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Neurosurgeons Use MRI-Guided Lasers To Destroy Tumors

Big Jojo more standard treatment is .. (70 comments)

Operate (cut open skull) and remove (most of) the tumor.

  • This being the brain, one must be very careful to minimize removing grey cells that are in use for non-tumor purposes.
  • This being cancer, one can't generally get 100% of the tumor; it's not a neat growth, it has fingers that go elsewhere.

So what's left after surgery (and I'll guess, even with this laser thing) is a smaller tumor, which gets killed through radiation therapy (first/mostly) and also by chemotherapy. With brain tumors, the chemotherapy can sometimes be pill-based, which is good ... many of the chemo horror stories you may have heard relate to intraveneous drug administration. Nausea, vomiting, and so on are part of the picture to greater or lesser degrees. Less so with the pills. It's not clear to me from the article(s) whether this laser treatment affects the radiation + chemo part of therapy very much, like by shortening or eliminating it. See for example ... about one of the most common types of brain tumor. (What Ted Kennedy and George Gershwin died of, for example.

more than 3 years ago

Afghan Government Turns To Iran For Internet

Big Jojo so what? Big F-ing deal (80 comments)

Who else should be providing Internet access and building local business ties but neighboring countries? In this case, Iran looks like they're being a good neighbor. It's time to move beyond this prejudice against Iran. They've been the victim of US (and British) Corporate interests for numerous decades ... and if they dare to object or fight back, or otherewise look after their own interests, they get demonized. Recall that the CIA overthrew the Shah to protect interests of what became British Petroleum (BP): The Iranian government of the time was just trying to control its own oil. Naturally, the people of Iran weren't keen on the CIA coup. And US/British Corporates weren't happy with pushback on their plans to steal all that oil wealth. So here we are ... Iran does something innocuous and the western establishment press still wants to find a way to blame them for something (what?) while spinning the West as blameless.

about 4 years ago

Dell Drops Ubuntu PCs From Its Website

Big Jojo no 64-bit ubuntu laptops? (473 comments)

I wanted a 64-bit ubuntu laptop from dell but they were pushing 32-bit single cores. So I got a non-ubuntu laptop and just installed ubuntu myself. Some issues with wireless rmain ... even though this model was documented on the ubuntu website as fully supported.

more than 4 years ago

Top Secret America

Big Jojo Re:No successful terrorist attacks since 9/11? (502 comments)

Mp>No successful terrorist attacks? ONLY IF if you ignore right-wing assaults e.g. against police (generally as "protests" against so-called left-wing politicians etc.

No. Terror from foreign sources has never been common, or the major threat. And those right wingers are only being incited further by the teabaggers and such. Expect more such attacks, and expect them to be ignored (as terror) by the mainstream media.

more than 4 years ago

Java's Backup Plan If Oracle Fumbles

Big Jojo Re:What could possibly go wrong ... (276 comments)

Go away troll....

Microsoft was entirely within its rights to extend Java to provide native support for Windows O/S. The lawsuit was ridiculous and wrongly decided.

The issue was violating the the compatibility constraints, so that code would no longer be portable to non-Windows O/S. This was precluded by the license which MSFT signed, so the lawsuit was reasonably decided.

more than 4 years ago

UK's RIAA Goes After Google Using the US DMCA

Big Jojo Not hosted by google though ... (184 comments)

I took a quick scan and didn't see any URLs that are clearly hosted by Google .... so it looks like the notice is directed to the wrong place.

What did look scarey is including a bunch of queries that would evidently produce some/all of the content they object too. It's as if they want to claim that Google's ability to find such stuff makes them liable ... so that they should then work with the UK's RIAA to block searches for those bits of material ... ugh!!...

more than 4 years ago

What Aspects of Open Source Projects Do You Avoid?

Big Jojo Re:From a user perspective (344 comments)

I think the answer is obvious - what most developers avoid like the plague is documentation.

