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Aluminum-Celmet Could Increase EV Range By 300%

Belly Re:Alumninum Cermet? (182 comments)

Wrong. That's true for Chinese. Japanese goes the other way around, where "L" tend to become "R".

No, you're wrong. With Japanese it can go either way. The R and L sounds aren't differentiated in Japanese, so unless a native speaker or proper translator is involved, Japanese will often simply guess which one it is. So in Japan you will see instances of L used mistakenly instead of R, and vice-versa.

more than 3 years ago

Asian Nations Battle for Google Data Center

Belly Re:i would pick (130 comments)

Japanese people have the best work ethic of any people on earth... You really believe that? If, by "best work ethic", you mean work long hours accomplishing very little, then yeah, the Japanese have it nailed.

more than 6 years ago


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