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Groupon Deal Costs Photographer a Year's Free Work

Big Sean O A Similar Story (209 comments)

"Cupcake Gallary" (a small Chicago bakery) got stung because Groupon essentially gave them an ultimatum. They declined and Groupon cancelled all the previous Groupons.

I think Groupon is a great idea, but this type of bullying douchbaggery to their "partners" is making me rethink ever using them.

more than 3 years ago

EU Release of Price Cut 40 GB PS3 Confirmed

Big Sean O Re:Too little, too late (173 comments)

>software-based PS2 emulation further shows how clueless they can still be.

I don't know. I bet there's a significant group of people who already have a PS2 (like me) and want a PS3 (like me) and don't mind swapping them out (like me).

about 7 years ago


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