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Ask Slashdot: How To Avoid Becoming a Complacent Software Developer?

BStorm Working 9-5 does not equal Burnout (275 comments)

Working 9-5 does not necessarily mean a developer is a burnout. As other posters indicated, they may have other priorities in their lives. A technical manager to be a good manager needs to have some working knowledge of newer technologies and methodologies. More importantly the manager needs to have the wisdom on when and when not to use it.

about 4 months ago

SpaceX's Friday Launch Scrubbed

BStorm Hmm... the start of skynet? (28 comments)

Hmm, Satellites assisting in machine to machine communications, could this be the start of Skynet?

about 7 months ago

OS X Malware Demands $300 FBI Fine For Viewing, Distributing Porn

BStorm Irony (173 comments)

Yesterday there was a posting about Chris Sevier suing Apple for causing his porn addiction. Maybe Chris needs to be infected with this malware.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Determine If a Video Has Been Faked?

BStorm Re:Physics. (237 comments)

Quoting from the Wikipedia article, "Ford spoke and voted at the February 7 meeting: "[A]nd if it wasn't for this foundation, these kids would not have a chance. And then to ask for me to pay it out of my own pocket personally, there is just, there is no sense to this. The money is gone, the money has been spent on football equipment ..."[120] City Council voted on a motion "[t]hat City Council rescind the previous decision made under Item CC52.1[122] and direct that no further action be taken on this matter", which carried by majority, 22 voting Yes, 12 No, with 11 absent." The conflict of interest was he spoke and voted on a matter before city council that affected him directly, whether he had to pay back $3500 to the contributors to the "Rob Ford Foundation".

Paul Magner that brought forth the court case is not a millionaire, although there may be a millionaire named Paul Magner living in Toronto.

"Ontario Superior Court Judge Hackland's ruling was released on November 26, 2012. Hackland found that Ford had violated the MCIA and declared his seat vacant, the decision to take effect in 14 days.[118] In his decision, Hackland disagreed with all of Ford's legal arguments. In his disposition, Hackland stated: "Ford's actions were not done by reason of inadvertence or of a good faith error in judgment. I am, therefore, required by s. 10(1)(a) of the MCIA to declare the respondent's seat vacant. In view of the significant mitigating circumstances surrounding the respondent's actions ... I decline to impose any further disqualification from holding office beyond the current term."[120] Opinions differed on whether the ruling allowed Ford to run in a by-election should Council order one to fill the vacancy. According to the City Solicitor, the ruling disallowed Ford from holding office again until 2014, the next term of office.[128] However, on November 30, Judge Hackland clarified his order, and did not bar Ford from running in a by-election, should one be held before 2014."

Then Ford appealed the decision, and won his appeal on what some view as a technicality, the "financial judgment was not under the City of Toronto Act or the Council Code of Conduct. Further, the sanction was beyond the authority of the City Council to enact."
Although he won the appeal, he was not awarded court costs.

about a year and a half ago

IRS Spent $60,000 Producing Star Trek Parody

BStorm umm (280 comments)

that was taxing to watch.\]

about 2 years ago

80,000lbs of Walnuts Purloined In Northern California

BStorm All I'm going to say (127 comments)

That is so nucking futs!

more than 2 years ago

Why Hubble Broke and How It Was Fixed

BStorm Re:The real story... (73 comments)

Thanks for that comment. No go back into your troll-hole and read the book Knuckle Dragging for Cretins.

Politics being what it is, a politician will try to wrap themselves with the glory coming from a successful project. As with anyone they want to minimize the risk. Being a politician has nothing to do with their gender, only the glad-handing opportunism. To simplify it for your less developed neocortex:

  1. - Politicians want to look good
  2. - They will support projects with little risk
  3. - A politician can be a man or wormen

Being political is not for everyone, but having a politician who supports a large scale project, will ensure funding and support. If you tell your boss that a project will be successful and it will work and it doesn't. I would not be surprised if you do get a strip torn off since you made your boss look bad!

more than 2 years ago

Man Claiming He Invented the Internet Sues

BStorm Telidon aka videotex (326 comments)

Another example of prior art exists, and I quote from the IEEE article

One of the major improvements of Telidon over first generation videotex systems is its high-quality graphic capability. High resolution colour drawings, intricate shapes, even photographs are all possible through Telidon technology.

