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I'm dismayed at how many of the old gang are gone ...

BarbaraHudson Re:Well, I'm glad you're back. (4 comments)

Thanks. I'm still alive and kicking, and in some ways better than ever. Even the woman at the customer service counter at my bank says I'm happier looking than she's ever seen me. I've learned a lot in the last couple of years. For example, embracing being outed in my own community last year, rather than running from it. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and as a side benefit I don't have to worry about what would happen if I were "outed" in any situation. It doesn't affect day-to-day interactions with the general public, since they can't tell (it's not like I walk around with a sign saying "I used to be a guy"). And since I expect anyone googling me to find out pretty quickly, this actually helps to filter out, for example, potential employers who are dickheads.

And, for those who can remember back to when I was outed on slashdot, it gave me the opportunity to help a few people.

So now it's time to help people understand a bit more about PTSD. Which means talking about murder and rape and stuff, because to be authentic, to be useful, I need to open up about the causative events, how I was unable to get help or fell through the cracks along the way, and other stuff.

Why not take the easy way out and just talk in general terms? That's wikipedia's job.

On a side note, filtering out ACs causes the site to load quicker :-)

2 hours ago

Surprise! You owe another $117k!

BarbaraHudson Re:It was all a river of lies (9 comments)

You're right - I forgot that the obligatory provisions (without a government-run option) were a huge funding grab.

What would happen if individual states decided to offer a single-payer option? Is there the will to do it?

4 hours ago

The UPS Store Will 3-D Print Stuff For You

BarbaraHudson Re:this is opposite of economy of scale (100 comments)

In other words, the costs are in line with a running a regular copy shop in a strip mall. Sounds good to me.

4 hours ago

The UPS Store Will 3-D Print Stuff For You

BarbaraHudson Re:this is opposite of economy of scale (100 comments)

Actually, it IS about economies of scale, even thought the scale is smaller. The more 3d printers are manufactured, the lower the cost and the more features (bang for the buck) that scaling out any product brings.

The same for the end user. To use the patio chair example, if it costs me 3 times as much to print out a replacement chair as the single unit cost at the store, I'll still opt for printing if the store will only sell me in lots of 6. Right now, it will cost 100 times as much, but that's going to drop - a LOT.

We're seeing a lot of this "minimum quantity" stuff in retail, so there will be a demand for cheap 3d printing, and there will be businesses that, because they are doing it all day, will have their own economies for handling 100s of one-offs in a routine fashion. It will be no different than ordering a sub with your choice of toppings.

Now think of automotive manufacturers who no longer have to stock (literally) tons of dead inventory. Once the stock runs out, they can fulfill their legal obligation keep spares for many parts just by being able to print on demand right at the dealership. They save on warehousing, capital, insurance ... it'll be a no-brainer for plenty of cheap plastic parts.

Hey, look at the bright side ... the people complaining about all that cheap Chinese plastic stuff will be able to make it right at home.

6 hours ago

The UPS Store Will 3-D Print Stuff For You

BarbaraHudson Re:So in the future ... (100 comments)

It's already being used for items like old tail-lights, that cost too much from suppliers because of scarcity.

As with everything, economies of scale and increases in technology will bring the per-unit cost down.

When a body shop has the choice between ordering a whole assembly for $250, or printing up just the cracked lens that the dealer won't sell them separately for $50, they'll print to order.

Replacement parts, where the OEM won't sell just the tiny plastic gear (you need to buy the whole fuser unit) are a good example. Switch housing got cracked? Sorry, we don't sell just that ... No, we only sell that in mininum quantities of 4. New knob? Sorry, you have to buy the whole timer.

This will allow for a lot of "unbundling", and could result in a revival of do-it-yourself repairs. And less waste.

7 hours ago

The UPS Store Will 3-D Print Stuff For You

BarbaraHudson So in the future ... (100 comments)

Instead of ordering stuff from a supplier and having UPS ship it half-way across the country, they'll just make it at their nearest location and drop it off. Give it 20 years - this is the way of the future.

8 hours ago

Nvidia Sinks Moon Landing Hoax Using Virtual Light

BarbaraHudson Re:I thought this was long ago debunked (212 comments)

Aren't there still those mirrors on the moon [] they set up that are reflecting laser light?

Denier: "It was fake. They used (wait for it) MIRRORS!"

... or magnets, cuz they're, like,. MAGIC!

