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Maryland Fights to Keep E-voting

BackOrder Missing statement.. (250 comments)

Linda Lamone later stated that the buildings are kept to the proper temperature in order to prevent computers to freeze.

more than 8 years ago



FaceForward on Kickstarter

BackOrder BackOrder writes  |  about 5 months ago

BackOrder (592581) writes "FaceForward is an advanced and third generation training software for mobile devices (Android, iOS) to learn how to accurately recognize facial expressions in any situations. Recognizing facial expressions accurately is an essential skill to understand emotions, building rapport, resolving conflicts, negotiation and detecting deception. Research is completed, a prototype has been build and now FaceForward needs your help for its completion. Currently on Kickstarter until August 28th (morning)."
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Product Review: Humintell's MiX 2

BackOrder BackOrder writes  |  more than 4 years ago

BackOrder (592581) writes "As a typical Slashdotter, you've all watched Lie To Me and took wild guesses pointing out people you thought were liars. Didn't work out? Don't worry! There is Humintell's MiX 2 online training software to help you recognize microexpressions. This software is similar to the one portrayed in "Lie To Me" but with few additions and a greater racial and gender diversity. The review covers the main software components as well as the value of its content, including an outline of the pros and cons."
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