This was in 1981. In 1985 I did some work for a small Toronto based company, where they were developing both Telidon content and technology. I wrote a NAPLSP decoder/encoder written using C, lex and yacc. Everything was coded using a machine readable instruction set. Since everything was done using dialup modems, and 2400 baud was considered fast.

I also did a standalone NAPLSP server and browser that would display content. This was delivered to Xerox when they had their own retail stores in Toronto. It was commercialized to a certain degree.

There were several dozen public terminals in malls and other public areas in the city. It was a prime example of a technology that was a solution looking for a problem. Lack of bandwidth, and a lack of critical mass in terms of a wide spread adoption doomed it to failure. It was fun while it lasted.

It is regrettable that Michael Doyle had Microsoft settle with him. By settling with him, it gave him the war chest to proceed with further litigation. The concepts that he is claiming as his own, written up by Ted Nelson in Computer Lib (1974), and then became reality with Telidon (1981). Michaels patent is dated 1993. It is the interest of everyone to refute the patent by presenting prior art. Perhaps a Telidon terminal demonstration would be in order.

more than 2 years ago

NASA Sticking To Imperial Units For Shuttle Replacement

BStorm Conversion Adversion (901 comments)

"the shuttle's 30-year-old specifications, design drawings and software are rooted in pounds and feet rather than newtons and meters. ... NASA recently calculated that converting the relevant drawings, software and documentation to the "International System" of units (SI) would cost a total of $370 million" Nearly half a billion dollars to convert into SI units (I've added the required cost overruns)?! Wouldn't all the relevant drawings, software and documentation have to be converted into machine readable formats that are more appropiate for use with today's sofware and document management systems? Is the estimated cost for the SI conversion, or more likely as I suspect the cost of bringing the design information into more appropiate formats.

more than 5 years ago

Spirit Stuck In Soft Soil On Mars

BStorm Re:Call a tow truck (160 comments)

Apparently Spirit while stuck, soiled itself.

more than 5 years ago

Kimchi in Space

BStorm Kimchi and alpha-galactosidase (270 comments)

The space stations is a small enclosed space with air recirculating. The other astronaunts will thank South Korea for spending the millons of dollars ensuring that Kimchi is safe for space. Without the addition of alpha-galactosidase things could potentially get really nasty the day after eating Kimchi. The thought of the astronauts moving around the cabin being "jet propelled", leaves a silly grin on my face.

more than 6 years ago



Khronos Group Announces SYCL 1.2 Specifiction

BStorm BStorm writes  |  about 10 months ago

BStorm (107974) writes "The Khronos group has announced SYCL 1.2. It's a proposed standard to "single source development where C++ template functions can contain both host and device code to construct complex algorithms that use OpenCL acceleration" from the Khronos announcement.

There is already a 1/2 hour video by AJ Guillon that discusses the SYCL 1.2 Specification . (Disclaimer: I do know AJ personally, so I have my biases). He has joined the OpenCL standards committee officially since February 14th of this year, so he does know significantly more about OpenCL then I do.

I would encourage slash dotters to read the provisional specification. Khronos is requesting community feedback."

How to best determine if a video has been faked.

BStorm BStorm writes  |  about a year and a half ago

BStorm (107974) writes "The Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been making a headlines around the world, for allegedly smoking crack. This story was first broken by gawker.com, which is now crowd-funding $200,000 to buy the video in question. What do you look for to determine if a video has been faked? Of course I am only interested in only the technical details and not the tawdry details related to this case ;) I live in Toronto, so the video still frame posted on Gawker certainly does look like Rob Ford."

