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Voices From The Hellmouth

BeezleBug I'm shocked... (1228 comments)

This is pretty much the first I've heard of the colorado shootings, and I imagine they were pretty terrible (We in britain have had classroom massacres, and child-killers - though not in the same instance). But that it should have resulted in such victimisation against people who are slightly "different" is an added tragedy.

No guesses which country is one of only two UN members that haven't signed up to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

I was never more glad to be British. I think that because britain is a less litigious society - people don't sue as often - schools and other institutions are less paranoid about possible lawsuits, and so would be less likely to react in such a totalitarian fashion, at least i hope so..

I can't believe that any school authority would so discriminate against the rights of it's pupils...


more than 15 years ago


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