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Do Women Write Better Code?

Bashar Abdullah Re:Do women write better code? (847 comments)

Exactly! I thought this is only in our country, but it seems to be a global trend. I'm sure there are some brilliant female programmers out there. Good like finding them I say! Have you ever heard of a startup, open source project, new big company that emerged of female programmer(s)? I hold nothing against woman, but if she wants to criticize men for their bad programming habits, at least they are delivering and changing the world world around us, while women are busy decorating their 10 lines of code with 20 useless lines of comment and styles!

more than 6 years ago



Kuwait ISPs gang up and put cap on download

Bashar Abdullah Bashar Abdullah writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Bashar Abdullah (994163) writes "Kuwait ISPs all of a sudden and without any SMS or email notice, in clear violation of the contract, started putting similar caps on daily download rate, calling it Fair Access Policy. A 4 Mbps unreliable connection costs $1300/year in Kuwait, and is now being capped at 4.7 GB/day, which the ISP now call "generous""
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Kuwait Issues Order to block youtube

Bashar Abdullah Bashar Abdullah writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Bashar Abdullah writes "Kuwait Ministry of Communications have issued orders to all ISPs to block YouTube, after some offensive videos to Quran and profit were posted there. YouTube is 15% of Kuwaiti traffic, ranked #3 on Alexa for Kuwait. Funny thing is, those videos they refer to have been removed and I can't reach them anymore."
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Sudden Credit Card Cancelation in Kuwait

Bashar Abdullah Bashar Abdullah writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Bashar Abdullah writes "Following a sudden order by the Central Bank of Kuwait, all credit cards not tied to a balance with salary coming are not allowed. Banks who were abusing credit card promotions started canceling them out immediately. Leading bank in Kuwait, NBK, canceled lots of customer credit cards without any prior phone, sms, or even email notification. Customers are figuring it out them selves, and coming in mid-year holiday, you can guess how much that hurts when you're traveling. And the funny thing is, NBK replies that we don't have time to do it! And for everything else, they say there's MasterCard!"
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Google testing new type of ads

Bashar Abdullah Bashar Abdullah writes  |  about 7 years ago

Bashar Abdullah writes "Google seems to be silently testing new type of AdSense ads that displays links below the ad for more focuses results. If you click it, on the fly the ad changes with targeted ads to the link you chosen. I only saw it once, but got snapshot of it. See it here"
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Bashar Abdullah Bashar Abdullah writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Bashar Abdullah writes "Epocrates, a mobile medical guide producer, is sending emails to their customer advising them to delay upgrade to Windows Vista until Palm OS and Windows Mobile implement the needed changes to allow the software applications, including epocrates to be installed on Vista and synced with the mobile. I have posted the email on my blog here."

Bashar Abdullah Bashar Abdullah writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Bashar Abdullah writes "Since the introduction of the Windowing systems, people have been claiming Microsoft copied Apple interface. Today, we hear the same about Vista and Mac OS X. New York Times have this video to proof they're wrong."

Bashar Abdullah Bashar Abdullah writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Bashar Abdullah writes "New emerging Saudi search engine is becoming quite popular in the middle-east. Reviews (Samples 1 & 2 translated by Google Translate) claim the new site, outperforms Google in all aspects. Reviewers also claim the site enables the user, through a downloadable application, to search the whole internet offline! I think they got it wrong, and what they mean is search without a browser!

I have performed comparison testing based on the 2 important search engine factors:
1- Performance: Google returns results (as you know) in less than a second, while Amamk takes around 8 seconds sometimes. 5 seconds in good days. Google wins this criteria
2- Content Relevancy: Searching for "test" according to few who tested it gave more relevant results in Google than Amamk. But thats judgmental, so we tried the image search for "dog". Here are the results from and here are the results from Yahoo Images. What do you see? exact match! I have tried several other queries for images and videos and they all share a pattern with Yahoo one. I have contacted the site owner for clarification with no luck

The site also lacks any information about the engine, indexing, ranking criteria, and how to submit your site to it. Something which is pretty common between search engines."

Bashar Abdullah Bashar Abdullah writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Bashar Abdullah (994163) writes "Most big restaurants have a single hot line for customers to call and order food delivery, and many of those depend on those customers for their business survival, and usually are not prepared to have many customers eating inside. But I have never wondered what would happen if that hotline goes down somehow. But this is what happened to Dominos in Kuwait last Wednesday, when their hot line didnt work, and being the type of take away restaurants over there, it basically meant they are out of customers that day! So what did they do, and how did we find out about it? They followed back some kind of reverse process by calling their regular customers asking whether they would like to make an order or not! A friend of mine got a similar call and I was really surprised when I thought about the severity of damage this has caused them. I wonder how often this could happen, and whether there is a fall back process like when you need to shift to the disaster site server."

Bashar Abdullah Bashar Abdullah writes  |  about 8 years ago

Bashar Abdullah (994163) writes "Google will be releasing its new Google News Archive service on Sept. 6, giving access to 200 years of news articles from publishers and aggregators like The New York Times, Time Magazine, and The Guardian. The service will allow users to search the articles, and get a summary of the article. The full article will be available from the publisher for 2.5$ (pure publisher profit). Google have also said they have no plans to introduce sponsored ads on the side, thus currently there is no profit plans from Google. They say they are just focusing to get it right."


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