Both deniers and haters have two characteristics in common

  • 1. They are so far mentally invested in their world view that any evidence to the contrary must be denied at all cost.
  • 2. The more time that passes, the shriller and wider-reaching their attacks. If you keep on refusing to be a true believer, eventually it must be because YOU are part of the conspiracy.

If a lot of them sound more than a bit paranoid, it's probably because they ARE paranoid.

8 hours ago

Nvidia Sinks Moon Landing Hoax Using Virtual Light

BarbaraHudson Re:Not gonna matter (212 comments)

The best "Proof" I have heard is this.
The Moon landings happened at the height of the cold war. Russian had the ability (and the desire) to monitor the whole thing.
IF a disaster happened you would be assured that Russian would have been broadcasting it quicker than the Americans would have.
IF the moon landings were faked, the Russians would have been there too shouting it out loud and clear for the world to hear, it would have been a huge propaganda coup.

However, to this day nothing has been heard from Russia about the landing being faked.

And the loonies will next say that the Russians were in on the whole thing. The two countries, by engaging in a fake "space race", were able to funnel bazillions of rubles and dollars into their military-industrial complexes, which provided a great way to skim off money^W^W^Wmodernize their economies. And if you ask for proof, they'll say that Obama and Putin are cooperating over the whole Ukraine thing, again for money. And that "isn't it a strange coincidence that since we haven't gone to war over the Ukraine, ebola has suddenly gotten out of control?"

In Soviet Russia, Conspiracy Theorists Moon YOU!

8 hours ago

Bioethicist At National Institutes of Health: "Why I Hope To Die At 75"

BarbaraHudson Re:70 is good for me (379 comments)

People tend to die when they retire.

Their universe also tends to shrink, providing less stimulation.

Me, I want to be doing interesting stuff forever, because even forever is too short when there's something new to discover every day, just by taking a walk and observing the world at your feet. There's so much beauty out there free for the taking, and we won't take half an hour a day to re-discover it.

10 hours ago

Victims of technological change - why haters gotta hate.

BarbaraHudson Re:Gmhowell too (always to barb's rescue) eh? (47 comments)

Calling me a transsexual isn't libel. Saying I'm "Obviously a mentally troubled sick individual (being a transsexual makes that obvious)" is not just libel - here it's classified as hate speech.

Even the AMA now admits that transsexualism is a medical condition, not a mental disorder. And this brings me back to the topic of my journal entry - that we're going to see many more people who resort to anti-social behavior as a maladjustment to technological (or any other) change that leaves them behind (a fancy way of saying haters gotta hate because they can't accept change).

This is not about a hosts file. This is about how people resist change, and the damage it causes to them and those they interact with. Look at how foolish all those who predicted the end of civilization with the legalization of same-sex marriage look today. The same can be said of those who labeled all LGBT as mentally ill, and curable, several decades ago. Or go back a bit further, to inter-racial marriage. Or women getting the vote. Or women wearing slacks in public. Or blacks and whites attending the same schools and using the same washrooms and water fountains.

Change occurs. I don't know anyone whose computer isn't a quad core with oddles of ram. The old ways have to go, and that includes stupid arguments over an obsolete hosts file. Nobody cares about using more ram and cpu. I put adblock on this one yesterday for a test, and you know something? It's just as fast as ever. If something takes a quarter second instead of a sixth of a second, I'm not generally going to notice or care. Neither will anyone else. And that's why certain truisms, certain "accepted truths" become false with time - they lose relevancy because the context has changed.

People who try to buck the reality "because their tests show otherwise" are ignoring the greater reality - NOBODY CARES. It's entirely irrelevant to what the user wants to do.

What I *do* care about is how truly amazing it is that someone can continue to think they're advancing their cause by the tactics you're using. It's because, in my analysis, you HAVE to - it's the only way you can avoid seeing that something you treasured is irrelevant. The theory that "haters gotta hate, because the alternative is too painful", holds up well - it explains your actions. Until a better theory comes around, it has some utility.

And that's something I care about, because it gives me insight into other peoples' actions. Which means I certainly don't take any of it personally, because I understand the WHY behind it. Now if someone wants to propose a theory that better fits the observations, I'm listening. Theories are only useful until they're not :-)

10 hours ago

Surprise! You owe another $117k!

BarbaraHudson Re:It was all a river of lies (9 comments)

The "Affordable Care Act" doesn't go at all far enough. It is to be lauded as a first step, but only a first step - in the sense that at least SOMETHING was done. The health insurance industry is no longer quite the untouchable sacred cow it was.

