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Encrypted But Searchable Online Storage?

Bert690 searching encrypted data (266 comments)

There are techniques to do this but none have made it out of academia. Most are quite inefficient and support very restricted querying models. Here's one paper that claims their methods are "practical" (but always keep in mind that academic claims of practicality should always be taken with a grain of salt):


more than 5 years ago

Google Open Sources Updater

Bert690 Re:concerns alleviated... (174 comments)

Bait and switch would be just like these guys!

Google wants an auto updater so badly because it allows them to gather more information on you. Why else would it have ever included a unique identifier?

The purpose of the ID is described here. But you may need to take off the tin foil hat before you can understand it.

GoogleUpdate also uses its own, randomly-generated unique ID number to accurately count total users. This information includes version numbers, languages, operating system, and other install or update-related details, such as whether or not the applications have been run. This information is not associated with you or your Google Account.

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft and Yahoo Discussing Search Partnership

Bert690 Re:To paraphrase Dale Dribble (115 comments)

FAST ?! You mean that company that was a front for a bunch of norwegian scammers that tricked MS into buying it? Also known as the "Enron of Norway"? Surely you jest.

more than 5 years ago

The In-Progress Plot To Kill Google

Bert690 Re:Since when are concerns about privacy FUD? (234 comments)

Wow, someone actually read the article! The article is not about the outcomes of the various cases discussed, but the tactics that are being used. It's a good read.

about 6 years ago

Google Chrome Is Out of Beta

Bert690 Re:I know its unpopular to bag on the Mighty Googl (444 comments)

That ID is only ever sent if you opt in to sending usage stats and crash reports. And if you were dumb enough to opt in when you're paranoid about these sorts of things, you can opt out with the "Under the Hood" menu.

more than 6 years ago

Stuck In Google's Doghouse

Bert690 what a crappy article (165 comments)

More "oh look google is becoming evil!" nonsense. How exactly is it evil or "acting like Microsoft" to refuse over a half million dollars in revenue every month in order to prevent some lame ass site from annoying real users: the people who actually use the search engine to find information? People should try to use SourceTool before they draw any conclusions. I'm sure NOBODY would visit that site unless tricked into clicking on one of their ads. Don't you think if the site actually provided any real value, they could get plenty of visits through other means such as organic search listings?

more than 6 years ago


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