For the developers who can't write well, that's a Good Thing. On the other hand ... the best developers *can* write well, and *do* spend time on that part of the system. Since they realize well that a system which isn't (or can't be) explained effectively isn't very useful.

I'm not talking about user documentation so much as big picture stuff and reference material. The skills and processes used to write and improve user documentation, like the skills to develop and tune good user interfaces, are somewhat distinct from the ones involved in system design and architecture. Npt completely ... but enough so that the folk who are good at any of those tend to be very aware of their personal deficiencies in the other areas. Sometimes it's just a lack of sympathy (or empathy) with the different audiences. We've all known folk (or been folk!) who just want to write code. When that's your mind-set, any user-facing feedback loop will be full of conflict, since the users rarely prioritize code like that.

more than 4 years ago

Developing a Vandalism Detector For Wikipedia

Big Jojo Re:Existing (116 comments)

Apparently, how their vandalism detector works right now is by automatically reverting any edits done by anonymous editors.

I've seen signs of that too. Not always ... but often enough to have acquired a rather negative understanding of the role of some folk with admin privileges at WP. It's clear when they haven't even bothered to read (much less understand!) the edits they revert. Or that they just revert anything that offends an ideology they want WP to present on any particular topics. They think NPV shouldn't apply to their gloriously elevated selves. (And refuse to acknowledge when their ideology is showing.)

That's on top of editors just flagging articles as sub-par but without saying specifically why, or responding to queries about WTF they meant. Not every article should consist of 50% citations and 50% content ... if you're going to say there aren't enough citations, just be specific about which statements you think need citations; that's easy to do. And maybe ... read the citations which are already there. Or even use the Talk: page appropriately, to discuss such issues, if you can't yet be specific enough to be actionable.

The messages some admins give is that if you're not part of their particular club, Please Go Away. Some are even quite public that they object to edits from folk without accounts ... regardless of the content of those edits. Way too many obnoxious A**hats have admin privs there.

How about letting us flag such editors/admins as comment spammers? It's not like their volume of vague and un-actionable criticisms, or inappropriate reversions, really helps improve WP. While unlike real spammers, their negative effects are actually hard to correct.

more than 4 years ago

Will the Serial Console Ever Die?

Big Jojo Re:You young whippersnappers and your newfangled.. (460 comments)

Nah ... a Real Man's console looks like ... One difference: you can use an IMSAI console with just your OWN fingers and toes. You don't need to color your own "Twister" game onto the console and throw a party. "Left nose Blue!" never worked well unless Alice the Alien could join in (at which point we're clearly talking non-Men). One thing both those machines do illustrate is the serious deficiency, in modern computers, of blinkenlights.

more than 4 years ago

Holy See Declares a "Unique Copyright" On the Pope

Big Jojo Re:Please keep in mind (447 comments)

Prior to that the pope was just a man.

Except when she was Pope Joan!

more than 4 years ago

Nvidia Waiting In the Wings In FTC-Intel Dispute

Big Jojo Re:Ugg... (143 comments)

ARM's problem is, quite simply, they don't have Windows

I don't see a problem there....

... unless you're concerned with entering the market for Windows platforms? They aren't.

more than 4 years ago

FCC May Pry Open the Cable Set-Top Box

Big Jojo Re:Lauren Weinstein bait... (222 comments)

That run-on sentence from her blog is a fresh fish in a pile of cats.

That's "his" blog.

more than 4 years ago

Palm Sued Over Palm Pre GPL Violation

Big Jojo Re:Well (parent needs a clue) (374 comments)

Totally not seeing any way in which what you said could be read as disagreeing with what I wrote. Distribution is only one way to use software. It happens to be the one that Palm chose for this, so no other terms could apply.

more than 4 years ago

Palm Sued Over Palm Pre GPL Violation

Big Jojo Re:Well (parent needs a clue) (374 comments)

Well, if the GPL wasn't a bullshit license which states that you're subject to the GPL if you even use GPL software in your project, this wouldn't be a problem.

Since it doesn't say that, I'm sure you'll agree that this is a problem.

