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Online Payment Firm Stripe Boots 3D Gun Designer Cody Wilson's Companies

Beer_Smurf Totally legal (353 comments)

It is totally legal to build for yourself any gun that you are allowed to own.
If I use a CNC mill, a file and hand drill, a 3D printer or this guy's tool on an unfinished lower it doesn't matter.
It is also totally illegal to build anything you are prohibited from owning.
Guns are and always have been, easy to build
The fearmongering over this subject is amazing.

about 3 months ago

NADA Is Terrified of Tesla

Beer_Smurf Re:Speculation... (455 comments)

You do realize that lots of cars are now made in Mexico, including GM trucks.

about 7 months ago

Gun Rights Groups Say They Don't Oppose Smart Guns, Just Mandates

Beer_Smurf Traditional Antique Style Firearms (584 comments)

In organized events, I shoot historically accurate reproduction revolvers loaded with real black powder. After use they are cleaned with soap and water and then aggressively lubricated to fight corrosion. Please explain how this technology being forced on me is going to help or even be anything but a nightmare.

about 8 months ago

Slashdot Asks: How Do You Pay Your Taxes?

Beer_Smurf Re:We don''t do tax returns in the UK,you insensit (386 comments)

What software do you use that adds up all your sales tax, property tax, fuel tax, and all the other taxes plus the fees that are passed on to you that are hidden in the costs of the goods and services you consume?

about 9 months ago

Time Dilation Drug Could Let Heinous Criminals Serve 1,000 Year Sentences

Beer_Smurf Make my vacation last longer (914 comments)

Can't we use this kind of thing for good? Make my vacation last longer?

about 10 months ago

Facebook Wants To Block Illegal Gun Sales

Beer_Smurf Nonsense. (310 comments)

Since Facebook does not verify addresses and has no way of knowing where the sale is actually being transacted, this is just total nonsense.

about a year ago

House Committee Approves Bill Banning In-Flight Phone Calls

Beer_Smurf I call BS. (366 comments)

If you recall a while back the NSA was upset because calls made from planes were harder to listen in on. How is someone talking on the phone any worse than the two people next to you having a conversation or talking on the airline provided phone? Once again the media just plays along with a obvious lie.

about a year ago

Former Head of NSA Calls For Obama To Reject NSA Commission Recommendations

Beer_Smurf Want to ask him. (316 comments)

I would love to ask him if he would be willing to wear a streaming webcam 24/7 since privacy isn't important.

about a year ago

NZ Traveler's Electronics Taken At Airport; Interest in Snowden to Blame?

Beer_Smurf Re:Double secret probation (453 comments)

Yes, you have lots of porn on your computer.
Do a test with file recovery software and recover deleted .jpg files and you will be amazed at the amount of stuff you do have on your computer.

about a year ago

NZ Traveler's Electronics Taken At Airport; Interest in Snowden to Blame?

Beer_Smurf Re:Highway Robbery (453 comments)

Nicely said

about a year ago

App Detects Neo-Nazis Using Their Music

Beer_Smurf And a great too for the Nazis. (392 comments)

It also sounds like a great tool for the Nazis to use if they ever got back into power.
Find all those Jews and Partisans.
Evil in the name of good is still evil.

about a year ago

UK Gov't Plans To Censor "Extremist" Websites Via Orders To ISPs

Beer_Smurf Re:Well, (208 comments)

It would be very easy when there is any sort of mismatch to have the voter sign a correction card affirming that they are the person and correcting the voter info. No one is prevented from voting.

about a year ago

FOIA: NSA Contracts Stored In Paper Files, Unsearchable, Unindexed

Beer_Smurf Invoice Hell (114 comments)

Perhaps it might be fun to bury them in an storm of small invoices so they spend all their time invalidating them.

about a year ago

NSA Hacked Email Account of Mexican President

Beer_Smurf Re:NSA doing its job (242 comments)

" I don't care. NSA can spy outside our borders all it wants - go for it." And their partners can spy on everyone outside their borders. Also know as EVERYONE in the US. So with one person helping in another country they can spy on the whole world.

about a year ago

Administration Seeks To Make Unauthorized Streaming A Felony

Beer_Smurf Re:A sort of betrayal (398 comments)

Woo, Isn't this guy supposed to me a millionaire?

about a year and a half ago

Fifth Circuit Upholds Warrantless Cellphone Location Tracking

Beer_Smurf If it's just business data. (149 comments)

Then is should be perfectly legal to hack your phone to give false location data.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Can Yahoo Actually Stage a Comeback?

Beer_Smurf Destroyed Flickr (260 comments)

The new Flickr update turns it into Facebook. It is now totally worthless as a photo site. There are hundreds of pages of scathing posts in the comments on the new layout.

about a year and a half ago

Hijacking Airplanes With an Android Phone

Beer_Smurf I call BS (131 comments)

I am going to call BS on this one.
These are indication systems.
Think of smashing your speedometer and turning the needle with pliers and expecting the car to go faster.

about 2 years ago

The ATF Not Concerned About 3D Printed Guns... Yet

Beer_Smurf Nothing to see here. (344 comments)

We keep coming back to these stupid stories.
If you could print a perfect steel copy of the gun it would be totally legal as long as you are not offering it for sale.
Still nothing to see here.

about 2 years ago



Microsoft hires SCO veteran

Beer_Smurf Beer_Smurf writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Beer_Smurf (700116) writes "Microsoft hires SCO veteran as its Competitive Strategy guru.
You can't make this stuff up. Sandy Gupta, whose UNIX experience was thoroughly discredited while at SCO for the paucity of his "analyses" of Linux's alleged infringement of SCO's UNIX code, has been hired by Microsoft as its director of Competitive Strategy within the Server & Tools Division."

Link to Original Source

Beer_Smurf Beer_Smurf writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Beer_Smurf (700116) writes "Teenagers taking risque photos of themselves are prosecuted for violating child pornography laws.
On March 25, 2004, Amber and Jeremy took digital photos of themselves naked and engaged in unspecified "sexual behavior." The two sent the photos from a computer at Amber's house to Jeremy's personal e-mail address. Neither teen showed the photographs to anyone else.
http://news.com.com/Police+blotter+Teens+prosecute d+for+racy+photos/2100-1030_3-6157857.html?tag=nef d.top"


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