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LiveJournal Buyout Confirmed

BenSpinSpace Re:Ads already in place (223 comments)

The person reporting the ads seems to be the only person seeing them. Therefore, "Person" is reporting ads, not "People." And it could very well be spyware.

The people running LiveJournal seem to be quite aware of an average user's worries about the project; hell, Brad Fitzpatrick himself seems to be one of the crowd who has chosen specifically not to sell his soul to the devil. RTFA to hear what he's actually saying. As he says, "Really you shouldn't see any negative changes." The LiveJournal operators wouldn't violate this statement within moments of its being posted!

Viewing these changes in LiveJournal as positive things may seem bleak at first, but these advancements require a bit of faith. There will always be people to decry every bit of progress as "turning to the dark side," but I, for one, have faith in several of my favorite Internet organizations: Slashdot, LiveJournal, Something Awful, Google, and Amazon, to name several. Usually even their most questionable steps eventually wind up in the bounds of smart thinking and usually good taste.

more than 9 years ago


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