immersive as the Marathon games are, the multi-player play was even better. "King of the Hill" lead to sooooo much carnage.

more than 2 years ago

First Person Dungeon Crawlers Making a Return

AutumnLeaf Re:Dungeon Master! (163 comments)

"When is stone not stone?" I really loved that game - except for the level where I missed a secret door in a place I thought I had checked. I had to buy the hint-guide to find it, and when I saw where the door was I almost put my head through the desk. I mapped those levels out by hand.

more than 2 years ago

First Person Dungeon Crawlers Making a Return

AutumnLeaf Wizardy lives on, btw.... (163 comments)

Just saw this while taking a break from Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls, which I was playing on my PS3.

Gameplay video looked impressive. But it sure looked like a modern "Dungeon Master" to me.

more than 2 years ago

US Scientists Invited To Russian Yeti Hunt

AutumnLeaf Tragic (195 comments)

I hope they find two pristine horns faster than I did.

That might be one of the best editorial asides I've ever seen on slashdot. I was going to say it is tragic so few will understand why that aside was so great. But perhaps it's more tragic yet that so many will. ;-)

more than 2 years ago

Former Wikileaks Spokesman Destroyed Documents

AutumnLeaf Re:this story has another side (469 comments)

That's not another side of a coin. That's a justification-dance for unilateral actions that likely will shield a lot of criminal and unethical behavior from the public eye. I also the reject the "possession = ownership" argument - the data was on his hardware by virtue of his trust/status within wikileaks.

If he shredded the BoA docs, he can rot in hell.

about 3 years ago

Former Wikileaks Spokesman Destroyed Documents

AutumnLeaf Re:/rage (469 comments)

I was wondering where those Bank of America documents went - I had though they were going to be published by now. Wow. If he really digitally shredded that data he's a douche-bag of epic proportions.

about 3 years ago

Notch Asks For Trial By Combat

AutumnLeaf Jerks (205 comments)

I'm usually not this low-brow, but I'd like to give Bethesda a roll of toilet paper, which is the trophy for winning Ass-Wipe of the Year. And if you think about it, toilet paper is rolled like scrolls are, so sue me too, ass-wipes.

more than 3 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Am I Too Old To Learn New Programming Languages?

AutumnLeaf Re:Stay Put (772 comments)

Learn Industrial control, you know interfacing with real hardware.. The cool part is a bug can kill someone so they actually encourage you to take your time to test and fix bugs! It's refreshing!

I recently moved from a fortune-50 corporation's IT department to a mid-cap industrial manufacturing company. I'm 1/2 of the IT department, and since moving here the scales have fallen from my eyes with respect to the prevalence and power of PLCs controlling machines implementing industrial automation. The guys I bump into who work on these things are like the condescending suspenders-wearing unix-geeks in Dilbert. Most of them have beards. Half of them don't have degrees - they just fell in love with "making things go" and found a career. They smile bemusedly at me and seem to have no fear of job security.

more than 3 years ago

Scientists Breeding Super Bees

AutumnLeaf Re:What's the problem? (248 comments)

The most likely culprit seems to be some insecticides that were approved for the market shortly before this problem really became visible. I believe two separate studies have pointed in this direction. Sorry - I don't have references handy.

more than 3 years ago

TIME Names Mark Zuckerberg Person of Year

AutumnLeaf Re:Julian Assange (317 comments)

Wish there was a "Share this on facebook" button for comments...

more than 3 years ago

New Facebook Messaging System Announced

AutumnLeaf Re:Google Wave, Anyone? (240 comments)

The similarities to Wave were the first thing that came to my mind. As an aside, I think Google should have blended wave into gmail, not had them side-by-side. None-the-less, I have to think some of this had to been cooking long before the google guy jumped ship - there just hasn't been enough time to design/build/test a change this big to their service, imho... unless I'm underestimating how robust their agile development processes are. . .

more than 3 years ago

Perl 6, Early, With Rakudo Star

AutumnLeaf Developing versus Hacking (220 comments)

By "hacking" I mean "slamming out some quick-and-dirty program." I can see the 500 replies to this decrying my misuse of the word Hacking comnig. In anticipation of that, consider that the word can be used in many ways to convey nuances of meaning, and I think this works. Moving on...

Everyone I know still doing Perl (including me sometimes) is working in the systems space. Service management, system monitoring and management... Perl is just a better shell scripting language in this context.

I don't know anyone doing application development in perl anymore. My friends and peers who used to walk on water with their god-like perl skills have all moved on to Python and Ruby, and I'm heading that way myself now. One friend remarked to me "I wish I'd switched from Python to Perl sooner. Ten years of Perl man ... that shit rots your brain." One person who is still heavily involved with the perl development community informed me within the past year "What people don't realize about Perl 6 was that it was a research project."

Um.... well, that's clearly what Perl 6 became. But I remember when Perl 6 was announced - it was not framed as "I'm going to do a research project while other people take care of the production perl." That's what effectively happened, but that's not really what was planned based on my recollection of OSCON talks and previous slashdot articles.

Anyway... while Perl can do almost anything, I think other languages do a lot of those things more cleanly, and in a manner more conducive to writing code that doesn't suck to maintain. That said, I look forward to Perl 6 finally being "mostly done" so it can truly be assessed on its own merits, not its lamentable history.

And why do people like to hate on Perl 6? In my opinion its simple - missed commitments on schedule. Lots of them.

more than 4 years ago


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