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Favorite Star Wars Movie?

BeCre8iv Missing option: (457 comments)

Sing along with Jar Jar Binks and Barney the purple Rancor.

about 3 months ago

VLC Reaches 2.1

BeCre8iv Re:missing (127 comments)

VLC has scripting a function

Build it and they will come

about 10 months ago

Facebook Launches Advanced AI Effort To Find Meaning In Your Posts

BeCre8iv If the facebook algo were to crow a clue.. (125 comments)

It wouldn't consider a network containing groups like Occupy, UK Uncut and the Venus project as marketing leads for high interest predit cards, shady forex brokers or shares in Amazon.

about 10 months ago

Why iTunes Radio Could Take Down Pandora

BeCre8iv I miss pandora (166 comments)

Thanks to the greedy bastards at the BPI who priced them out of the UK.

What they really couldn't stand was a competitor to their pay-to-play model which ensures their 'investment' gets played 4 times a day on a ubiquitous medium.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Diagnose Traffic Throttling and Work Around It?

BeCre8iv Meanwhile in Britain (251 comments)
Ministry of Defence (UK) employees spend £40000 on illicit use of the speaking clock.

Down the hall, GCHQ is listening for free.

about a year ago

Google Blocks YouTube App On Windows Phone (Again)

BeCre8iv A taste of their own. (629 comments)

They don't like it up em.

about a year ago

Larry Ellison Believes Apple Is Doomed

BeCre8iv Because Oracle... (692 comments)

...Is the poster child for corporate success.

about a year ago

New Android App Encourages Users To Throw Device As High As Possible

BeCre8iv Every smartphone.. (156 comments)

Comes with a frisbee app

about a year ago

Fukishima Springs Water Leak

BeCre8iv Re:And still no one has died! (163 comments)

"Most worrying are the results of tests carried out on more than 130,000 children who lived around Fukushima. More than 40 per cent have the early signs of thyroid cancer, while other forms of the disease may not become apparent for a decade."

And before you write of a source as radical, treehugging or liberal. I chose the express as a thatcherite newspaper with a pro nuclear history. Politics proven by poetry.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: How Can I Make a Computer Science Club Interesting?

BeCre8iv EASY (265 comments)

Find students with an interest in computer science

about a year ago

Mars Explorers Face Huge Radiation Problem

BeCre8iv Just send Slashdotters (283 comments)

The majority of us seem to be immune to radiation at any level thanks to the obligatory XKCD shielding.

Also as a demographic, /.ers are least likely to need uncorrupted genetic material to pass on to the next generation.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Can Yahoo Actually Stage a Comeback?

BeCre8iv Posterboy for corporate failure (260 comments)

Once upon a time... one website was so well funded and ubiquitous it was like it was like hotmail, ebay, facebook,, with the social vocabulary of youtube. all rolled into one.

Somewhere along the line they have been reduced to paying Murdochesque sums for last-gen products. having destroyed everything it ever created for itself.

At least the extra special yahoo trolls are still around

about a year ago

"Dramatic Decline" Warning For Plants and Animals

BeCre8iv Re:What about the other half (696 comments)

one half relies on the other - its called an ecosystem.

For example.. coral bleaches and dies (due to temp and PH change) - fish lose their habitat or breeding grounds - top predators (humans) starve

about a year ago

"Terrorist" Lyrics Land High Schooler In Jail

BeCre8iv Re: NRA sedition (573 comments)

before arguing/trolling over the question of race, RTFA and identify the rapper.

about a year ago

"Terrorist" Lyrics Land High Schooler In Jail

BeCre8iv ontopic tune (573 comments)

about a year ago

Speeding Object Makes Small Hole In the ISS Solar Array

BeCre8iv Orbital Construction (119 comments)

If it could be used as raw materials, its value (and cost of processing) would compete with payload costs.

at least for now, collect it into larger, manageable chunks.

about a year ago

No Porn From Public WiFi Hotspots In the UK Proposed

BeCre8iv one again (390 comments)

our idiot leader wants to censor the internet with magic and kittens

about a year ago


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