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eSports Starting To Go Mainstream

B33rNinj4 I'll believe it when it actually happens. (112 comments)

People have been saying this for years. While it'd be interesting to see it actually happen, I'm not holding my breath.

2 days ago

Oso Disaster Had Its Roots In Earlier Landslides

B33rNinj4 Well, this is a waste of time. (64 comments)

I really like how instead of intelligent discourse about the triggers for the landslide and any possible ways to prevent/predict future landslides, people latch on to one phrase, and use it to belittle the media or other political stances. It's like those Christian right-wing people obsessively throwing the word "hypothesis" around to justify their idiotic creationist beliefs. Was it a tragedy? Yes. Was it a disaster? Yes. Is that was this discussion is about? No. Please take it somewhere else, so we can continue to discussion.

4 days ago

The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

B33rNinj4 Re:How do you (956 comments)

That's a difficult question. In my office, it tends to be the women who have the most issues with being criticized by another woman. I've had my work critiqued on multiple occasions by female coworkers, both my equals and superiors, and I didn't take it personally or become defensive. Now, I can only speak for myself, rather than my entire gender (which the author of the article has done), and I am sure there are men who have issues with it. In regards to the article, what's the solution? The author lists several problems plaguing the industry, but offers no concrete resolution. I have an issue with that. If you are going to call out an issue, you need to also come prepared with a way to fix it. If you don't, no one will ever take you seriously.

5 days ago

No RIF'd Employees Need Apply For Microsoft External Staff Jobs For 6 Months

B33rNinj4 Ouch! (277 comments)

When they close the door, they close it hard.

5 days ago

Microsoft's Missed Opportunities: Memo From 1997

B33rNinj4 Re:Too long (161 comments)

Because people are too distracted in their daily lives to take a few moments to read.

about two weeks ago

Microsoft CEO To Slash 18,000 Jobs, 12,500 From Nokia To Go

B33rNinj4 Re:I really really hate (383 comments)

I agree! About a decade ago, the company I was working for hired a high-priced "consultant" to help us cut costs. Instead of suggesting we streamline our inventory or ordering processes, he suggested a 10% staff cut. The company folded less than two years later.

about two weeks ago

Giant Crater Appears In Northern Siberia

B33rNinj4 Sequel? (122 comments)

Is this some "found footage" for a Core sequel or reboot?

about two weeks ago

Amazon Is Testing a $10-Per-Month Ebook Service

B33rNinj4 No thank you. (87 comments)

I'll stick to either buying them, or getting shared copies from friends.

about two weeks ago

White House Punts On Petition To Allow Tesla Direct Sales

B33rNinj4 Not a shocker. (382 comments)

The automotive industry wields a tremendous amount of power. It's not a surprise that they pushed to have Tesla squashed.

about two weeks ago

Predicting a Future Free of Dollar Bills

B33rNinj4 Screw that! (753 comments)

My life's goal is to swim in my own Money Bin like Scrooge McDuck. Don't take that dream away from me.

about two weeks ago

Buzz Aldrin Pressures Obama For New Space Exploration Initiative

B33rNinj4 It's the right thing to do. (78 comments)

I'm all for having a thriving, privatized space program. However, we still need the government to be involved and run their own end. We'll never get anywhere if we rely on just one side.

about three weeks ago

DC Entertainment Won't Allow Superman Logo On Murdered Child's Memorial Statue

B33rNinj4 Re:They failed to realize... (249 comments)

I agree. The media frenzy from attempting to tear it down would have been insane. DC, while upset over the unauthorized use, would never have pushed to have the memorial removed.

about three weeks ago

IeSF Wants International Game Tournaments Segregated By Sex [Updated]

B33rNinj4 No reason to be "outraged." (221 comments)

First, using the word "segregated" is a bit too strong in this case. Yes, it still means separation, but for many, it carries a different history. That being said, I don't agree with their policy on separation by gender. I think it's kind of pointless in an eSports format, and I'm glad someone is finally drawing attention to it. However, the vitriol and excessive anger is highly inappropriate, and it makes me disappointed in people like Wil Wheaton and others who have been up in arms about a policy that was put in place several YEARS ago. Where was the anger then? Where was the eSports community's rage then? Chess is still separated this way. Where's the anger? Yes, it's not equal. Yes, it should change. The gnashing of teeth and the pounding of fists needs to stop though. It's a little late to become that pissed off.

about three weeks ago

Amazon Sues After Ex-Worker Takes Google Job

B33rNinj4 Re:Non-compete agreements are BS. (272 comments)

I agree that these types of contracts are total crap. It just ends up limiting the job market.

about three weeks ago

White House May Name Patent Reform Opponent As New Head of Patent Office

B33rNinj4 Re:Obama (211 comments)

All he said was that he'd bring change. We were suckers to believe that it would be beneficial change for ourselves.

about a month ago

Google Starts Removing Search Results After EU Ruling

B33rNinj4 Re:Good. (138 comments)

Exactly. It's going to be abused by those in power to cover up issues they'd prefer to forget.

about 1 month ago

Ask Slashdot: What Would It Take For You To Buy a Smartwatch?

B33rNinj4 Data plan matters. (427 comments)

If the device had a long battery life, and I could get an unlimited data plan, I'd use it.

about a month ago

2 US Senators Propose 12-Cent Gas Tax Increase

B33rNinj4 Re:Good! (619 comments)

I'd be okay with this. It sucks that the government is unable to get their priorities straight, but we need to improve our infrastructure. We can't just sit around, waiting for the infrastructure fairies to swoop in and magically fix things.

about a month ago


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B33rNinj4 B33rNinj4 writes  |  more than 10 years ago I've been reading all of these "hidden threats" that the people at Homeland Security have been warning about. It really sucks to have such a reactionary government. Now, it seems that every Muslim has their own 747 that they'll be crashing into buildings everywhere. Before September 11, the CIA didn't seem to be aware of half as many plots as they are now. Shizznit! Makes me think of relocating to Canada or Mexico. Great beer, and people leave you alone.

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