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Wi-Fi Pineapple Hacking Device Sells Out At DEF CON

Basje Re:"Yes" (132 comments)

Spam was a problem ten years ago. Get with the times.

about a year and a half ago

Your License Is Your Interface

Basje Re:Eric Schultz (356 comments)

In Europe we do have other provisions though. In Europe most jurisdictions have a closed system where exceptions to copyright are codified as law. Exceptions have to conform to the Berne three-step test. By codifying conformity is checked by the legislative power. In the US fair use is an open system and conformity with the Berne three-step test is checked on a case by case basis by the judiciary.

It is a basic illustration how Common Law and Continental Law use different mechanisms to implement largely the same end results/

about a year and a half ago

Heavy Metal and Emergent Behavior

Basje Re:Who would've thought (92 comments)

Wacken Open Air, a German festival and one of the largest metal festivals in the world, banned circle pits in 2010. Luckily they recanted. I'm looking forward to this year's edition.

about 2 years ago

Flame Malware Authors Hit Self-Destruct

Basje Re:Interesting (260 comments)

Could as easily be a company. Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Baidu, IBM et al are all able to pull this off.

more than 2 years ago

World's First Molten-Salt Solar Plant Opens

Basje Re:Sounds cool, but... (316 comments)

The location of the plant in Priolo Gargallo is not that far from the Sahara. It's actually a little more south than the northernmost part of the Sahara in Tunesia, which is roughly 250 miles west of the plant. The solar radiation will be roughly equivalent, no need for undersea cables. Most importantly Sicily is a (slightly) more stable region that does not rely on income from oil like many of the North Sahara states.

more than 4 years ago

Where Are the Joysticks For Retro Gaming?

Basje Re:Gravis? (262 comments)

I second this. Or get the i-pac, some joysticks and buttons from the ultimarc site and put it in an mdf board. 2 hours work to create the joypad, many hours of bubble bobble fun to follow.

I still intend to make a full mame cabinet, but for now just the joypad is finished.

more than 4 years ago

In the past year, I've filed Z bug reports, where Z=

Basje Re:I do that for Gentoo all the time. (244 comments)

Get over it. Spam is a fact of life, deal with it. Fact is, if you have an older e-mail address you'll get spam. A couple of years ago it was a problem. Nowadays there are quite effective filters, which you need anyway.

I stopped being paranoid a couple of years ago and no longer worry about spam (use my my e-mail uncloaked, ). The amount of spam I got quadrupled in half a year (from about 25k to about 100k spam/month), but at those levels it didn't really matter anyway. I get two or three false negatives a day, big deal.

more than 4 years ago

I keep track of my passwords ...

Basje Re:I would comment with my /. account... (414 comments)

Yes. It also means they store the password in plaintext (obviously). Horrible security practice.

OTOH they make no pretense about the system being safe. You shouldn't use your password on more than one location anyway.

about 5 years ago

Google Switching To EXT4 Filesystem

Basje Re:Time for a backup? (348 comments)

Yup, but when it rains it pours. Then the cloud is down the drain.

about 5 years ago

I'd prefer to allocate my work hours ...

Basje Re:Living the dream, baby. (287 comments)

Used to do 4x8 that as well, when I worked as a programmer. Three years ago I switched professions. I'm an IP attorney now, work 5x9+overtime and absolutely hate that part. I long back to 4x8 and may switch back for that reason too.

more than 5 years ago

Lotus Teases With a Fuel-Agnostic Two-Stroke Engine

Basje Re:Internal combustion efficiency (269 comments)

Yup. But it means the engine delivers roughly 10% more power or 10% less fuel consumption than a comparable "normal" engine. So it's significant.

more than 5 years ago

Multiple-Display Power Tools For Linux?

Basje Re:Issues I've had. (410 comments)

Last time I tried this (admittedly some time ago), maximizing a window maximized it over both my screens. That's a dealbreaker.

more than 5 years ago

Zero-Day Vulnerabilities In Firefox Extensions

Basje Re:Chrome time (208 comments)

Or use a clean firefox without extensions.

Of course, without extensions there isn't much that sets firefox apart from chrome except for the license. Some purists will prefer firefox for that reason but it's pretty much a coin toss.

more than 5 years ago

Music Copyright In EU Extended To 70 Years

Basje Re:Very appropriate fortune... (395 comments)

Actually, it was broken, or at least too complex.

For common law people, it's all copyright. The term is 70 years after the maker's death.

In the EU, there are more kinds of copyright. Author's rights are different from performer's and producer's rights. The author's rights already were 70 years. The performer's and producers's rights were "only" 50 years. To a non-lawyer, this was hard to explain.

It's much more logical to award everybody the same protection. That's what happened. I would have preferred if they made our copyright a uniform lower term, but at least it is uniform now.


more than 4 years ago

Gmail Marks Five Years In Beta

Basje Gmail is a sandbox (194 comments)

Gmail is the beta for the Google Apps mail component. It's not likely that it will ever come out of beta status: it being beta has a function.

more than 5 years ago

45% of Dutch Media-Buying Population Are "Pirates"

Basje Re:Small detail (307 comments)

In our copyright code it is expressly permitted to make a copy of music or movies for one's own use, practice or study. This copy may be made from any source, legal or illegal. The source has no effect on the legal status of the copy.

So not only is it not illegal to copy these works, it is even perfectly legal. However, copying software without permission is almost always illegal.

And yes, I _am_ a Dutch IP lawyer.

more than 5 years ago


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