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Why Munich Will Stick With Linux

Berzelius Re:Compatibility (185 comments)

Moving form office to office, I've found that LibreOffice does better than MS Office at properly importing office documents from various versions of MS Office. YMMV.

Yes, I totally agree that importing is rarely a problem. However LibreOffice fails in many aspects. our publishing house made the switch to LibreOffice early this year after basic testing.

For a simple example that Writer is not fit for businesses: it cannot properly handle even basic tasks such as working with templates. Without an add-on it is not possible to change the template. Yes that's right. Only documents that are created based on templates are coupled to that template. The available add-on (templatechanger ) to change this is only available for the latest version via a user that added it to a bug report (many thanks for that btw) and only works with Writer. For Calc changing templates is simply not

Another function that is sorely lacking as an editor has been in MS Office since version XP, around ~2001 I think. If you receive a document from a freelancer it often has the wrong styles in it or only a few. To change this quickly in MS Office you load the tempalte you want. Select the style that is wrong, click select all instances followed by a double click on the style you want. This way you can quickly fix documents.

I find the default colors of LO's panel dreadful. There are better colors available though, such as http://extensions.libreoffice.... Why are these not used or given as an option?

If you save a file on a NAS and select Tools/Share Document so more people can simultaneously work in it, often the formatting of the file changes randomly between saves. Old formatting often re-appears.

Calc cannot properly handle conditional formatting. This morning I created a Calc document with a cell that could have one of three colors based on the content of three other columns. I then copied the formatting to more cells in the column. After saving the document only the first cell formatting is kept, the formatting in the other column cells is lost.

For our publishing house LO mostly suffices, but there are many ways in which it has to improve for other business to even consider it.

about 5 months ago

NSA Backdoors In Open Source and Open Standards: What Are the Odds?

Berzelius Re:Alternative (407 comments)

Yep, this plus the fact that almost everyone uses the same (simple) passwords across multiple cloud services and the NSA have access to that as well. Who needs to crack encryption if you have the keys?

about a year and a half ago

TomTom Releases iPhone Navigation App

Berzelius Re:Prices (289 comments)

TomTom bought Tele Atlas. It's Nokia that bought Navteq.

more than 5 years ago

Source Code of Several Atari 7800 Games Released

Berzelius Crystal Castles (153 comments)

For people that played these games it must be pretty sentimental. I didn't play these games, but the hours I spent playing Crystal Castle on my Atari 520ST are still very alive. Thanks to whoever wrote it and please consider open sourcing this game. It has been away way too long.

more than 5 years ago

Ext4 Advances As Interim Step To Btrfs

Berzelius Re:Why not ZFS? (510 comments)

Sun could have tripple-licensed the ZFS code under both CDDL and GPL v2 and v3.

They didn't do that. So obviously Sun choose to make ZFS incompatible with Linux.

more than 6 years ago


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