People keep complaining that government doesn't do enough, or that it's more efficient in private hands. And yet if you ask residents of countries with single payer plans if they'd switch to a US-style plan, they cringe. WE had to put photo ID on our universal health cards because too many Americans were borrowing them (in many cases "renting them" - there were organized bus trips and everything) from Canadians to seek treatment.

It still goes on to a certain extent. Americans with friends in Canada will say they've moved up here and provide their friends' address.

11 hours ago

Victims of technological change - why haters gotta hate.

BarbaraHudson Re:Gmhowell's "Best thing about trolling apk" (47 comments)

Personally, I think it's funny that nobody shows up to defend you when you post your crap. And not just on slashdot either ...

And no, you posting pretending to be yet another Anonymous Coward doesn't count.

Please allow me to introduce you to a new concept - "society" - where good people come to each others' defense to fight the anti-social jerks.

Look, nobody hates you. We just see you wasting your life defending the indefensible, the obsolete, and the absurd. Now, on occasion I'm sure everyone's done that, either through misunderstanding, error, or just plain stubbornness, but you have spent I don't know how many years not just repeating the same rants over and over, but also adding to them.

You can try googling "Doing the same thing and expecting different results".

Or, as Dr. Phil would say, "How's that working for you?"

11 hours ago

Victims of technological change - why haters gotta hate.

BarbaraHudson Re:Gmhowell too (always to barb's rescue) eh? (47 comments)


Are you a psychiatric pro with a license to practice & years of hands on professional experience in it too with a formal examination of my alleged mental state according to you the "SiDeWaLk-ShRiNk of /."?


Of course not - So yes: That's libel of myself from YOU, gmhowell...

Damned by your own words. How many times a DAY do you post "Barb - you're obviously a mentally troubled sick individual (being a transsexual makes that obvious)". Thanks for confessing that you've libeled me what, over 100 times, in the last few weeks. Hypocrite much?

Also, you're out of touch with current medical thinking. The classification of "Gender Identity Disorder" was removed from the DSM, gender dysphoria is now considered a medical condition, not a mental disorder. Gender dysphoria applies only to the discontent experienced by some persons resulting from gender identity issues, not the gender identity issues themselves.

The current medical approach to treatment for persons diagnosed with gender dysphoria is to support the individual in physically modifying the body to better match the psychological gender identity This approach is based on the concept that their experience is based in a medical problem correctable by various forms of medical intervention.

Even the media have figured it out:

So typical of you to be so far behind the times, whether it's the need for your hosts file or the fact that being transsexual is not, in itself, considered a mental disorder.

11 hours ago

Victims of technological change - why haters gotta hate.

BarbaraHudson Re:Computer Associates != a reputable source (47 comments)

Another lie. I have NEVER made a penny off of any ads on any site. Ever.

The only banners I ran on ANY sites (not all of them) were freebies on some sites to promote OpenOffce and stuff like that, back before it became LibreOffice, or Firefox, to encourage people to switch, back when it wasn't all that popular. Again, not a penny.

And self-hosted banners that are directly in-lined such as those can't be hidden by a hosts file, so why would I have anything to fear?

I worked at several places that did websites for money or provided other internet services - my own stuff was always to "scratch an itch." But keep lying. It's what you do, because you keep proving that haters gotta hate. Or as Mr. Spock would say, "fascinating" :-)

12 hours ago

Victims of technological change - why haters gotta hate.

BarbaraHudson Re:Good insight (47 comments)

Thanks. We've had a section of the population who, beyond a certain point, can't adapt to change. When change was slower and people didn't live as long, this didn't cause too many problems, since the overall amount of change they'd encounter in a lifetime was small.

Today? They're lost. They can't even use a flip phone without getting into trouble (I kid you not). They've lived at the same address for 3 decades and don't know much of the surrounding neighborhood. Mp3? USB key? Computer? Inaccessible.

It's a bit frustrating helping people like that, because they've built up too much "technical debt" in their lives - something that others have avoided. We all do it in one way or another. When I made the decision to master Java, that meant NOT putting effort elsewhere to stay current on some other aspect of technology. And that's okay, because nobody can be an expert in everything (and who'd want to be? Imagine the demands on your time???).