Static Code Analysis

BStorm BStorm writes  |  more than 4 years ago

BStorm writes "I have recently have been hired to help a company get control of their development process. The development team has been under extreme pressure to deliver features, however there is a blob of code in C++ and some c# totaling in about 800,000+ lines of code. I am interested in learning about other peoples experiences (the good, bad and ugly) with static code analysis. I know it is not going to be the 'silver bullet', but a start."

PrankNet hijinks are considered cruel or funny?

BStorm BStorm writes  |  more than 5 years ago

BStorm writes "The Globe and Mail in both print and online has a story about a group of anonymous "pranksters."
The gist is that members of PrankNet have been using VOIP and counting on anonymity to pull puerile pranks. Members are able to listen on the prank as it being performed. It started with members pretending to be radio DJ's and convincing people to smash dishes on air by promising them $200.00. This behavior had escalated where people have been conned into triggering sprinkler systems by a prankster claiming to be a person in authority.
This raises some interesting issues:

Should the anonymity of a prankster be protected?

If not, what steps should be taken that would protect privacy rights of most people, while enabling individuals and authority a means of identifying those responsible for pranks causing damage?"


Sump Pump Failure - A Cautionary Tale

BStorm BStorm writes  |  more than 6 years ago

BStorm writes "Background

My wife and I recently bought a former pharmacy that has converted into a residential building. She is a graphic designer and I am a developer. It is a large building 3600+ square feet of usable finished space on the first floor and basement. Wood laminate floors throughout. In last week we had a number of people help us clear out a great deal of junk from the basement left from the previous owner. This morning I discovered 1 1/2 inches of water throughout the basement. The cause was a sump pump that was unplugged. How it got unplugged is a mystery (Should of, could of, would of...). Could it be the cleaner that we hired to rid the utlity room of the clutter left behind by the previous owner? Was it left unplugged by the previous owner? Could I have unplugged unwittenly? In last week we had about 50cm of snow with a big thaw on Thursday and Friday.

We called our insurance emergency hotline and got a cleanup crew into drying, ripping up the laminate. Fortunately we are covered by insurance. Over the next couple of days, the removal of wet nasty flooring and drywall will be done. In the next couple of weeks, or month to 2 mouths the flooring and drywall will replaced/repaired.

What measures would /.ers suggest to prevent such a reoccurence from happening in the future? Some I can think of:

— A water sensor alarm in the sump well.

— Replace the existing sump pump with one that will complain loudly if the power is interrupted.

— A bright orange tag that you can attach to the plug of sump pump that says "DO NOT UNPLUG"

Of course, this is all the stuff you learn after a major disaster. The good news is that no computers were hurt in the making of the flood."


Commander Taco: Lord of the Geeks

BStorm BStorm writes  |  more than 7 years ago

BStorm writes "Commander Taco was interviewed for the November issue of IEEE Spectrum

One thing that comes out of the article is that he does have the perfect job. Heres to another 10+ years of slashdot. Bill"

BStorm BStorm writes  |  more than 8 years ago

BStorm writes "I received via Snail mail today a "Notice of assumption of certain unexpired leases and Executory Contracts" from Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP. It is a facinating list of all the developers that have entered into agreements with SGI. The agreements cover everything from, Consulting, ASIC Design, Reseller, OpenGL license agreements. The SGI bankruptcy did occur on September 4th as reported by News.com. If you have registered with SGI, you will get a copy of this document. For the most part the agreements have a cure amount of $0.00, but some have a settled cure of a low of $7,061.92(Wild Open Source) and a high of $4,188,040.00 (LSI Logic Corporation). The Proposed cure amounts of low of $416.54 (BitStream Inc.) and a high of $1,883,548.12(IBM Corporation). Of course the vast majority of people (corporate or incorporate) have a cure value of $0.00. The list is facinating since it does give who has had an agreement with SGI, when the agreement was executed and the cash value :)

How are you affected by their filing and are you going to get your $.02 on the dollar? :)"


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