Like all licences, GPL constrains how you may used the licensed thing. All you have to do is satisfy those terms and conditions and you're fine.

more than 4 years ago

ARM Launches Cortex-A5 Processor, To Take On Atom

Big Jojo Re:A5 is for people like me (176 comments)

Not sure I'd agree with a cheaper ARM11 ... more like a cheaper Cortex-A8!

Absolutely agreed that A5 targets ARM9 and ARM11 users though. ARM makes that clear. All other things being equal, I'd want a Cortex-A5 instead of any of those. ARM9 is trusty but limited at the high end. ARM11 is kind of awkward; never quite took over from ARM9, and given Cortex I doubt it'll ever catch on all that much more. ThumbEE (on Cortex-A) is way better than Jazelle (on ARM9/ARM11); it works for any JIT-oriented runtime, not just Java. Thumb2 makes me think of pure Thumb2 userspace, for the code (and icache!!) space savings. If I were designing smartphone chips, I'd like that ability to stick in additional A5 cores, without huge changes when customers need more CPU horsepower. Ditto if I were designing any other kind of ARM-based SoC product.

Another point is that Cortex-A5 is I think what Xilinx will use in their new ARM-equipped FPGAs, due next year or so. That's going to take another segment of the market by storm ... they're not giving up their PPC-equipped options, but are working more closely with ARM IP, and to evolve the ARM interconnects. Seems like a win all around; less work to integrate the various IP products, and Xilinx will be able to align some power reduction efforts to better match what most developers want: ARM applications driving low powered semicustom designs. In contrast, the Cortex-M1, long available in soft core packages from e.g. Altera and Actel, is a pretty low end beast ... for microcontrollers, not applications processsors.

more than 4 years ago

Apple, Others Hit With Lawsuit On Ethernet Patents

Big Jojo Re:New Networking Technology (304 comments)

Didn't the AMD LANCE Ethernet controllers (including Am7990) do per-packet DMA into host memory, and ring buffers? The Linux LANCE driver has a 1993 copyright, and I'm fairly sure the chip was earlier than that. At the time, ISTR it was one of the few nicely designed Ethernet chips in existence.

So if your quick scan is correct, then either AMD should have been sued back then ... or there's this thing called estoppel which really ought to block this suit. Unless maybe AMD licensed the patent? Though I also seem to recall that estoppel doesn't always apply in patent cases like it does elsewhere.

more than 4 years ago

Illinois Bans Social Network Use By Sex Offenders

Big Jojo Re:Incoming 1st Amendment Challenge (587 comments)

Get an effing clue. Consent is the line for rape, not violence. If the rapist issues any kind of threat -- social too, not just physical with a "weapon" other than hands -- then it's rape. By your bogus definition, if the victim is in sufficient fear for her (or his) life that they believe fighting back is not an option ... then it was consensual non-rape sex.

Teh stupid ... it burns ...

more than 5 years ago

Illinois Bans Social Network Use By Sex Offenders

Big Jojo Re:Incoming 1st Amendment Challenge (587 comments)

I sort of agree with the sentiment that releasing someone may be the problem ... but how can you know when/if it will be? There's a really basic problem with the so-called "justice" system in the US, in that it no longer attempts to rehabilitate people. And punishments are so late (I read yesterday about a trial finishing FOUR YEARS after the crime!!) and disproportionate to the offence (on top of crap like "big" drug players getting sweet deals while "small" ones get their lives ruined), that expecting sanity is unreasonable.

Prisons are not just there as punishments; they are there to keep dangerous people separated from the rest of society.

That's a serious misconception. Today, they're fundamentally about punishment ("sit in this overcrowded and dangerous hellhole for a few years"), and secondarily about segregation ... and in effect, also secondarily training about how to become a repeat offender.

Of course, if prisons had effective rehabiliation efforts then the repeat-offender training would become a non-issue. And there'd be a lot less of this "throw everyone (but mostly minorities) in prison, and never let them out" crap. But the prison-industrial complex wouldn't be so profitable then either.

more than 5 years ago


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