You're right - a lot of the hate vis. Microsoft and Apple is fear-driven. In the back of their minds they're thinking. "What if they really have the best solution for xyz? That means that all that time I put into abc is wasted." - which is of course a great example of cognitive distortion (or distorted thinking) leading to a false conclusion, and a damaging reaction. The false conclusion is that the time put into abc is a waste. The damaging reaction is to erect barriers to avoid even the possibility that they may be wrong.

APK has been trolling since I don't know how long. He does it because he has to. It's part of his identity, and abandoning it would leave a void. I can sympathize with his predicament - when I abandoned my former gender I didn't know what the outcome would be. All I knew was that I had no choice. Were my friends going to stand by me or hate me? What about my family? What about work? And the biggie - how would my two daughters react? All these were scary unknowns, and I couldn't fall back on all the habits and traits that I had built up over they years. Talk about starting your life over from scratch ...

But I had no choice. Other people, whether it's the Microsoft or Apple haters, or APK, haven't gotten to the point where they have no choice but to face reality. Many never will. And that's okay, because they don't know what awaits them if they drop their hating habits - change isn't always for the good, so why will they bother taking the risk. It's their lives, and their decisions. Unfortunately, sometimes that inability to accept that the world has changed leaves them like the Titanic - a good example for others of what not to do.

This is why he keeps trying to drag me into a false comparison between hosts files and utilities like adblock plus, and missing the meta-problems:

  • 1. Nobody really cares. We will do damn well what we want with our computers, and no amount of crying wolf (and there's been a LOT of that) is going to make that change;
  • 2. Spamming discussions with off-topic attacks is a good way to discredit yourself further. Throwing in a bunch of transphobic comments just makes it worse;
  • 3. Why haters gotta hate is much more interesting than the fact that haters gotta hate, or even the topic of their hate. It reveals a lot about the changing human condition, something that applies to all of us, whether in or out of the tech world. It's also more constructive.

I love my android phone. My sister loves her iPhone. They can inter-operate, so competition is good. Without it, we'd still be stuck with bag phones at 50 cents a minute.

12 hours ago

Victims of technological change - why haters gotta hate.

BarbaraHudson Re:Glad you're back, Barbara... (47 comments)

Oh wow. At the bottom, he's saying I'm you? Or you're me? Two years after I stopped using a computer? He must really have some sort of obsession over me to keep it on for that long. Failure to keep up with the times can really damage a soul.

13 hours ago

Surprise! You owe another $117k!

BarbaraHudson Re:It was all a river of lies (9 comments)

Well, the drug companies are against single payer, because they no longer have a reason to spend $4 on advertising to the consumer for every $1 on actual drug development.

The media are against single payer because they get a LOT of their revenue from those marketing dollars.

Some doctors are against single payer because they can no longer prescribe higher-markup drugs and let the insurance companies pay.

Insurance companies are against single payer because they can no longer say "we need to charge rates that increase several times over inflation because of the higher costs".

Many doctors like it because patients where single payer is in effect aren't subject to the same advertising influences, so the doctors don't have to take time explaining why the latest drug they saw on tv isn't a good choice for them, or that they don't have the disease or condition that tv ads have convinced them they must have.

Patients like it because it's simple.

It works because it provides more care for fewer dollars ... if the insurance industry had their way, we'd all still be paying them premiums for running our fire departments like in the bad old days before municipal fire stations.

13 hours ago

New MRI Studies Show SSRIs Bring Rapid Changes to Brain Function

BarbaraHudson Re:Now all they need to do... (131 comments)

People suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, and long-term depression are already at a high risk of suicide. Life often sucks. Depression kills.

And once you've experienced serious depression, you're more at risk to have repeat bouts.

People who seek help are often in crisis - that they have a higher risk of suicide when they first take a drug to try to get better isn't a surprise (and the increased risk is only for the first few weeks. If the drugs didn't have a positive effect, the risk of suicide would not go down with time).

There's so much stigma and stupidity around mood disorders. People will demand antibiotics for a cold (totally ineffective), but will then tell someone with depression to "just get over it." Biochemically impossible.


More unsurprisingly conservative ads on slashdot

BarbaraHudson Re:Must be an american thing ??? (65 comments)

I guess that's another vote for Kanukistan's single payer system. The flexible focusable lenses start at $300 an eye, up to about a grand, depending on the amount of correction. The actual surgery is, of course covered by our universal health care plan. However, I don't think that they can correct the extreme distortion.


I'm back.

BarbaraHudson Re:Slashdot finally let me add you to friends (35 comments)

I noticed that - there were some bugs that were preventing my from friending people for a few days, and I'm NOT using beta ...

