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Scientists Confirm Life Under Antarctic Ice

B5_geek But what about... (46 comments)

I see that nobody has asked the really important question.

How do they taste?

5 days ago

Dramatic Shifts In Manufacturing Costs Are Driving Companies To US, Mexico

B5_geek Reading between the lines. (232 comments)

If you read between the lines the real truth reveals itself.

North America can no longer be considered a 1st world. We are 2nd word and quickly heading towards 3rd-world status.

This is what Eisenhower warned us about.

about a week ago

A Warm-Feeling Wooden Keyboard (Video)

B5_geek Re:good wood? (82 comments)


Hard - check
Pretty - check (beauty..eye..beholder..blah)
sustainable - check
inexpensive - check

about a month ago

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Released

B5_geek Re:Some nice looking features/updates (231 comments)

Since I have have started seriously working on BSD systems I have enjoyed the simplicity/straight-forwardness of it's configuration setup. The only thing that keeps me from switching to OpenBSD for all my servers: apt-get dist-upgrade

I have only been bitten in the ass once by this (15'ish years ago), and it makes keeping the system updated so easy.

about 3 months ago

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Released

B5_geek Some nice looking features/updates (231 comments)

I have always admired RH for it's feature set and pursuit of enterprise-related features.
I do however have one gripe: All the config files are in the wrong place!
This isn't a real complaint, more akin to a whine. I have been using Debian for too many years on far too many servers; my muscle memory demands that the config files that I need to edit be located in the same place across distros.
Does anybody know why there is such a difference in file locations? /etc/network/interfaces
vs /etc/sysconfig/network/networking/where/are/the/damn/config/files

about 3 months ago

Eye Tracking Coming To Video Games

B5_geek Almost there.... (102 comments)

I don't care about games, but I would love it when they can adapt this technology to give X magic focus powers.

I already use 'Focus follows mouse' on fluxbox, but too often I am looking at a differnt terminal window when I start typing away, and I had forgotten to move the mouse.

[Paranoid Mode] imagine how much more advertising money Google could make if they tracked WHERE you were looking. [/mode]

about 8 months ago

How Google, Tesla, and Uber Could Team Up For the Driverless Taxis of the Future

B5_geek Is demand high enough? (126 comments)

1st caveat: I am very cheap and never pay for anything that I don't feel like I need.

Is there enough demand for services like this? I have lived in very large urban areas (Toronto) where the public transportation (taxis included) are well used and well implemented. But I still see dozens of empty taxis (at all hours) queued up near theaters, bars, conerts and other similar venues waiting for clients. Empty/Idle taxis are losing money.

I always hear on the radio that taxi companies wanting the city to allow more licenses to be given out, so it appears that there is demand for these services. But alas, i always see a lot of them idle.

I have had to take a taxi 3 times in my life. All three times the fare was over $20. If I were to replace my bike and car for taxis and public transportation it would cost me more then $800 per month, which is almost as much as rent!

about a year ago

Blizzard Set To Debut 'Something New' At PAX East

B5_geek Why do you care? (150 comments)

Have you forgotten how poorly they treated the community and the whole bnetd fiasco?

I don't give a flying fuck what they make, they will never get a dime from me.

about a year ago

Tech Leaders Encourage Teaching Schoolkids How To Code

B5_geek Not every round peg goes in a square hole. (265 comments)

As many others have pointed out, if there were such a high demand for skilled programmers the base salary/wage would go up. Too often I have seen crazy-stupid job requirements and they are only willing to pay $1 more per hour then MINIMUM WAGE ffs!!!

But I digress, what schools need to teach is critical thinking, and basic logic-reasoning. (aka trouble-shooting)

I don't want to program, I don't like it. I enjoy scripting repetitive tasks. The peak of my programming abilities was realized when I developed custom MIRC events/notices back in ~'96.

about a year and a half ago

Hackers In Space: Designing A Ground Station

B5_geek Work on the easy stuff first. (95 comments)

Step #1) Improve HAM bandwidth for data transmissions to/from space.

On a good day my old 14.4k modem is faster then the throughput I can get on packet radio.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Ubuntu Lockdown Options?

B5_geek Good option: Fluxbox + browser 'lock-down' (387 comments)

0) install Fluxbox
1) edit the keys file and remove the right-click option (disable the other hotkeys too)
2) have firefox set to launch at startup
3) use the firefox addon 'Kiosk mode' and edit settings

That should protect you against most undesired activity.

more than 2 years ago

Nationwide Test of the Emergency Broadcast System

B5_geek Time to attack! (271 comments)

How kind of them to notify us of when the entire warning system will be disrupted. If I wanted to stage an attack, this would be the perfect chance. All levels of emergency services will be 'confused' and not know what is real and what is fake.

Add the frightened sheep to the mix and it is a perfect chance for an act of terror.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Radiation Detection For Tokyo Resident?

B5_geek 3 different cheap DIY 'detectors' (371 comments)

First and foremost, as others have posted this is too late to worry about it, AND there is nothing to really worry about.

BUT, if you want to approach this as a fun sort of science-fair project that will only tell you 'IF' and not 'HOW MUCH', read on.

