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Upgrading Wi-Fi — What, When, and Why

Bald Wookie Sometimes connectivity is all you need (206 comments)

I don't expect a lot from wireless. It's sort of like plugging a wonky network cable into a hub. You're connected to the network, but everything is delivered at 'best effort' or worse. Most of the time, that's really all that you need.

Can I open a web page? Check.
Send an email? Check.
VNC into a box? With some patience, check.
SSH into a device? Check.
IM? Check.
Can I do 95% of what I do at work over a wireless connection? Check.

The other five percent? I'm hoping for Gig-E because I'm using all of it.

The key is having realistic expectations of wireless. If your users don't understand that then they'll probably be disappointed with whatever you rollout.

more than 8 years ago


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