Anyway, life is good again, I was a bit down in the dumps for not succeeding in helping a relative but I've bounced back (though I still feel a bit guilty about being unable to fix something that was inevitable from the get-go ... but I did my best over the last 4 months), and I'll probably take a bit of time to go through my old accounts and re-friend my friends.

And of course, having my own personal troll at my beck and call ... well, like my sig says, nothing's changed, so much for Internet time :-)

Well, not true - I've changed. Slashdot helped me with that back when I was outed in '06, and prepared me for being publicly outed to the whole neighborhood in '13. It's all been a really self-affirming exercise, and I will pay it back to those who stood by me and the community as a whole by, as promised, doing a tell-all. And thanks again :-)




Blackberry abandonning phone market.

BarbaraHudson BarbaraHudson writes  |  about a month ago

BarbaraHudson (3785311) writes "Now that Crackberries are more likely to be referred to as dingleberries, the CBC is reporting that Blackberry has made preparations to abandon the phone market. Blackberry has created Blackberry Technology Solutions

The unit ... includes QNX, the company that BlackBerry acquired and used to develop the operating system that became the platform for its new smartphones, and Certicom, a former independent Toronto-area company with advanced security software.

BTS will also include BlackBerry's Project Ion, which is an application platform focused on machine-to-machine Internet technology, Paratek antenna tuning technology and about 44,000 patents.

When you have less market share than Windows Phone, it's time to throw in the towel ... or as they say in the new "lets not admit we screwed up" venacular, "pivot to take advantage of new opportunities." Yet another tech company brought down by CEOs who rested to long on their laurels."


Remote "kill switch" coming for Android

BarbaraHudson BarbaraHudson writes  |  about a month ago

BarbaraHudson (3785311) writes "All you iOS users can start howling about how Android is now copying yet another feature — the ability to brick a stolen phone remotely. Remember, though, this is something the feds are looking to make mandatory for all phones, so while it's about time, it's not an attempt to match the iPhone feature-for-feature."
Link to Original Source



I'm dismayed at how many of the old gang are gone ...

BarbaraHudson BarbaraHudson writes  |  3 hours ago

I took another poster's advice and went through my two dormant accounts and friended a bunch of my old friends. But looking at the date many of them made their last post or last journal entry, it looks like many of them are gone, probably for good.

On another note, I simply don't have time to read, never mind respond to, AC posts any more. I know how disappointed that will make a certain individual (and everyone else will be going YAY!!!! FINALLY!!!! :-)

So what's next? All I can say is that I guarantee it will probably be more interesting than anything I've journaled about so far. I just haven't quite decided where to start, because it's a bit more complicated than anything else I've written about to date.


Victims of technological change - why haters gotta hate.

BarbaraHudson BarbaraHudson writes  |  yesterday

Curiosity works for a lot of us. We're willing to turn aside from the tools that work for us for a bit, even build up some technical debt in our area of expertise, to explore some new technology that might in the long run prove beneficial, or at least interesting (and if you're a curious person, poking around stuff that's interesting is FUN).

And yet, we probably all have areas where we're a bit of an iconoclast. And technology is littered with people who just refused to accept change, and became irrelevant. We don't code everything in assembler, or c, or c++. Even I use java (gasp) on occasion. But what happens when the computing environment becomes so user-centric (a GOOD THING) that people are free to choose what works for them without having to seek the advice of self-anointed gurus whose advice is no longer relevant?

We should ask ourselves why "haters gotta hate"

Sometimes those "gurus" fail to move on, becoming more shrill with every passing year. It's a personal thing for them - they cling to what used to work because that's all they have. They become trollish, haters, because if they're forced to realize that their life's work is now worthless, what will they have left? What WILL they do? They know in the back of their mind that they're too far behind to catch up, so this fear drives them to become even more rigid in their views.

Which brings us to Alexander P Kowolski, the HOSTS file troll.

Here's a guy who posts up to 100 anonymous responses a day, going through my posting history to crap-flood every discussion. I think this response sums up the problem pretty well, at least from my perspective:

Well, since you FINALLY asked how you are absurd:

1st definition of absurd from google: Ab-surd: (of a person or a person's behavior or actions) foolish; unreasonable.

Going through every post I make in every thread, posting multiple responses (up to 100 posts a day) attacking me based on my gender (including in a thread about sexual harassment) - I think that most people would qualify your behaviour as both foolish and unreasonable.

