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Return of the Vacuum Tube

BattleCat Re:Sweet (313 comments)

Two suitcase-sized batteries would be somewhat inconvenient for day-to-day use, too.

more than 2 years ago

Is It Worth Developing Good Games For the Web?

BattleCat Re:Yes, it (82 comments)

Well. One thing for sure - subscription model won't work. It works only for AAA titles, others are gradually shifting to micropayments / microtransactions. (Yes, talk about buying an exp points and "money rules". It works, however, for both parties involved - players and devs/prods/publishmen).

As for sunk costs - terms can be discussed , venture capital can be found, even now, if they're having idea and half-assed implementation - they'll get funding to replace facebook ties (what are they, anyway ? authorization ? storage ? publishing ? ) with solutions of their own, then - marketing campaign and true profit in a year or two. They'll lose independence in the process, but that's the price.

more than 5 years ago

Is It Worth Developing Good Games For the Web?

BattleCat Yes, it (82 comments)

Totally worth is. But forget Facebook and other closed platforms - go for your own infrastructure. Basically, what facebook gives developers is audience, an ability to quickly announce your project and make it known among huge auditory. This is a plus on early stages, but it becomes not so significant later, when you'll afford to advertise independantly and effectively, but Facebook-as-an-app-platform limitations will remain.
And one more thing - never, ever expect users to be grateful or pleased. I work for company developing and producing Web-based MMOs, and one thing I've learnt over years is - even if you'll hire hookers to give every male player in your project one head job - the only thing you'll listen from them is "why only once ?" - they are lazy, stupid and greedy.

more than 5 years ago

Irrigation Controller Stolen, Wirelessly Rescues Itself

BattleCat Somebody just stole water chip ? (160 comments)

Hm, I thought Fallout was meant to be postnuke RPG, not postindustrial .

more than 6 years ago


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