You have 3 dirt-cheap and easy ways to detect radioactivity:

1) take an unexposed roll of film (B&W might make it easier to see) and place it near to suspected source. Go develop the film. If you see alot of 'static' then there might be something there. (make sure the place that develops it does the whole roll and doesn't try to malipulate/enhance the image for you) Tell them you will pay for all frames including the 'blank' ones. *For bonus points, you make a frame that you can mount strips of unexposed film to and 'aim' the film at the suspect areas. (make sure you keep the film away from the light)

2) (must be done at night) grab an old phosphor screen (like from an old television), as radiation hits it you will see small flashes of light like static

3) Use a smoke detector. as beta particles pass through the detector, the alarm will go off

more than 2 years ago

Should Dolphins Be Treated As Non-Human Persons?

B5_geek As a Buddisht let me say... (785 comments)

Good. I honour all living creations (exception being humans), and I very happily endorse any effort that will stop the needless slaughter of non-domesticated flora/fauna.

But on the other hand, if they are so smart; why can't they overcome instinct and jump out of the tuna nets? =)

The lyrics from an Enigma song seem appropiate right now:

"Remember the Shaman, when he used to say: Man is the dream of the Dolphin." ~'Dream of the Dolphin' - Enigma - Cross of Changes - 1994

more than 3 years ago

Linux 2.6.37 Released

B5_geek PPP in ipv4? (135 comments)

So, does this mean I don't need to play around with rp-pppoe or pppoe-conf (or equivalent) for DSL setup/configuration? And if yes, how then?

more than 3 years ago

BYTE Is Coming Back

B5_geek My favorite article. (185 comments)

My favorite how-to was the article that described changing io.sys & so that it would load altcfg.sys instead of config.sys (thus making virus that altered config.sys/autoexec.bat useless).

more than 3 years ago

WikiLeaks Continues To Fund Itself Via Flattr

B5_geek obl: link. (194 comments)

As opposed to posting a link to another board that has am IMAGE of the url; (madness!!)

here ya go:

Really editors, was that so hard? My new-years resolution? Find a site that is as good as Slashdot used to be.

more than 3 years ago

EPA Proposes Grading System For Car Fuel Economy

B5_geek I call (272 comments)

'Greenhouse gas emmisions'?
Does this include the source power generation? Of course not, because some regions use wind/solar/nuclear, which have a vastly different greenhouse gas emmsiions then others.

Why not use SIMPLE standard units. It's up to the buyers to know the source of the fuel.
N/m@0-10km/h, 11-50km/h, 51-80km/h, 81-100km/h

All cars can compete on this scale. If a 3000kg SUV takes 40kN/m to go from 0-10km/h, and an all electric 1000kg Prius takes 5kN to achieve the same task, we can figure out what is better.

They should also mandate the energy density be displayed at all fuel pumps/charging stations.

diesel: 1000N/L
gasoline: 300N/L
natural gas: 200N/L
(my mind is fuzzy on how to apply this to all-electric, but plenty of the folks on here are smarter then I am), but my point still stands.

Label everything based on the one common denominator: energy.

more than 3 years ago

Smart Trash Carts Tell If You Haven't Been Recycling

B5_geek Re:Recycling is Bullshit (622 comments)

I work for a waste collection company. We collect and SELL over a THOUSAND tonnes of paper products every month.

Things might be different in your area but here our multi-million company is quiet profitable from it.

Paper/Cardboard is like any other commodity. the price fluctuates.

about 4 years ago

Boeing, BAE Systems Show Off New Unmanned Planes

B5_geek UAV ? ICBM (157 comments)

UAV capable of reaching inter-continental target - check
UAV payload nuclear - check
UAV 'hard to hit' and/or find - check

Ladies and Gentleman; let me present to you your new ICBM replacement (and don't worry about treaties with the Russians, these qualify as airplanes not missles, so we are clear to rebuild our stockpiles!)

more than 4 years ago



Production audio/video software for a Mac?

B5_geek B5_geek writes  |  more than 5 years ago

B5_geek (638928) writes "I have ordered a new Macbook Pro 17" and I have a few questions.

What software would you recommend for semi-professional audio & video production? I will be creating/editing/producing some music videos for a hopefully 'up & coming" starlet. I have used audacity in the past (on Linux) but I feel I need something more polished and better suited for high-quality. I also plan on editing video and I don't know what software to use.

Audio: record, edit, effects, and multi-thread weaving
Video: record, edit, effects, (green-screen capable but not a must)
CD and DVD authoring from the above projects.

Hardware: I have never owned a camcorder. What do I get for HD (720P) recording without killing the bank? (The MBP already did that!) Firewire800 interface would be best.
Flash or HDD?

Caveat: I have never used a Mac before, (Dos -> Windows -> Linux) so I don't even know where to start or if the included software is 'good enough'."

Intro to Programming for begineers?

B5_geek B5_geek writes  |  more than 5 years ago

B5_geek (638928) writes "My girlfriends daughter (15) has shown a keen interest in mathematics and computers. I would love to help encourage her and guide her in possible career paths that good math skills make use of.

What tools/guides can I use to introduce her to programming? My programming skills peaked with Basic, .bat and simple linux shell scripts.

The challenge; it can't appear too geeky. She will likely turn her nose up at anything that isn't 'cool'. It is her birthday soon, so I was planning on getting her an EeePC (she already loves mine), so it should be a decent platform to pound away code on."


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