Getting all bent out of shape when someone exposes your bullying tactics and then tells other people how to do the same to you - both your original bullying and your response when you get it thrown right back at you are foolish, unreasonable, and just plain childish.

Saying I'm stalking you when it's obvious you're the one doing the stalking - foolish, unreasonable, and more than a bit delusional. Oh, and your paranoia is showing.

Thinking that attacking me because I'm transsexual is going to get you anywhere on a tech site, when tech attracts a higher-than-average number of people in the LGBT community, as well as sympathizers, is foolish. Continuing it day after day when it doesn't work is not just unreasonable, it's stupid and/or insane.

Clinging to arguments for your HOSTS file that are completely orthogonal to today's reality, and that obviously the vast majority don't care about and don't need because they have found better ways to solve their own problems, is foolish on it's face and unreasonable to those looking on, who use their computers just fine without your "solution."

Going on about how "taking estrogen is rotting your brain", that "you're crazy to have cut your balls off" (btw - I'm not a surgeon, and I don't pretend to be one on the innnertubes), when I'm following expert medical advice that has a proven track record of success, well, that's both foolish and ridiculous.

The problem isn't your hosts file - it's your behaviour, which certainly is absurd, and probably disturbed as well.

That leads to another question - why? What is it about me in particular that sets you off worse than anyone else? Is it me, or do you have a problem with women in general (I seem to recall some attacks you made on other women who have challenged you that would indicate that this may be the case)? Do you think that men are superior to women, and that anyone who willingly "trades in" to become a woman is stupid because you have a low opinion of women?

And that, of course, brings us back on-topic - the "science has a sexual assault problem". You don't seem to be capable of the introspection necessary to realize how absurd your behaviour is. How many other women have you felt it's your right to attack, and still continue years later, about their sex, gender, or sexual identity, just because you disagreed with their opinion on a technical issue of absolutely no import to anyone but you?

He has time and again failed to realize that people who use alternatives that work for them, such as adblock, don't give a damn about his stupid hosts file and the supposed benefits. It's THEIR computer, and they're free to use what works for them - and it's NOT going to be his HOSTS file. And crap-flooding discussions with challenges to enter some useless "pissing contest" of the benefits of one over the other is irrelevant to pretty much everyone except him. So why do it? Perhaps because he is so psychologically invested in his world view that any alternative is just too scary.

So why "feed the troll" by posting a journal entry about him?

That's a valid question, for sure. But if you see him as a victim of technological change instead of just a troll, it might help put some of the other "wars" on slashdot into perspective. We get comfortable with our niche, change happens, and we have to, once again, learn a whole new slew of technologies. The prospect can be daunting, sometimes it's just a feeling of "oh heck, here we go again, change for the sake of change yadda yadda yadda ...", and it's easier to say "I'm just going to stick with what works" ... until one day we wake up and realize we're in danger of becoming totally irrelevant.

It can happen to any of us. Did it happen to APK? Or was he always like this? I don't know, and I don't really care. Either way, the lessons to be learned are the same. Haters gotta hate, because if you take that away from them, they have nothing to fall back on. They are more to be pitied, same as many of the opponents of same-sex marriage, now that they can't bolster their own sense of self-worth by hating gays and lesbians, are feeling a bit lost.


I'm back.

BarbaraHudson BarbaraHudson writes  |  about a week ago

I can see well enough to use a computer again, which came as a welcome surprise. Huge thanks to the retinal surgeons who patched my left eye back into some semblance of working order, and to the work over the last several years by the team of ophthalmologists and tech assistants who helped preserve much of the sight in my right eye.

It's been an interesting experience so far, and one that I have learned a lot from. I've been told that the betting money would be on my retinas being relatively stable for the next two-three years, though the vitrectomy was such an insult to the lens that I can expect to need it to be replaced in the next year or so.

The more things change, the more they stay the same ... especially here on /., where APK wasted no time claiming that various anonymous posters were me. Comments like this one must be driving him even nuttier - will he be accusing that poster of being me?

Only on slashdot :-)

Unfortunately, I never expected to use a computer again, so I don't have the passwords to my old accounts (neither my original one, nor the one I created with a gender-appropriate nic after I was outed as a transsexual). I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Just like I'm sorry that I wasn't able to keep people up to date before falling off the face of the net.

There are still plenty of challenges ahead, both near-term and long-term. And plenty of unanswered questions that I will do my best to clear up. I was going to do it elsewhere and just post links, but really, this is home (despite the beta crap).

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