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Comparison: Linux Text Editors

AxeTheMax Re:You're welcome to them. (402 comments)

So what systems are these that Kate has crashed on? It has never given me any problems whatsoever on several Linux (KDE) systems.

about a month and a half ago

Microsoft Takes Down Domains

AxeTheMax Taking over government functions (495 comments)

So MS has a 'Digital Crimes Unit' and the US courts allow it to carry out law enforcement duties. How long before they have their own policemen, courts and prisons? It goes together with the Microsoft tax I suppose.

about 2 months ago

The Supreme Court Doesn't Understand Software

AxeTheMax Re:Why not patent compression algorithm? (263 comments)

It's interesting that at the time I'm writing, the parent that asks 'why should they be able to patent it' is modded 0, while the grandparent that asks 'why should'nt they be able to patent it' is modded 5 insightful.

I have no mod points so I can comment only.

about 3 months ago

Brazilian Kids Learning English By Video Chatting With Elderly Americans

AxeTheMax Re:Yet more English learning (147 comments)

I did say 'relatively minor'. I'm thinking of an Indian language with about 50m speakers and a written history as long as English. The culture of India being as it is, everything you can find is geared to learning English. Yes, there are TV shows and all sorts of stuff on Youtube, but I was thinking about reasonably sophisticated learning material. Still, if the main market is oddities like me who are mainly interested in understanding some 300 year old poetry, I suppose we have to work for it.

about 4 months ago

Brazilian Kids Learning English By Video Chatting With Elderly Americans

AxeTheMax Yet more English learning (147 comments)

Never mind English, there are lots of paths to learning it in most countries. Not so the other way. How about a scheme for those of us who want to learn some other, relatively minor language, where it is difficult to even find basic texts outside its native country?

about 4 months ago

Administration Ordered To Divulge Legal Basis For Killing Americans With Drones

AxeTheMax Re:Obligatory (310 comments)

So let me get this straight, it's perfectly OK to kill people with drones as long as they're not American citizens?

It seems so, and if the government accepts that American citizens cannot be so killed, then, well, there will be some method to remove their citizenship and then they can be killed. And then all will be as it was before; or perhaps a bit worse.

about 5 months ago

Why Portland Should Have Kept Its Water, Urine and All

AxeTheMax 36 million gallons? (332 comments)

What's that in something understandable? Like how many Olympic size swimming pools or Pacific Oceans?

about 5 months ago

Navy Debuts New Railgun That Launches Shells at Mach 7

AxeTheMax Re:Aiming and targeting? (630 comments)

They'll target them the same way the USAF targeted the Vietcong with B52 bombers. Fire them in the general direction of the other side, and hope some hit their targets. Doesn't really matter if they hit lots of civilians instead, there's a well established formula to get away with it - have some evidence (or even just claims) that in the right conditions it might catch some combatants.

about 5 months ago

Canonical's Troubles With the Free Software Community

AxeTheMax Re:Infighting: Linux's biggest weakness (155 comments)

can you remember how bad the linux desktop was before ubuntu? it was atrocious....what about before

I'm afraid some of us think the ubuntu desktop was and is atrocious.

about 6 months ago

Great Firewall of UK Blocks Game Patch Because of Substring Matches

AxeTheMax Re: Great Firewall of China is bad enough ... (270 comments)

Yes. The Ordinary Man Party in Delhi just came to power and promptly tried to do what the ordinary man in a mob does. In this case try to get the police to carry out an illegal raid based on Ordinary Man prejudices ( )

about 8 months ago

20,000 Customers Have Pre-Ordered Over $2,000,000 of Soylent

AxeTheMax Fibre etc.? (543 comments)

From the article

I poop a lot less

That should be something to worry about. What I've read doesn't say much about fibre, but our digestive systems have developed not only to deal with directly useful food to absorb, but also to process such 'indigestibles', and to deal with all the variation we get in a normal diet. Without this work there is every likelihood that long term harm to the guts will result. We already know that this happens to factory farmed animals fed on processed food rather than their normal diet.

about 8 months ago

UK Benefits System In Deeper Trouble?

AxeTheMax Re:Benefit system ? (266 comments)

If they pay tax, they are documented, pretty much by definition. If they get benefits, they are also similarly documented. Seems fairly straightforward to me. Certainly there may be quite a few that don't pay tax, and some that don't get benefits, but is this really about them?

about 8 months ago

Why Engineers Must Consider the Ethical Implications of Their Work

AxeTheMax Re:Speaking of advocates (406 comments)

. He wants to judge each discovery as "good" or "bad", then reward or punish the engineers, scientists, and the craftsmen for whatever results.

Sad as it is, I prefer the world we have, in which men and woman exercise free will.

Engineers do not 'discover', that is done by scientists, in the true sense and some other groups of thinkers. Engineers are one of the classes of people who use a known technology to a predictable outcome (others are the craftsmen that you refer to, among others). Engineers design, in the way a house builder may design a brick structure. As such they should be held accountable for the ethical consequences of what they do. Like everyone else should be. You exercise free will, you are also free to suffer the consequences. You seem to want free will without the consequences.

about 9 months ago

UK Gov't Plans To Censor "Extremist" Websites Via Orders To ISPs

AxeTheMax Re: Offshore hosting. Game, set, and match. (208 comments)

That will be the Great Firewall of Britain then. Based on a proven working model and it will keep more IT people employed, blocking not just 'Scunthorpe' but 'Bombay' as well.

about 10 months ago

NSA Infected 50,000 Computer Networks With Malicious Software

AxeTheMax Re:These are the spasms before the end of empire (264 comments)

As a Russian citizen I doubt. You know, the strength of US Dollar is based on the fact that it's the only currency exchangeable to petroleum, and every country that uses any other currency for this purpose becomes democratic. (Saddam sold oil for Euros, and his country became democratic, Lybia sold oil for Euros and became democratic too, Iran sold oil for gold and will surely become democratic immediately after Syria). And I fear that China will become democratic too.

While this made an interesting point (of course only partially true), I think the post was intended to be funny. And it is!

about 10 months ago

Japan Refused To Help NSA Tap Asia's Internet

AxeTheMax Re:Why does Japan's constitution prevent surveilla (375 comments)

Corruption is defined differently in different jurisdictions - some things are outlawed in one country but not in another. Does Transparency int somehow apply the same laws across the world?

about a year ago

Time For X-No-Wiretap HTTP Header?

AxeTheMax Re:USA citizens safe, not care rest of world?? (202 comments)

Yes, Americans who think they value their liberty have a tendency to forget that their liberty depends also on the liberty of others. Starting with the slaves who their founding fathers conveniently forgot, now it is terrorists, criminals, citizens of 'enemy' countries, and finally all non citizens. As has been seen recently, spying on non-citizens gives the means to spy on citizens. What Americans have really is not liberty but power, and the Golden Rule (reciprocity) is inessential when you have power.

1 year,7 days

NSA Cracked Into Encrypted UN Video Conferences

AxeTheMax Who else are they bugging (427 comments)

What about bugging the White House? I mean, anyone can get to be president (in theory of course, in practice it is any multimillionaire with lots of friends in the US establishment). You've got to check on them, or else how can they be trusted? And what about all those that know the president or is related to the president, you've got to check on what they are saying ... and so on.

1 year,21 days


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