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Ask Slashdot: How Much Is a Fun Job Worth?

BadERA Do your due diligence (397 comments)

How well do you know the potential new company, potential new coworkers? How much support and buy-in does this team-building effort have from management and executive concerns in the company? Are other people happy there? Does the company send people for training? To conferences? Do they bring trainers in-house? Are you going to be working with competent and capable people? How up to date is their software? Hardware? Office furniture? Copiers? If stuff is dingy, old, falling apart, these are probable red flags ...

10% more money and significantly less commute time is a decent improvement, especially if it also means you broaden your skillset -- but you have to enjoy the new challenges put before you, or it will be tough to succeed at them and even tougher to be happy in your new situation.

You really have to change jobs every now and then, particularly in technology, in order to have the opportunity to land the really cool jobs AND get paid top dollar or doing it.

more than 2 years ago

Redbox Raises Its Prices To $1.20 Per Day

BadERA Re:Nope. (232 comments)

Actually First Sale doctrine is still in effect and would allow retail purchasing; some entities have refused to sell via retail channels to redbox in the past, but there are of course numerous ways to sidestep that.

Disclaimer, I'm currently on a software contract at redbox. I'm an uninformed tech monkey who has little information and no decision making power when it comes to business decisions. These statements are my own opinions and do not reflect past, current or intended behaviors on the part of redbox, its owner Coinstar, or any employees, contractors or vendors of either entity.

more than 3 years ago

Should a Web Startup Go Straight To the Cloud?

BadERA "cloud" (442 comments)

"Cloud" is vague.

Microsoft, new, (3 yr old) privately-held company with less than $1M in revenue? Go BizSpark, and heavily consider leveraging Azure.

In general, cloud/SaaS equates to rental, and right now, in the long run, it's still cheaper to own your datacenter, if your needs are extensive and not highly elastic. However, cloud/SaaS also equates to low cost of entry and incremental costs to expand, as well as outsourcing of non-core proficiencies you probably don't need to waste time or money on right now.

I'd recommend any startup go cloud/SaaS where it fits their budget and needs and growth expectations, while keeping an eye on longterm goals/costs/capacity needs, because at some point, it may make sense to bring things in house. Then again, netflix hosts their content with CDNs and their website with Amazon AWS, so to some, wholly outsourcing the datacenter is apparently a feasible solution.


more than 3 years ago

Is Typing Ruining Your Ability To Spell?

BadERA Spelling, no, handwriting, absolutely (494 comments)

My cursive has gone to crap. Well, crappier crap. I've always been a typing guy. Cursive and me are archenemies. Not even frenemies, just all-out hate each other.

A few years of early 20s partying too much, not sleeping enough and I saw my spelling skills go downhill a bit ... picked up books and started reading again, problem solved.

more than 5 years ago

Scientists Worry Machines May Outsmart Man

BadERA Re:Well, lets get it over with (652 comments)

The funny died in that 10 years ago. Please die in a fire now.

more than 5 years ago

R.I.P. MS-DEBUG 1981 - 2009

BadERA Re:It's in Windows Vista Alright (240 comments)

Way to fail to follow the post's parent. Or were you going for the "Mr. Obvious of the Day" award? Or perhaps "Moot Point Guy of the Month"?

more than 5 years ago

Beyond Firewalls — Internet Militarization

BadERA Re:Militarization? (83 comments)

Depends on the neighborhood. Two different occasions in Rochester, NY, within two weeks of my moving out, people were killed within eyesight of my former homes. One was a robbery/murder, the other was a gangland initiation, totally random killing of a guy riding his bike on a bridge over the Lower Falls of the Genesee River. The latter neighborhood, my apartment was up on a hill, and some weeks, in the summer, it was very much like being in a war zone -- multiple shots, or bursts of shots, from multiple directions, throughout the night, many nights in a row. There was a mob beating of a woman around the same period. There was a drug raid across the street a few weeks previous. There were open-air drug markets on either side of my neighborhood, and all the accompanying violence.

