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Microsoft Makes Skype Easier To Monitor

Bernal KC Re:Total unexpergated BS and FUD from /. (150 comments)

The above post was accidentally posted anonymously by me. It was meant to be posted in my name. Obviously, I'm not a regular contributor here.

more than 2 years ago

Skype Bug Sends Messages To Random Contacts

Bernal KC Re:Skype for Linux? (77 comments)

Yes, and it has been fixed. Updates available now.

more than 2 years ago

Skype 4.0 For Linux Now Available

Bernal KC Re:is it worth upgrading? (196 comments)

we have packages for Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and SuSe, as well as a static package. The versions listed on our download links are minimum versions. It is supported on latter versions as well. Many resourceful folks have it running on unsupported distros. We do have a system requirements page, but as I write this it is out of date:

more than 2 years ago

Skype 4.0 For Linux Now Available

Bernal KC Re:is it worth upgrading? (196 comments)

We made sure we kept true to the original UI. Seeing how the Mac user base had a collective cow when we went to a unified single window, we were pretty sure the Linux users would have gone nuclear if we'd done anything similar. There is a unified chat window that we think is an improvement over N separate chat windows. But you have a config option to go with the original N separate chat windows if you prefer. The rest of the UI is very similar to what you have been using. The real value in this release lies in the internals. Many, many person-years of improvements in A/V/Core technology since the last update that make a very tangible difference to end users.

And I repeat myself in case anyone is looking at this old thread: no ads of any kind in any screen in this client.

more than 2 years ago

Skype 4.0 For Linux Now Available

Bernal KC Re:Too late, but hey, thanks for trying Microsoft (196 comments)

You presume incorrectly. Its part of the /. DNA, post quickly, having a clue optional.

The update has almost nothing to do with the Microsoft purchase, other than to server as more evidence of their commitment to building Skype as an ubiquitous, network-wide, open (as in platform neutral) platform for real time communication. The credit for this release belongs to the devs that kept the build alive over the years so our release team could hammer this release home. I will note that the Skype network and product ecology has always benefited from our Linux builds. I'm personally gratified to finally reward our Linux users with a long overdue infusion of the latest Skype tech.

more than 2 years ago

Skype 4.0 For Linux Now Available

Bernal KC Re:Just in time for the Ads (196 comments)

OK, I'm about an eon late in /. time, but as an author of the update, let me clue you in. No ads in this client. Not in any screen or in any form.

more than 2 years ago

Best Smartphone Plan Covering US and Canada?

Bernal KC Re:Get multiple sim cards or.... (199 comments)

My daughter is a student in Montreal and this is what we did for her. No smartphone. No data plan. But we have her on our AT&T family plan using an unlocked phone. In Canada she has a plan with Fido that is month to month, lets her use her phone, and (we are told) can either be parked or terminated for the summer months. She swaps cards when she crosses the border. Simple. Effective. She has managed to loose two SIM cards already, but now she seems to have the routine down.

The other nice thing about this plan is that the other Canadian cell plans with the major carriers required a 3 year contract. Since those plans would be suspended for the summer months, she would have been under contract for her full 4 years of undergrad studies. Month to month looks sweet by comarison (even if Fido's network has gaps. Not in Montreal so far.)

more than 4 years ago

Good Physics Books For a Math PhD Student?

Bernal KC For the mathematical purity and beauty... (418 comments)

two books that stand out from my undergrad physic studies that may not give you a practical appreciation for ODE (but really, ODEs are so mind-numbingly rote, why would a math PHD be studying them?) but these are towering works of genius founded on beautiful mathematical arguments:

The Principles of Quantum Mechanics

Classical Mechanics
Goldstein, Poole, Safko

more than 5 years ago


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