Ice Age Fossils Found During Los Angeles Subway Exploration

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Dig more along the stretch. I guess you'll find a lot more down there. But get a lil bit faster the railway has been clogged.

about 8 months ago

First Look At the Animals of the New Hebrides Trench

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Where's Nemo?

about 9 months ago



Rumored Release of the Next Generation iPhone 6 in 2Q of 2014

BeckyAEllis BeckyAEllis writes  |  about 8 months ago

BeckyAEllis (3509867) writes "There will be a massive production on the new release of iPhone 6 in the Second Quarter of 2014 claims Pegatron. The production of the next iPhone(s) hasn't released more info on specifics availability nor indicated how many devices will be produced of the said release. Check out for updates."
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Discovering The History of Tutankhamun's and Treasure

BeckyAEllis BeckyAEllis writes  |  about 8 months ago

BeckyAEllis (3509867) writes "THIRTY FEET BENEATH THE DESERT of southern Egypt, Yehia Gad stands in a cramped, stone tomb. On the wall, brightly-colored paintings tell the story of an ancient king’s journey into the afterlife. The precise strokes show a mummy embalmed with great care, a perilous battle for his soul, and an eternity spent riding high with the Sun."
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