My favorite recollection here was the time I heard what sounded like two people with pistols shooting at one another, because of the rapidity and succession of the shots. Turns out it was two teens shooting at an old lady after a botched robbery attempt, and despite 10-12 shots fired, neither one managed to hit her.

more than 5 years ago

My longest stretch without sleep (catnaps count) ...

BadERA 4 days, 3 nights (605 comments)

Hallucinations? Oh yeah. Starting around day #3. Not like "there's a big blue bunny on my couch," but shadows were moving, sense of motion in my peripheral vision especially, auditory hallucinations, the feeling that someone else was in the room when they weren't. I ended up playing Yahoo! Euchre on autopilot for something like 24 hours towards the end. I didn't consciously know what card I was going to play, or why, but my hand moved the mouse and I played it, and played about the same level as I always did at that time. (I had been playing a lot of Euchre that year.)

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Surface To Coordinate SuperBowl Security

BadERA Re:Microsoft and Security in the same sentence.... (218 comments)

Lame -- the device is being used to display contextual data in a relevant fashion. This is an excellent use of this device and its interface metaphor.

Also, FWIW, MS powers some of the world's tightest access/egress systems.

more than 5 years ago

Being snowbound ...

BadERA !SNOWBOUND (429 comments)

I enjoy sitting at home, enjoying a single malt, catching up on movies and books ... but SNOWBOUND? 4WD, 9" of clearance and knobby tires baby, snow doesn't bother me in the least.

more than 6 years ago



Review: HTC Incredible

BadERA BadERA writes  |  more than 4 years ago

BadERA (107121) writes "I am a longtime WinMo user, now refugee. AT&T refugee as well. I've given up WinMo, AT&T and my hard keyboard to go with the HTC Incredible as my next smartphone. So far, thumbs up all around! I really can't register any serious complaints, and all the points that HTC and WinMo got wrong again and again over the years appear to be addressed in this device. Snappy, sexy and slim — win-win-win!"
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App Developers Stung by Twitter's DOS Woes

BadERA BadERA writes  |  more than 5 years ago

BadERA (Andrew Badera) writes "http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/169871/app_developers_stung_by_twitters_dos_woes.html For two weeks now Twitter has pained we third-party API developers with unannounced, breaking security patches last week, and this week's fumbled handling of a DDoS attack. Twitter dealt with the technical issues first — which I wholly agree with — then started sending memos to CNN before they ever bothered to communicate with the developer list. Developers continue to experience throttling, despite whitelisted status, leaving many questions unanswered, while Twitter's platform head, Ryan Sarver, tweets about himself, his gf and the team heading out for sushi."
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Source Control Appliance

BadERA BadERA writes  |  more than 7 years ago

BadERA writes "I'm a one-man development shop with a variety of small-business customers, and with the occasional additional consultant or contractor involved. I'd like to deploy a Linux-driven source control appliance that lives on my network, can be exposed through my firewall, but could also theoretically be unplugged and quickly installed, no fuss, at a client location, a meeting or conference, a work area, etc. etc. I'm thinking something centered around Mini-ITX, in a case just big enough to hold 2 3.5" (100gb?) SATA drives in a RAID configuration for redundancy; some form of external backup is probably required too. Mini-ATX boards and cases seem to be too large a profile to be ideal, but I'd love to be proven wrong on that point.

I'm hoping the Slashdot community would have input to offer on hardware configurations, distros, source control packages (something with robust Visual Studio plug-ins would be key; or, something I can write a robust plug-in for. I'd been thinking Subversion, but I don't seem to see a lot of VS2005 friendliness there.)"

BadERA BadERA writes  |  more than 7 years ago

BadERA writes "Change Round-Up is a for-profit startup dedicated to raising money for non-profit charities. They've taken the concept of the spare change jar at a brick-and-mortar store, and adapted it to e-commerce retailers. With a simple point-of-purchase option to "round up" your purchase at participating online retailers, you can choose to make a tax-deductible donation to the charity of your choice. Their administrative fee of 10% is better than the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance standard of 35%. It costs the retailers and charities nothing to participate."


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